Don't be ridiculous

Raylene Jackson is a average teenage girl, she's a loyal friend with a bad-ass attitude who's up for anything and appreciates a challenge.

And that's exactly what it is when Zayn Malik shows up at her school.
A challenge.

It's no secret that Zayn Malik is gorgeous and Ray is immediately attracted to him and he feels the same way. But when Zayn thinks Ray isn't interested he moves onto her friend Enaya, who he tries to summon feelings for.
But he just can't get Ray out of his mind!
Strangely, Ray is the only one Zayn will open up to and the tension between them is undeniable.
Will Ray make the decision to sabotage her friendship for Zayn? In her defence she did see him first...

And will Zayn's mysterious personality match Ray's? Or will they be too much for each other to handle?

What do you think? Is this a perfect match, or will ego's clash?


3. 1.

Raylene Jackson skulks down the dull hallway towards her best friend Enaya, who was standing by their lockers. 

.“Hey.” Enaya smiles warmly which Ray returns with a scowl.

Before we start our story, there are some things you should know about Raylene.

First of all, appearance; Raylene was pretty. But it was the kind of pretty that you don’t notice at first until its standing directly in front of you and you're wondering how you never noticed it before. From the outside she gave off a certain energy that basically screamed at the rest of the world "Try me”. She had a bad-ass attitude and loved a challenge 

And that’s why her friendship with the quiet, conservative Enaya Watts was so unexpected. Unlike Ray, from the outside Enaya gave off an energy that she shares with the sun from the children’s television show; the teletubbies. She had a face that resembled a cute cartoon and was the kind of girl that all parents and teachers adored. Turns out these girls could not be more unlike their appearance. A clear example of 'don't judge a book by its cover' Enaya, whilst cute and conservative on the outside had the mind of a con artist and the wits of a private detective. Raylene however, tough and stubborn on the outside, had a heart of gold and a brain of a Nobel prize winner. 

"Urgh. It's only the first day back and I'm already sick of this place." Ray tells her friend, her voice the tone of misery. 

Enaya laughs at her friends statement. "Don't worry, only one more year and then we're out of here. We're seniors now, you know what that means?" 

"More work." Ray says with a groan, rolling her eyes.  

"Well yes." Enaya replies with a twinkle in her eye, "But that wasn't what I was thinking." She tells Ray with a laugh.

"No, what I was going to say was: Hot senior guys." She nudges Ray and flashes her a wink, to which Ray replies with a light chuckle. 

"Yeah, good luck with that." She tells Enaya, "The only senior guys here are no-where near hot, most of them look like they haven't even hit puberty yet," Ray jokes, earning a laugh from Enaya. 

And that's when they first saw him. The boy that would turn their world upside-down and change their morals of friendship, the boy that could make them melt with his charm. 

That's when they saw Zayn Malik. 

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