Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


58. Daniel John.

Hillary's P.O.V.

This day sucks so fucking bad. I have been crying non-stop to be honest and I don't even care if I'm weak at the moment. I'm just glad Niall won't break up with me, well I hope so. He does want a break but I prefer having a break with him than being completely over, even though it can lead to that someday..

We're lying on the couch in my bedroom now, doing nothing at all. I didn't go downstairs because of my mother. I'm scared she'll throw me out of the house and I didn't eat either. I'm starving though.

'Wanna do something?' Niall asked after ages, looking down at me. I shrugged my shoulders and laid my head on his lap, looking into his eyes. I sighed and smiled weakly. I don't ever want to lose him..

He was scared to lose me because of our relationship being a secret but I think I win at being the most scared one..

'Are you happy Niall?..' I mumbled.

'Well.. I don't know, I'm really happy, but than again I'm not.. I'm sorry, but I don't want to ruin my career or the time I have being a teenager.. You know, look at me, I'm still a kid Hillary' he shook his head, a little chuckle leaving his mouth. I sat straight again and sighed deeply. I look horrible and I'm honestly really happy Niall doesn't care.

'I know, I don't want to ruin it either and you're older than me.. I just wanted to ask 'cause..'

'What?' he frowned.

'Some couples break up with each other because of that, and I'm just scared..'

'Hillary I've already said it a million times. I love you too much to break up with you. It's just shocking, but I can't live without you.. And maybe, I do like the thought of being a dad..' I smiled as he took my hands in his.

'I'm still like a seven year old , crazy boy though', he laughed.

'Yeah you are', I nodded.

'But you're my crazy boy though' I giggled, 'And that will always be. It's shocking for me too and I didn't know that.. I wanted a kid when I was something in my twenty's, not now.. What about the fans?' I bit my lip.

'I've been thinking about hundred of things already and that was one of those questions, I think we should tell them at some point.. Maybe in our next interview, next month. But don't worry about that now..'

I nodded and laid my head on his shoulder. I'm so happy with him.

'Are we going to the doctor tomorrow?' Niall nodded weakly.

I was honestly scared to find out who the dad would be.. How can it be Niall if we didn't have sex yet.. I didn't cheat on him at all.

'What about your mom?'

'I'm scared to go downstairs.. I don't want her to throw me out of the house Niall..'

'She won't Hillary! She's just shocked or surprised, but she loves you too much.'


'Do you think?'

'Yeah ofcourse' I smiled and took my phone. I had a text from someone.

I opened it and smiled brightly. It was my best friend Daniel, whom I've known since I was like 9.

We just kind of drifted apart because of me travelling with the boys and we didn't text a lot anymore.


Daniel x: Hey stargirl, long time ago, how are you? I miss my bff :( Hope you're good there, has Niall hurt you yet? You know, if he does that I'll hurt more than his face okay? Xxx

Me: Hiii Daniiii, yes it is :( We need to meet up asap again! I miss you too and I'm doing great, you? No he hasn't hurt me yet so no one's going to get beaten up okay? Don't ruin his pwetty face :( ;) Got so much news to tell you.. Xx

Daniel x: Oh.. Can we meet tomorrow? Xx

Me: Yeah sure, my place? Still living at the same house xx

Daniel x: See you than, around 2. I love ya sis xx


I laid my phone on my desk and went back to Niall on the couch.


'No, Daniel.'

'Who?' he frowned again.

'Daniel, he's my best friend since I was nine. Don't worry, he's just a friend' I chuckled as I saw his expressions.

I'm actually nervous.. The last time I saw Daniel was like 2 years ago, and I miss him so much. I'm happy we'll meet up again. Last time we talked he had a girlfriend and I hope it's still like that, she made him really happy. It didn't surprise me he got one, he's actually really handsome. I fell asleep on Niall's lap soon.




~Next Morning~

I slowly opened my eyes, noticing I was lying in bed right now. Niall probably carried me. I turned around and faced Niall. He's so cute when he's sleeping. I gave him a soft kiss on his nose and got out of bed, going to my closet. I hate it when I have no idea what to wear. I quickly took some clothes out when I realized Daniel was coming over. I went into my bedroom, brushed my teeth and did my hair before changing my clothes. I put on a beautiful dress with my adidas shoes. I went back to my bedroom and saw Niall with his back against the wall, scrolling through his phone. He looked up and his eyes suddenly started twinkling. I smiled and gave him a kiss on his lips, climbing on my bed.

'How are you so fucking pretty!' he smirked, standing up along with me and wrapped his arms around me.

'Ask my parents' I chuckled. 'No, honestly wanna stay with you right now' he smirked.

'Everything okay Nialler?' I laughed, confused though.

'No', he shook his head, laughing.

'So why the beautiful dress?'

'I don't know, I just love it.'

He slowly nodded and sat down on my bed again. He was shirtless and I still can't get enough of it when he is. Feels like I'd just melt within 2 minutes. I sat down next to him and laid my head on his shoulder, watching his phone and seeing he was tweeting some people.

'Tweet that girl, she's so nice!'

'You tell me to do that every single time when I'm tweeting fans.'

'What else do I have to say?"Don't tweet her because she looks nice?"'

