Louis is addicted


1. The couch of love.

"hay baby" Louis says "hay my sexy man happy 5 month anniversary" i say with excitement. "ohh that's why there is a huge heart on the calender" he awkwardly says. i gasp and give him a look so he knows that im really pissed off. "im kidding baby dont get so worked up i mean how could i forget this day and anyway's i have a great idea" he says "what" i say with a smirk. "well i thought we could order a pizza and watch movies in bed since its raining" he says proudly "sound like a great plan" i say as im walking to the phone to order the pizza. As Louis and i are waiting for the pizza we sat on the couch. Louis lent in to give me a kiss which turned out as a tongue. We got rougher and rougher by the minute as soon as he took of my top the pizza man had arrived. "Leave it on the doorstep" he yelled out. "ill slide the money under the door" i added. Once i got back on the couch he had already COMPLETLY striped off. I froze and grinned. "Sex i know you like it babe" Louis said to me my head nodded. As i slowly striped off i was thinking about if we should use a condom or not i mean we are 21 years old and have been together for a long time. "Hay babe i think its time you to not wear a condom and for us to try and and have a baby" i said hoping he would agree. "Yes yes yes lets do it baby, quick im getting hard" he reply's. I hopped onto the couch and let him do the work.

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