Louis is addicted


2. supermarket terror.

The next day i went to the supermarket to get some groceries for Louis and i. *ring ring ring* i answered my phone it was so loud so i put it on speaker and of course the WHOLE store went quite "hay baby come home my pants are off just how you like it" The customers around me stared at me i went red in the face and hung up. "Oh yea dont ya just hate it when people get the wrong number haha" i awkwardly say. I quickly purchased my items and drove home. As i walked in the door i saw Louis completely naked "What the Fuck why did you call me i was shopping im so embarrassed" i yell. "Oh im sorry baby but please one more time i love you <3" i smile and gave him a look so he knew that i was going to. it was about 2 hours later when there was a knock on the door. "Hang on a minute ill be there soon" i yell. I put my clothes and ran to the door, my face dropped, "Mum Dad what are you doing here?" i questioned "Well sweetie you know we own Countdown right?" Mum said. "umm yea" i answered "Well we herd your little phone call" my dad said. My face quickly went red "So hunny we want you to move back in with us to stop all this sex" dad added "yea like what if you get pregnant" my mum also added. I walked inside, slammed the door and went back to Louis and told him who it was.

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