Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


78. Cupcakes.

'Thank you all so much! Thank you for coming out and I'll hopefully see you soon again! I love you' I waved at the crowd, running off stage. It was amazing, I loved it so much and they just give me the feeling to stay strong and go on with whatever I'm doing. They knew my song by heart already and sang along as loud as possible. The boys wrapped me into a huge hug before Harry gave my phone back.

'Look at your pictures' he smirked.

'Uhm.. Okay' I frowned and laughed, unlocking my phone and going to my Photos. I smiled and thanked Harry as I saw the pictures of me on stage and the crowd. They were all pretty great to be honest. There was also a video of Luc singing and dancing to the music. 'Aw she's so cute! Where is she?'

'Outside with Lou, Lux got a little sick'

'I'll talk to them later, I'm first going to change in some other clothes' I smiled and ran into my dressing room.

I took my clothes out of my bag and put them on after taking a quick shower.

I did my hair in a messy bun, luckily looking decent for once, before going back to the boys.

'Want to stay over at my house?' I asked them.


'I was going to Sophia at first, but I'll go tomorrow' Liam shrugged his shoulders as we quickly got into a cab before fans and paps could surround us again.

We arrived at my house pretty soon. I got my keys out, opened the door and sat down on my couch with the boys following behind.

'Wanna see a movie?'

'What movies do you have?'

'Uhm..' I looked through my movie boxes, taking some films out of it.

'Hunger Games, Ted, The Proposal, This Is Us,...'

'This Is Us!' they all cheered. I laughed and nodded as I put the movie in the DVD player. I sat down in between Louis and Harry as we started watching the movie. Isn't it weird to see yourself in a movie? I've always wondered that.

I got a phone call in the middle of the movie. I took my phone and looked at the caller ID.

Nialler <3

I smiled brightly and answered the call.

'Hey Nialler'

"Hey babe, how are you?"

'Great, what about you?'

"I'm fine, I miss you."

'Miss you too'

The boys started laughing, as I smiled and went upstairs to my room.

"Are the boys over there?" Niall asked when I closed my door.

'Yeah, we were watching This Is Us.'

"Oh cool.. You're making me jealous!"

'Sorry laugh', I chuckled, 'We'll watch it again when you're back.'

"Well I have great news" I bet he was smiling by now.

'Really? What?'

"My mom is getting better and better and I think I can come back in a day, maybe two."

'That's amazing! Call or text me when you're coming back'

"I will. I love you, see you soon princess."

I hung up the phone and went downstairs again.

'Guess what?'

'What?' Zayn asked as I got back on the couch.

'Niall might come back tomorrow' I smiled.

'That's great!' they said, not even looking at the movie anymore.

'Maura is getting better so he can come back tomorrow or the day after'

They cheered once again before I went into the kitchen. 'Does anyone want something to drink?'

They all replied with whatever they wanted. I swear, I have kids in my house.

Should I believe they're around their 20s? I took the drinks and some chips, placing it on the table. I sat down on the couch with a sigh and watched the last parts of the movie.

'What to do now..' Liam wondered as I suddenly started singing Rihanna's song.

'You guys are crazy'

'We know', they laughed.

'But for real, what are we gonna do?'

'It's your house, you should know' Louis replied.

'If I knew I wouldn't ask you guys.'

'Oh slow down sass queen' Louis held his hand on his chest.

I laughed and shook my head, 'That's only you love' I joked.

'We can make cupcakes!' Harry suddenly shouted, making us jump up and laugh. It's 10pm and this boy literally wants to make cupcakes.

'Okay why not' I shrugged, running into the kitchen with the boys following behind. I took the ingredients and other appliances we needed, placing them on the counter. We started baking it, each having a thing to do. I have to admit.. It smelled delicious! We got done after about one and a half hours later.

'It tastes like heaven!' I gasped.

'Ofcourse, we made it' Louis jokingly did a hair flip, making us laugh. We made about 20 cupcakes, dividing them each. I was so hungry!

'How are you doing?' Harry whispered while cleaning the table. The others wanted to lay down on the couch and watch some series.

'Uhm alright, I guess.'

Harry slowly nodded, putting everything away. My stomach is getting bigger and bigger. Niall or Harry or I don't fucking care who should really start thinking about confirming it. I don't want everyone to find out because of the paps, or even the fans.

'Do you want to go to the doctor with me last week?' I bit my lip.

'Oh, yeah, ofcourse' he smiled weakly.

'Thank you Harry..' I sighed, as I slowly walked closer to him. He noticed what I needed, as he wrappd his arms around my shoulders and gave me a tight hug.

We went back into the living room after we pulled away, sitting down on my couch again and watched TV as I grabbed my phone and opened Twitter.


@Hilla_Star"Just made some cupcakes with @Harry_Styles @Real_Liam_Payne @Louis_Tomlinson and @zaynmalik . they were delicious tbh"


I tweeted it and scrolled through my timeline, what I actually always do. I smiled brightly, as I read Niall's tweet, making me blush as soon as I finished reading.


@NiallOfficial"Missing my princess.. Happy that I'm coming back to london tomorrow! :) xx"


I retweeted it and locked my phone again, hiding it in my sweater.

'I'm going to get your rooms ready' I announced, getting off the couch for like the 10th time and went upstairs.

I made their beds before I heard them come up the stairs. I turned around and watched them go into my bedroom. I chuckled and did the same, as we talked in my room for a while. It was cosy and we couldn't stop laughing at all. It was around 2am when we went to bed.

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