Won't let you go

Stacey was your ordinary 18 year old. She was born in Mullingar, Ireland but she was forced to move to America when her mum was offered a once in a life time job. Stacey had a best friend called Niall Horan in Ireland before she moved but she lost contact with him.


6. Boot Camp

Niall's P.O.V

After the auditions, i had to go to England to goo to boot camp on the Xfactor. It really sucked that I had to leave Stacey back in Mullingar because she had to go to a wedding. I really wish she was her, things were much easier when i knew that she was here waiting for me, i just felt more confident.

Al the boy contestants where lined up on stage. The judges told me to step forward, i started to sing 'Champagne Supernova'. I was so nervous. It was the first time that Stacey wasnt here to support me and i was finding it really hard. After all the boys had finished singing their songs, it was time to find out if i was staying or going home. I was told to step forward along with about 8 other guys. 

"Unfortunately, guys...you are going home" Simon said in a slightly sad voice.

I didnt realised what had just happened, but then it hit me. I was going home and i was devastated. I wanted this so much, I couldnt hold back my tears. A waterfall of tears were streaming down my face. I got my bags and headed towards the door. I was just about to open the door when someone came up to me and said that the judges wanted me back on stage. I quickly wiped the tears from my face with my shirt.

When i got back onto the stage, the judges made me stand with four other guys that i hadnt really recognised much in the competition. There was also four girls standing together at the other side of the stage. Nicole (Scherzinger) began to speak.

"You guys on stage are so talented and it would be a shame to let that go to waste... so the other judges and I have decided to make you into two seperate groups!"

I didnt really understand what she meant until i realised that i was going to be in a boy band with the other four lads standing next to me. One of the lads, i think his name was Harry came up and gave me the biggest hug. I was so happy, i never really thought about being in a boy band but i quite liked the idea. I wen to the other lads separately and asked their names. There was Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik.

I went backstage and called Stacey. I think she will be just as surprised as i was when i found out that i was going to be in a boy band. She answered with "Omg, hey baby! I miss you soooooo much. Whats happening?" 

"I miss you too bub, and guess what!?" I said in excitement 

"What would that be, Nialler?" She said, i could actually hear her smiling when she was talking.

"Im gonna be in a boy band with four other lads their names are Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne!"

"Omg, im so happy for you baby! Well, i have to go because the wedding ceremony is about to start, I love you and i cant wait to see you" She said, her voice slightly saddened.

"I love you too baby, well ill let you go but ill be home in a few days" I said hanging up the phone. I was actually worried about becoming famous, because i didnt want to be away from Stacey at all. When she had to go to America with her mum for a year, I was really heartbroken because i love her and being away from her for that long really hurt inside. I didnt want that to happen again, i never want to leave her and if i end up going on tour then i hope Stacey wants to come with me because i honestly couldnt stand being away from her for that long.





*Sorry that it was a short chapter, tell me if i should update it*

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