Niall laughed and shook his head, scrolling through his timeline after following her. He put his phone back after a few minutes before looking at the time. 12:30

'You better get dressed too' I smiled.


'Daniel is coming over.'

'What? You couldn't tell me yesterday?'

'Sorry, I forgot.'

He sighed and stood up. I actually wanted to say he should be nice but I don't need to tell him. He always is.

'Good?' he said when he came back into the room.

'Per-fect', I laughed, referring to Liam in Best Song Ever. I love to do that and Niall knows.

I decided to go downstairs alone, but Niall followed.

'Mom?' I weakly got out, looking around the house. I went to the kitchen as she was cooking. I walked over to her and stopped right next to her. I frowned when I saw her crying. I gasped and tried looking into her eyes but she was ignoring me. 'Mom look at me.'

'No Hillary, leave me alone for a while' she said and shook her head heavily.

'You told me yesterday too mom! I know it's a shock and all, but please you should live with it..' I sighed.

'I know Hillary. I want to, but it's hard right now. I never knew you'd be pregnant at the age of eighteen!'

'You said that yesterday too! Mom, i know it's a shock and that stuff, but please. You have to live with that..' she said, staring into my eyes with hers full of tears.

'I know and I never wanted that to happen in the first place, but I can't do anything else.'


'Mom!' I gasped, Niall doing the same. 'It's an option' she shrugged and wiped a few tears away.

'I won't do it! I'm not going to kill a not-even-born baby.'

'Okay' she sighed, 'but please Hillary.. Promise me you will take care of it..'

'I have the best example right in front of me and I mean that in a good way', I smiled and gave her a tight hug.

'So you won't throw me out of the house?' I mumbled through the hug.

'What?' she widened her eyes, 'I'd never do that Hillary.. Why would I? I love you so much sweetheart, I'd never throw you out. Although you made me turn into a grandma too soon!' she laughed. I jokingly apologized and wrapped her into another hug.

'I love you mom'

'I love you more baby', she smiled and gave me a kiss on my forehead. Niall soon joined, hugging the both of us.

I understand why she's so protective.. Plus, she got me when she was around her 17th, my dad left her when I was 5 and she had to raise e on her own. She didn't want me to get in contact with my dad, until I was 12. I decided to force her to let me see him.

'Take care of the both of them Niall', she whispered but we could both hear.

'I will, I promise' he said and smiled down at me. I blushed and heard the door bell ring. I quickly got out of the hug and ran to the door. I heard Niall's voice from the kitchen, he was explaining why I was so excited. Daniel was one of her most favourite people ever.

'Hillary!' he shouted when I opened the door.

'Dani!' I hugged him tightly. He got more handsome than he already was in these past years.

'I missed you so much!' 'I missed you more oh my', I pulled him inside after our hug.

We went to the kitchen and he soon wrapped his arms around my mom. 'Daniel! I haven't heard of you in ages , I missed you!'

I smiled as Daniel and Niall gave each other a hand shake.

I introduced them to each other before they awkwardly waved.

It was pretty awkward.. My mom sent us upstairs and it got more weird when we sat down at my bed.

'So.. You know about us?' Niall asked. 'Yep.'

'I actually tell everything to Daniel', I laughed. Niall nodded and smiled weakly. He suddenly stood up after he checked his phone.

'I-I'm sorry babe, I have to go. The boys are waiting for me. I'll come back later okay?'

'Okay, bye love' he gave me a kiss on the lips before we hugged and he soon left my room, running downstairs.

Shit.. Niall hasn't said anything to his parents about the news yet..

We also didn't fucking go to the doctor, I completely forgot.

'Niall!' I shouted before he left the house. 'What's wrong?' he worriedly asked, getting halfway up the stairs.

'Have you told your parents yet?'

'No.. I'll do that later, after I got to the boys. But I should go now, bye princess' he quickly gave me another hug and went outside. I smiled and headed to my room again.

'I'm sorry' I apologized to Daniel, throwing myself next to him on my bed.

'It's okay, but what did you mean with your text yesterday? I got worried, what has happened?'

'Oh yeah.. Well, how do I say this..' I sighed. 'I got sick a few days ago, a lot of pain in my stomach and constantly throwing up.. Niall and I went to the doctors and they did lots of tests before they realized..' I took a deep breath.

'I'm pregnant..'

'What?' I looked up at him and his eyes were wide as fuck. He quickly stood up with the most disappointed and pissed face ever. He didn't seem happy at all.

'Hillary.. I...'

'What's wrong?' I bit my lip.

'Is it Niall's?' he frowned.

'I don't know anyone else so I think it is.. But we haven't had sex yet.. We'd go to the doctors today but we forgot..'

Daniel nodded weakly and sat down again.

'I thought you'd be happy, but is there anything else?'

'No.. I don't know..'

'Tell me', I sighed and wrapped my arms around him so he wrapped his right arm around my shoulders.

He sighed deeply and closed his eyes for a brief moment.



About Daniel:

Daniel John.

19 years.

Plays guitar.

Went to the same school with Hillary.

Teddy once had a crush on him, but they stayed friends 'cause he had feelings for someone else.

Every girl at school wanted him but he was waiting for the special/perfect one.

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