You again?

Kaylee and Niall use to be best friends. But when Niall became famous, he had forgotten all about her. Her cousin Liam Payne also happens to be in the same band. But when Kaylee's parents get in a tragic accident, she may have to live with Liam, she doesn't like that idea all. When Kaylee and Niall meet again, things take a turn for the best.


13. where are we goin?

- Kaylee's POV -

We been driving for about 3 hours and I'm getting a little sleepy. It's only around 4 in the afternoon, but we've been going non stop since we left. Niall soon pulled over to a gas station to fill up.

I got out and went potty real quick and headed right back to the car. Niall was still pumping gas. This car must have a big ass gas tank...

"Here, I pump, go do... Whatever a Niall has to do." I giggled.

"Alright, be careful." He smiled.

It took him less than3 minutes and he was already back. By then the gas tank was full and we were on our way again.

"Where are we goin?" I asked.

"I can't tell you." He smiled.

"Well what if I learn how to read within a few hours and I can read the signs?" I laughed.

"Um, I'll cover your eyes." He pondered." We may have to stop but that's only if you get really tired."

"Alright, well do you know how much longer it'll be?" I asked.

"I dunno. It actually depends on how many times we need to stop." He answered.

I nodded and he turned on the radio. The first couple hours we talked and talked about what we missed in each other's lived when I moved. Niall stopped dating a different girl each week, and I got a lot smarter. After I left, he lost a lot of friends. I feel bad but he use to be a dick. It also wasn't my choice to move.


It was around 11pm and it was pitch black. I looked over at Niall and he was starting to dose off. I was a bit tired myself...

"Niall we should probably stop somewhere," I suggested.

He nodded in agreement with a yawn aswell, and pulled off the highway at the nearest place. We found a hotel close by the highway and stopped there.

"One room with one bed please." Niall said.

I looked over at him with a blank face while he watched me out of the corner of his eye with a smirk.

"Alright, your room is on floor 9, room 593. Have a nice stay!" The desk lady said.

We headed up to the room, and we talked a bit in the way.

"Why did you only choose one bed?"I asked.

"Eh, because." He smirked.

We entered the room and put our bags down. I grabbed some pjs and my toothbrush and headed to the restroom. I changed and brushed my teeth. I grabbed my other outfit and walked out. Niall was once again, pant less. I giggled and he smiled. He put some shorts on and went to the restroom. I put my outfit in my bag and sat down on the bed.

I grabbed the tv remote and clicked through the tv shows.

"Anything on?" He asked.

"Uh, nope." I sighed leaving it on Cartoon Network.

"Come here." He smirked opening his arms.

I crawled up the top of the bed and got under the covers. He wrapped his arm around me. Oh my lord he was ripped. And he smelled good. We watched a bit of tv, then he turned off both the lights and tv.

He had his arms wrapped around me and pulled close to his body. I was facing his chest and my arms were pulled up.

"Goodnight Niall." I smiled.

"Goodnight love." He said, kissing my forehead.

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