Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


102. Go Away.

I was gasping as we were still not at our destination.

'Harreeeh' I groaned and stopped walking. Harry didn't stop until he noticed I did. He turned around and frowned.


'Where are we going? We've been walking for about ten minutes now and my feet are hurting!' I said.

'Stop complaining woman. Do I need to carry you?'

'No, I just want to know what we're going to do. Walking in these heels are just for twenty minutes and it's been longer than that!' Harry rolled his eyes and shook his head.

'We're almost there.'

'Yeah you said that twenty minutes ago.'

I'm bad at estimating.

'Hill please, I know it's tiring and I'm making this a horrible night and I'm sorry for that, but please?.. I'm trying my best..'

'But why are you doing this Harry?'

'Because I don't.. I don't know..' he mumbled. 'I wanted to try and get your mind off of some things.'

'If you want to do that, you don't need to do all these type of stuff.. You just being with me already makes me feel better..'

'Really?' He smiled weakly.

'Yes, but we're almost there so we can better hurry up. I don't want to go back to the car' I smiled brightly and started walking again before taking his arm and wrapped mine around it.

I was already tired and the night didn't start yet.. But I know Harry does whatever he can and I'm happy he's by my side and tries to cheer me up. I'm thankful for that.




'Where are we?' I asked and frowned, looking up at Harry. He smiled, showing his teeth. I looked up at the building and felt a hand intertwined with mine.


'I have no idea..' Harry chuckled and pulled me inside. My eyes widened when I saw all the people around tables and walking around.

'W-what is this?..'

'Hillary!' I heard a man shout. I turned around and frowned my eyebrows.

'Uncle Tom!' I screamed and ran up to him.

'Oh my god!'

'Hey love.'


'Surprise!' Harry smiled brightly.

'Oh my- Thank you so much' I wrapped my arms around Harry's neck and hugged him tightly.


Harry's P.O.V.

I laughed as Hillary was still freaking out. I couldn't believe it.

'Table for two?'

'Yes please', I said and followed Tom to a table.

'Thank you', I smiled and looked at Hillary who had the biggest smile on her face. A smile I haven't seen in more than a week.

'Thank you so much Harry, this is the best surprise ever.'

'You're welcome. Niall t-' I stopped myself before I continued. I was supposed to keep her mind off of him and I was going to talk about him. Great.

'It's okay Hazz. Just finish whatever you were going to say..'

'Niall told me you didn't see your uncle much. He said you always want to see him so I thought, let's take her here', I smiled.

'Well-' she started, but got interrupted by her uncle.

'I missed you little girl!' He said and sat down next to her.

'I missed you too, but is this restaurant yours?' Hillary gasped and looked around.

'Yes. When you came here, many paps and fans noticed the restaurant. When you left, some of them stayed and tried our food. Business got bigger and better, than I started to-'

'Live your dream?'

'Yes', Tom said.

'I'm so happy for you!' He smiled down at Hillary before looking up at me.

'So Harry, how are you?'

'I'm doing great, you?'

'Tired of all the work, but I'm good.'

We talked for another few minutes before he left to let us choose our food and drinks. I looked down at the menu and sighed, not knowing what to take. I looked up at Hillary to see her staring at me with a little smile.

'What's up?' I chuckled.

'Oh no, nothing. It's just.. How does my uncle know you? You didn't even say anything.'

'I ordered a table remember', I laughed. 'And I once came here with Niall.'

She sighed, just like I did, because I talked about Niall again. I hate it. Not Niall, but the fact I can't stop saying his name. I can't control it, but I automatically talk about him when I do stuff to cheer Hillary up.

I always see Hillary's expressions change, I know it makes her sad. I just make it worse.

'Hillary I'm sorry I-'

'It's okay Harry. I need to get used to it..'

I nodded slowly and focused on the menu again. Too many dishes to choose out of.

'What do you want to drink?' I looked up and saw Tom standing next to our table.

