Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


70. All-nighter.

Niall's P.O.V.

I soon arrived to the place, feeling my phone buzz in my pocket. I parked my car and took my phone out, opening the message.


Babe <3: Have fun! I think I'm staying over at El's, so you don't have to pick me up okay? Give a big hug to the others xx I love you

Me: Ok princess, call me when I need to pick u up tomorrow. Have fun too and I will, I love ya more xx


I got out of my car and headed inside the building, finding the boys and Lou in a changing room. 

'Hey Nialler!' everyone smiled. 'Hey boys, Lou, sorry I'm late. I brought Hillary to Eleanor.'

'Really?' Louis asked as I sat down on a chair. I nodded and got a smile from Louis in return.

'Can I start with your hair?' Lou asked, looking at me through the mirror.

'Ofcourse' I smiled, before she started doing her work. 'How is Hillary?'

'Good. I think, and hope. She had to throw up this morning and was a little in pain, but she said everything was okay. I don't believe the way she said it though.'

'I know the feeling' Lou sighed, rolling her eyes. 'Wish her good luck from me, and if she needs some advice she can always come to me'

'I'll tell her' I chuckled. Lou nodded and finished with my hair after an hour. We went backstage and took our microphones, wishing each other good luck and giving huge hugs. We had to go on stage after about 5 minutes. We ran into the middle of the stage, making the crowd go wild, and started singing a few songs.


Hillary's P.O.V.

I texted Niall before ringing Eleanor's doorbell. I'm inside now though and it's so freaking cosy. We sat on the couch, watching some TV. After an hour, we both got bored and turned it off, turning to each other and talked.

'So how are you and Boobear' I smirked.

'We're doing really great. What about you and Niall? I'm so happy you both confirmed it.'

'Yeah.. It was really stressful and I'm getting a lot of hate.. It'll probably go away, right?' I bit my lip.

'Ofcourse it will. I still get it because I'm dating Louis, but not as much as before. They will start accepting you after all, they're probably just jealous and not used to Niall dating someone'

I slowly nodded and thanked her, 'I hope so.'

'Don't worry, but why didn't you confirm you were pregnant?..'

'I.. I don't know.. It's just, we told them we were dating after keeping it a secret for so long..They were already shocked because of that and I didn't want to make it worse.'

'You do know, if you wait too long , when the hate is gone, and then you say it, they will start throwing shit at you again..' she sighed, 'I don't want that to happen Hill, it will be much harder than now if you don't say it.'

'I know, but what can I say? "Hey I'm pregnant with Harry's baby. I didn't cheat on Niall, but Harry and I were dating and had sex. We weren't careful sorry bye". They will be mad Harry and I didn't say anything either.'

'No Hillary, you just need to take it slowly and try to be calm.. I know it's hard, and ofcourse hard that it isn't Niall's, but you need to say it somehow. What if your stomach gets bigger and you need to go to the doctor, suddenly going home with a baby in your arms. It's better to say it now, than them finding out themselves. I'm sorry Hill..'

I sighed and felt tears coming up into my eyes. I'm starting to regret saying my life was all fantastic and amazing.

'I know.. You're right Eleanor, but how can I explain?'

'Just talk with Niall and Harry about it.. I don't know what they want you to say. Or maybe ask Paul for advice, he has to know about it too.'

'He already knows i'm pregnant' I shrugged. 'Well go talk to him, you will see than' I smiled and wrapped her into a tight hug. 'Thank you El. I'm so thankful for you'

'You're welcome love, if you need any advice about the pregnancy you can always go to Lou' she chuckled, 'She will help you out.'

'I know, and I will. Now, can we do something else than talk about my problems?'

'Ofcourse! Watch some movies? Or talk about some hot boys?' she smirked.

'As if we don't have two hot boys already' I laughed, 'But we can watch Twilight and drool over Taylor Lautner.'

'Great idea!' we laughed as I watched Eleanor walk over to the TV, putting her Twilight DVD in and sat back down. We watched the whole movie out, and talked about Taylor Lautner. We felt like little kids, talking about how hot he was. I've never met him, but when I do, I really need to have a picture and talk to him - if I can, at least.

