Don't be ridiculous

Raylene Jackson is a average teenage girl, she's a loyal friend with a bad-ass attitude who's up for anything and appreciates a challenge.

And that's exactly what it is when Zayn Malik shows up at her school.
A challenge.

It's no secret that Zayn Malik is gorgeous and Ray is immediately attracted to him and he feels the same way. But when Zayn thinks Ray isn't interested he moves onto her friend Enaya, who he tries to summon feelings for.
But he just can't get Ray out of his mind!
Strangely, Ray is the only one Zayn will open up to and the tension between them is undeniable.
Will Ray make the decision to sabotage her friendship for Zayn? In her defence she did see him first...

And will Zayn's mysterious personality match Ray's? Or will they be too much for each other to handle?

What do you think? Is this a perfect match, or will ego's clash?


5. 2.

Raylene and Enaya watched him, jaws dropped, as he walks down the hallway.

"He's so..." Ray starts, but cuts herself off, she was at a loss for words.

"I know." Enaya replys, just as speechless. 

He walks down the hall like a runway model, and the two girls were not the only ones to notice. 

Ray could have sworn that every female within a 10 mile radius would turn to mush at the sight of him. Wearing a dark leather jacket that makes him look dangerous and skinny jeans that are surely too tight around THAT area, he was making every female in the hallway weak at the knees, and made Ray form incoherent sentences. 

"He-uh-um-I-him-me-him-DAYUM" Ray struggles to tell her friend Enaya, unable to look away from the beautiful boy. 

"Hmmmm." Enaya murmurs in agreement, not trusting her mind to mouth connection.

"Um Hi." The boy says, approaching them and their eyes widen. 

"Uh-um-I-you-um-" Enaya stutters and Ray swoops in to save her friend's stutter. 

"Hi." Ray says, a bit too enthusiastically, surprising herself. "You must be new here, I haven't seen you around before. I'm Ray and this is my friend Enaya." She tells the boy and Enaya looks at her gratefully. 

"Hey, I'm Zayn, I think this is my locker." He says, his voice sounding what Ray imagined smooth, creamy chocolate would sound like if it could talk. 

"Oh, right sorry, we're in your way." Enaya says, her voice slowly coming back to her as she grabbed Ray by the arm and they stepped away from the boy. Then the bell rang, stopping them from gawking at Zayn. 

"Well we better get to class, but we'll see you around." Ray says to him and he nods in reply as the two girls make their way to class giggling and talking about him. 

"He is FINE." Enaya says when they are out of earshot. 

"I know, I could feel my heart beating in my brain. I didn't know that was possible." Ray says in reply. 

"He is definitely one sexy senior." Enaya says and Ray agrees with her. Absolutely. 

They go to their first class together, Math, but the girls couldn't focus. 

They could not stop thinking about Zayn Malik. 

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