'Uhm.. Ice tea please' Hillary smiled. I chuckled and ordered wine.

'Have you already decided what to eat?'

'Nope..' Hillary sighed. I laid the menu down and waited. A few minutes later we finally knew what we wanted and ordered.

'It's beautiful here', Hillary smiled while looking around the place.

I nodded and copied her movements. There weren't many people younger than 30. I smiled when Hillary looked up at me. I opened my mouth to say something but closed it again as someone interrupted us.

'C-Can I please get a picture?.. And signature?' A little girl asked. She was so shy and looked about 7 years old? I don't know, but she was adorable.

'Ofcourse you can', Hillary smiled brightly down at the girl next to our table.

'What's your name love?' I asked.

'Alexa..' She mumbled.

'Your name is beautiful' Hillary gasped while writing something down. She handed her pen and paper to me so I could write something too.

I took her hands in mine and pulled her up so she was sitting on my lap. She blushed before Hillary took the picture of us both. Than Alexa changed places and went to sit on Hillary's lap so I could take a picture.

'Thank you so much!' She giggled.

'Did you want to say something Harry?' Hillary asked and stared into my eyes again.

'Uhm.. Nope, not that I know of', I smiled and looked around again. Hillary was right. It's beautiful in here.

'Be right back', Hillary told me and left the table. I nodded and took my phone out when I waited for Hillary. I opened the text message, rolling my eyes at the name.


Louis: Hey lad, have fun! Already saw the internet, take care of Hillary and try to get her mind off Nialler ok? Thank god she's going on tour! We're defo going to her first concert. Niall and her still need to see each other no matter what. Big hugs x


Great. It's on the internet already. Shocking.


Me: Hey bro, not surprising. I will and yeah I'm trying. It's better now. I said Niall about 2 times tonight.. -_- But everything's fine. She's happy again and I'll take care and try to do anything to make her happy :)


Hillary's P.O.V.

I was finished in the toilets and got out of the room, stopping at the bar to look up at my uncle.

'Explain', he sighed and looked coldly at me.

'What?..' I frowned and sat down at a chair. He was still not showing any emotion and turned his gaze to Harry.
I sighed and slowly nodded my head.

'Oh.. Uhm.. Yeah, how can I say this..'

'You don't need to, I use the internet Hillary' I nodded and smiled weakly.

'Why are you smiling? I mean, you can be happy and that's all I want you to be, but what? You loved Niall so much, what happened? That boy was amazing! Why did you let him go? You broke up three days ago and you're already dating Harry? How can you be-'

He quickly stopped as a tear rolled down my cheek.

'I'm.. I'm sorry Hillary..' He sighed deeply.

'I'm sorry. I just- I don't know.. Niall was like a son to me even though I only saw him for about two times.. I just can't believe that's all gone..' My uncle groaned.

'No, it's fine..' I mumbled and stood up. I turned around to walk back to my table, but my uncle stopped me.

'I'm not believing all the media.. What's up?'

'Can I tell you some other time? Maybe after all of this? Harry is waiting.'

He nodded and let go of my arm. I sighed and wiped my tears away before heading back to Harry. He smiled up at me, but I didn't make any eye contact with him.


I looked down at my hands, not meeting his eyes.

'It's nothing, I'm..' I shook my head, but soon many more tears left my eyes as I held my head in my hands.

'Oh shit.. I'm so sorry Hillary' Harry gasped and came to sit next to me, embracing me into a hug.

I cried on his chest and gasped for air. 'Did I say anything wrong? What's up?'

I slowly shook my head and sat up again. Harry pulled his arm away from my shoulder and tried meeting my eyes. I closed mine lightly and took a deep breath.

'You didn't.'

'Oh okay.. Do you want to go home?'

'No, it's okay Harry' I said and smiled weakly. He nodded and sat back in his chair. Our food finally got to us and I started eating.

At least it was delicious.