'He's so fucking hot!'

'I'm going to die' we both said, when the movie ended.

It soon got to 1am, but we weren't even tired. Guess it's gonna be an all-nighter. Eleanor put some food and drinks on the coffee table. It felt like a party with only 2 people. My phone buzzed and I directly answered, not looking at the caller ID. 'Hello?'

"Hey princess, did I wake you up?"

'Oh hey Niall, no you didn't. El and I are just laughing our asses off and stuff. We aren't tired yet.'

"Oh cool, I'll let you than."


"If you're in pain call me than, even if it's three or six in the morning."

'Don't worry Ni, it's alright. I have Eleanor with me' I chuckled, as Eleanor was still laughing- tears streaming down her face.

"Oh uhm.. Okay.. See you tomorrow. I love you"

'Bye, too' I hung up the phone and started laughing again as Eleanor's face was as red as a tomato. Time flew by and I didn't realize it was 3am already. I felt some stabbing in my stomach sometimes, but it got over soon, plus it was probably because of laughing too much. I don't know how long we'll be up, but we'll probably sleep the whole day. 'We're too weird' 'And crazy' we agreed with each other.

'So' she sighed in relief as she calmed down, 'was that Niall on the phone?'

'Yeah why?' I chuckled.

'Because it looked like it wasn't. You normally sound much happier and aren't short in your words.'

'Didn't I now?' I frowned.

'Not really'

'Niall will understand' I said and shrugged my shoulders.




I woke up because of my phone ringing.

Nialler <3

I looked at the time, 1pm. I sighed and saw he had called me about 20 times already. I bit my lip and heard Eleanor mumble. We went into her bed at 7am, I think.

'Sorry' I apologized, my voice hoarse as fuck. I finally took up the phone.


"Hillary, why didn't you call back sooner or took up the phone?"


"I have called you about thirty times and left three voicemails!" he raised his voice.

'Niall, I-'

"I was fucking worried and scared!" he kept interrupting me.

'NIALL LET ME EXPLAIN!' I shouted, making Eleanor jump up straight. I chuckled and apologized again before focusing on Niall.


'You keep interrupting me'

"Sorry, but I was worri-"

'I didn't get any sleep last night, that's why I couldn't pick up, I was sleeping the whole time 'till you called me'

"Oh.. Sorry babe, I just.."


"Nothing.. I'll go again"


"Bye.." I heard him sigh before I hung up, lying down again and rubbed my eyes.

'Weren't you a little rude?'

'What? No, why?'

'Hillary' she sighed.

'Eleanor' I mimicked her.

'I heard Niall in the back, I'm sure he didn't mean it that way.'

'He will understand. I'm just tired now and it was a fun night. I'm for once not with him and he gets all worried as fuck.'

'Yeah , but I don't know.. Didn't you hear his disappointment?'

'Yes I did, and Niall knows I'm not the nicest when I'm tired as fuck.'

'Okay okay, I should call him later though, or go over to him.'

I rolled my eyes and nodded, 'But if it's okay if I still sleep for a few minutes now? I'm still tired.'

'Ofcourse! I am too. Good night-day' she chuckled.

'Good day El' I smiled and quickly fell asleep again.


Niall's P.O.V.

I sighed when Hillary hung up the phone, turning my head towards the others. We were sitting in the cab, driving to my house first because that was the nearest. We got to the studio this morning, recording a song we worked on.

'What's wrong Nialler?' Liam asked.

'Nothing.. I just called Hillary again, like yesterday, and I feel like she's mad at me.. She has been so different on the phone. Yesterday and today' I frowned. 'I didn't even do anything wrong, as far as I remember'

'Maybe the hormones? You never know Niall'

'Yeah, but she's tired since Eleanor and her stayed up the whole night.'

'Typical' Louis rolled his eyes, laughing. I smiled weakly and put my phone in my sweater. We finally arrived at my house, giving the boys a hug before I got out of the cab. I took my keys out and opened my door, heading to the kitchen. I hope Hillary will come over today, or that she'll at least get better..

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