Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


75. Goodbye.

Niall's P.O.V.

I sighed deeply before getting into the cab. They were going to take me to the airport, I know I won't be away for long, but it might take longer than 2 weeks. I felt so bad Hillary couldn't come with me. She'll get sick and I don't want that. If my mom wasn't ill I'd have definitely taken her with me. I'm going to miss it here for a while. I didn't even say goodbye to Hillary. I didn't have a fucking chance.




I thanked the driver and got out of the car, getting inside as soon as I could before paps would see me. Even though they always do.

1 hour on a plane, nothing new.

"The flight to Dublin, Ireland is going to take off in about five minutes. Please get to your gate. Thank you"

Someone spoke through the speakers. I sighed for the 100th time again and took my suitcase. I spoke too soon because fans and paps got inside. Can they never leave me alone for a while?..

'Niall where are you going?'

'Niall why are you leaving?'

'Are you leaving Hillary?'

'Are you okay? What's wrong?'

Thank god I had my sunglasses on because I rolled my eyes at them about three times. They don't need to know anything about what I'm going to do. This is about my family and it's privacy. They didn't even leave me alone at Greg's wedding!

I pushed myself through the crowd, being thankful for to have Mark with me.

'Niall!' I frowned as I heard the familiar voice shout behind me. I turned around and felt my mouth go into the biggest smile ever.


'Niall wait!'

'Niall you need to get to the plane' Mark said, lying his hand on my shoulder so I kept walking.

'But Hillary is there' I groaned.

'Hurry up than!' he sighed and let me go. I ran up to Hillary as we were both pulling herself out of the people.

I wrapped my arms around her waist, feeling hers around my shoulders.

'I didn't want to leave you without a goodbye..' she whispered.

'I love you Hillary, I'm so sorry.'

'I need to say sorry, I overreacted about something really imporant. Take care of your mom and let me know how it goes. Call me and have a safe flight.'

I nodded and gave her one last kiss on her lips. The fans and paps were still shouting, most of them showing they're happy and others kept quiet, probably not liking the view.

'You should go', she sighed. 'Yeah, I'll call you as soon as I land. I promise to come back soon.'

'I love you Niall'

'Niall!' Mark shouted.

I gave Hillary a kiss on the forehead and left to my gate. I got on the plane and was luckily on time.

I sat down in my seat, Mark next to me, and put my headphones in as Mark closed his eyes, trying to get some sleep.

Hillary's P.O.V.

I just said goodbye to Niall and even though it made me happy, I feel horrible. I didn't want him to go and it's not like he'll go on tour or will be gone for months, we're just barely gone from each other. I'll miss him a lot.

I got into a cab and headed home. I literally have no one.. I do have the other boys, but nobody like Niall or my mom. I sat down on my couch as a deep sigh left my mouth. I turned the TV on and fucking again, saw pictures of me and Niall. Why does my TV hate me so much.

"Hillary Star said goodbye to boyfriend Niall Horan as he had to leave to Ireland. The cute couple left each other at the airport with a tight hug and passionate kiss. Many fans and paparazzi were there, waving Niall out before he got into the plane. We don't know for what occasion he left London, and why he didn't take Hillary with him, but we hope he enjoys his little home town and comes back soon!"

I sighed and put my TV off, I really don't want to hear about it. They sometimes make me want to scream so fucking loudly. I decided to take my phone and went on Twitter, reading multiple tweets from today.




"Hillary just wanted to be nice because she knew there were paps. She loves Niall because he's famous, that's obvious."


"Niall and Hillary are fucking cute, she's so lovely and the best girl for Niall."

"Hillary obviously just wanted to be nice. Niall loves her a lot and it breaks my heart to know she doesn't. Niall should move on and find someone else because he doesn't even know who he started with."


Oh yeah she obviously knows me and knows what goes through my head and how I feel. Sure.

Niall knows me better than anyone, just like me. I know myself the best I guess so why are they judging my feelings?

No one knows how badly I want to reply to some tweets, pointing out the truth, but that would only cause more drama.



"ISN'T IT CLEAR NOW WHY HILLARY WROTE 'I LOVE YOU' AND THE LYRICS SAYS IT ALL fucking hell she wrote it for Niall i'm so"




I thought it was really cute of that fan, seeing all her tweets. I followed and replied.


@Hilla_Star: "you get me ;) Thank you babe! xx"


I tweeted it and went off the app. I locked my phone and walked into the kitchen to take an apple before I heard my phone ring. I smiled as I saw his name coming up on the screen.

'Hi, how are you?'

"Hey babe, not good" he sighed.

'What? What's wrong?'

"I miss you"

I sighed and pouted, 'I miss you too, but don't think about that too much. Time will pass by soon'

"Hill I can never stop thinking about you" I felt my cheeks burn as I took a bite off my apple.

'Than try.. I will too, even if I miss you too much and I'm alone now..'

"I'll try to Skype soon okay?"

'Okay. I love you.'

"I love you more babe"

I hung up the phone and looked at my background, smiling weakly as I remembered the time Niall and I went to the beach and took the most adorable pictures together.




I changed my clothes into my PJs and took my laptop on my lap as I sat down on my bed. I opened Skype and saw Niall online. It didn't take long for me to press on the call button.


'Hey Nialler' I smiled.

"I miss you so much"

'I miss you too Niall.'

"Look at us, not even a day gone from each other and already being hopeless" he laughs. "I'm happy to see you again."

'Me too'

"What did you do today?"

'Nothing, watched some TV and stuff.. You?'

"Nothing. Just missing you and my mom is already a bit better. She's still sick, but better."

'So you know how long you'll be staying?'

"Babe I just landed an hour ago, I don't know yet. Maybe next week or earlier. I want to come back soon, but you need to understand. I'm happy to see my family too and by the way, mom misses you."

'Yeah I understand, sorry. I miss her too' I pouted again before I yawned.

"Do you want to sleep?"

'No! - well.. Yeah, actually, but I don't want to stop this call..'

"We will Skype or call tomorrow again okay? Text me when you're awake, even if I'm asleep. I love you babe, just take a rest, you need it" he smiled weakly.

'Okay Nialler.. I love you too. I miss you, goodnight.'

"Goodnight princess."

I hung up our call and shut my laptop, lying down on my bed as I stared up at the ceiling, slowly falling asleep and wishing my boyfriend was next to me.

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