We got done with eating soon, so we left the restaurant after I explained in a short story what happened to my uncle. He gave me a big hug and kiss on my forehead, as well as giving Harry a hug.

I smiled and waited for Harry to come outside. It was already dark and I took my phone to see it was 12am.

I put my phone away when Harry came over, smiling. I was so tired though.

'Do I need to bring the car over here? So you don't have to walk that far again.'

'No it's gine, it's good to be outside again..' I said. Harry nodded and I heard a little sigh come out of his mouth. I looked up at him, confused.

'What's wrong?' I whispered.



'It's just.. I think I know why you cried.'

I frowned and waited for him to continue.

'All of this.. The situation.. I know it's because of that.'


'Hillary I promise I'll tell Simon to stop. I know you hate lying and the boys and I do too. If we tell Simon not to continue, your life will get better and you'll be happier again. It won't be as hard as it is now. I know it's because of that and I-'

'Harry stop', I rolled my eyes and stopped walking. 'It's not your fault.'

'It is, it's our fault. If nothing ever happened-'

'Than all of me would be a mess. If I would've never met you guys, I'd never have been in a relationship with Niall in the first place. I'd never have to hang out with you all. It would never have to be a secret and I would've never gotten pregnant with you. I would be a mess.
My life would be much harder than it is now. Don't you see that you guys basically saved my life? You all made my dreams come true. I ruined it all for you. Niall would have a beautiful girlfriend, who cares enough about him as much as I do. Who loves him less more than I do, but shows it more than me', I paused before continuing.

'He would be so happy and wouldn't have to worry about anything. Just as much as you would have. You both deserve girls who will stay true to everything, doesn't break up with them or isn't exaggerating at the smallest things. You wouldn't have to be a father right away like this..' I burst out in tears. I fell down to the ground and cried like I've never done.

'This is all my fault..' I whispered and held my head in my hands.

'Hillary it's no-'

'IT IS!' I shouted and looked up at Harry who took a slow step back. My voice cracked and I was happy to see no one around.

'Hillary stop. Why are you saying this like you don't deserve Niall? He's amazing, hilarious, crazy, sweet, handsome and just as gorgeous as you are. I mean, you are more and I'm just saying this because Niall's my bro but-..' Harry sighed and took a deep breath in. 'Hillary you're beautiful and worth it.'

I kept shaking my head, but he didn't agree.

'Harry stop.'

'If you don't want to believe me, fine. But I'm telling the truth and I-'

'Harry stop', I repeated and felt more tears streaming down my face. I knew I was looking horrible as fuck.

'Just let me stay here..' I whispered and tried to stand up.

'Watch out', Harry sighed and took a hold of my arms.

'Go away', I groaned, even though it came out as a whisper.

'Hillary I'm not leaving you.'

'Go away!' I protested.

'Hillary for God's sake! Listen to me, Niall does deserve you okay? You are beautiful, you are pretty, you are sweet, you aren't a mess and we love you so much. Niall loves you. I.. love you..'

'Don't say all of this because I look pathetic. I know you want it to go another way. I know you hate having all of these problems because of me. Just leave me alone Harry. I'm very thankful for everything you've done for me, but I can't take it anymore. I will take care of myself. Niall and you will have much better lifes than they are now. I know Niall will be happier without me.'

'In the state he is right now, I'm sure he won't be.'

'I don't deserve him. Harry for the last time just go. Go back to England. Start another life without me. I made your past four years one of the most horrible ones.'

Harry rolled his eyes and shook his head.

'I'm starting to think you got too much wine at the restaurant and you didn't even drink alcohol. Just let me at least take you home.'

'LEAVE!' I screamed out.

'What about the baby? Hillary we need you! We love you. The baby needs the boys and especially me!'

'I will take care of it', I stated, walking away from Harry as fast as I could. He tried running after me and I was so tired and weak, but I tried my best to run faster.


To the end of my horrible life.

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