Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


82. After Party.

The People's Choice Awards finished after a few hours, but the night wasn't over yet though. There was an after party and I was so looking forward to party. I first had to do some interviews and take pictures though. I gave fans autographs and took pictures with them. They were all really nice and respectful. I love them so much, I literally thanked all of them for the award - even though I didn't know if they voted. I took pictures with the boys and than just Niall + many other artists. My hair got positive comments too, which made me really happy.

I quickly got to the dressing rooms and changed into my other dress, the one for the after party. I smiled at myself in the mirror and got greeted by Alisson's overwhelming compliments again.

It took us about 45 minutes until we finally got to the place where the after party was taken. It's sad how time flies by so quick, but I enjoyed every single part of it.

Let the party begin!




We got inside and it was so beautiful. Lights were flickering around while people were dancing and drinking the night away. The boys and I walked over to the bar as we met multiple people along the way.

I already got some people their number in the arena, but here too.

'Because you won your first award tonight, we will pay everything for you. Everything is free 'till tomorrow' Louis smiled. I nodded and shook my head, 'You don't have to-'

'Don't argue with us on this, Hillary! You can't stop us' Liam shouted above the music. I rolled my eyes and felt some arms wrapped around my waist after a few minutes. I turned around and faced Niall, 'You were awesome and congratulations on the award babe.'

'Thank you love, you were amazing too.'

'Hey he wasn't the only one!' Zayn joked

'All of you guys were amazing' I laughed. I turned my head towards Niall again and immediately felt his soft lips on mine. I smiled through the kiss and slowly pulled away afterwards.

'Here' Liam handed me a glass of wine. I normally don't drink it, but the boys are paying so I'm not waisting their money on something I don't like.

'Cheers to all of us!' we said before taking a sip of our drinks. I placed my glass on the bar table and took Niall's hand.

'Let's dance!' I shouted because of the music being loud.

We went to the dance floor and started dancing with each other. I was literally so close to bumping into Rihanna because she was dancing next to me. I love her and I still can't believe what was happening, not at all.

After about 3 songs, Niall and I went back to the bar. The others were all on the dance floor and I noticed Little Mix was there too so Zayn was dancing with Perrie and the others with their girlfriend. I smiled while looking at them. They were all so cute.

Dude, I already feel dizzy! I'm so weak. I'm weird, even when I don't drink, but I'm worse when I do drink.

Niall already had a few beers and I'm pretty sure he's just tipsy.

It felt amazing to get crazy and party without any paps here. It was just known people, celebrating the fact they won - or not, but everyone was having fun and taking pictures with each other or from others.

'Niall, Hillary can I take a picture?' some random man asked.

'Uhm okay' I nodded and stood up from the bar stool. I was so dizzy, I had to laugh with it. I directly took Niall's hand in mine and wrapped my other arm around his shoulders. He held me tightly and we smiled at the camera. I hope I didn't look bad, or at least decent and that it doesn't seem like I was already getting drunk.

'Thank you! You look amazing' he said and wanted to walk away before I stopped him.

'Wait! Can we see it first?' I asked and sat down on the chair again, pulling on my dress so it wasn't too short even though it didn't really help. The man nodded and showed the picture. I smiled and told him to send it through Twitter.

'Thank you' I said and watched the man leave. Niall turned his head towards me and smiled. He was getting drunk, I could see it in his eyes. I laughed and shook my head, going on Twitter and tried to type something to tweet with the picture.


@Hilla_Star"After parttyyyy! Love it x"


I tweeted it with the picture attached. Niall was sitting on the bar stool and holding my waist while I stood in between his legs. I took another picture of Niall and me, going to Instagram and posting it on there.

I put my phone away and looked up, seeing Eleanor coming towards us.

'Hey party girl' she chuckled. 'Heeey' I smiled and took her into a hug.

'Are you drunk?' she chuckled.

'Pfft.. No.'

'Oh god, Hillary. You're drunk!' she laughed, 'You've never been drunk before' she said as I took another sip of my glass.

'I'm not- Okay maybe I am a little, but the boys are paying and even though I don't want them to, I have to take benefits in this' I laughed again.

'Well I'll leave you than, but don't forget that you have a little creature in there..' she warned before pointing towards my stomach.

Oh yeah..

Lol I was forgetting about that because of all the stress I had today.

Eleanor smiled and left to go over to Louis again.

'HILLA!' I heard someone scream, almost making me fall off my chair. I widened my eyes and turned around, seeing Teddy run through the crowd towards me. I jumped up, my dress rising up and wrapped my arms around Teddy. I felt someone pull down my dress and I knew it was Niall so I ignored it and smiled brightly because of Teddy.

'I missed you!' she shouted like everyone else.

'I missed you too! I'm so happy!'

'Sorry for everything' she rolled her eyes.

'It's okay, don't worry! I forgive you' I smiled.

'Oh my god, you're drunk already' she laughed loudly.

'Yes I know! First and last time!' I groaned.

'Well enjoy as much as you can, because you have a baby in there, so be careful!' she said, just like Eleanor.

'I know!'

'I'm so happy you won an award! Congrats babe!'

'Thank you' I smiled. She hugged me tightly and sat down next to me.

'You should be really happy!' she laughed.

'Why?' my ears were starting to hurt because of the loud music and people shouting in my ear.

'Because I came all the way from London to here! The whole flight was tiring and boring, but I missed you.'

'Ofcourse I'm happy! I missed you too.'

Niall suddenly took my hand and placed it on my waist.

'Wanna dance?' he smirked and buried his head in my neck. I nodded and slowly got off the chair, walking to the dance floor again with Niall by my side. I heard Teddy giggling, but I just smiled and gave her a wink.

We danced the whole night and they even played Best Song Ever.

Everyone went crazy and had so much fun.




It was about 6am and I was so fucking tired. Everyone was drunk, Liam a little bit but not like us. We called a cab and quickly got in before the taxi driver drove us to our house. I told the boys to stay at my place and the girls went to their hotels, not wanting to stay with our drunk asses even though they took a lot of shots also. Teddy stayed though. My house is big, but not able to let 10 peope stay over. My mom got the beds for the boys ready. She wasn't drunk, but my dad was and she hates it.

'Great, eight drunk people in my house' she laughed. I just ignored it and went upstairs to my room, where all the others would be sleeping.

'Goodnight!' Louis shouted through the house, making me jump up from the shock and my head started aching.

This was definitely, well hopefully, the last time that I got this drunk. The night was really successful though and I loved it a lot. I changed into some PJs and got in bed with Niall beside me. I slowly fell asleep in his strong, warm arms.

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