You again?

Kaylee and Niall use to be best friends. But when Niall became famous, he had forgotten all about her. Her cousin Liam Payne also happens to be in the same band. But when Kaylee's parents get in a tragic accident, she may have to live with Liam, she doesn't like that idea all. When Kaylee and Niall meet again, things take a turn for the best.


15. old memories

- Niall's POV -

I woke up the next morning at around 7:45. I groaned and looked to the left of me. She was sound asleep. I crawled out of bed and took a shower. I then put on my blue skinny-ish jeans and a white v-neck. I grabbed my diamondback SnapBack and slid it on. I put my supras on as soon and Kaylee woke up. She was so adorable.

"What time is it?" She asked, yawning.

"It's about 8:10." I smiled.

She groaned and got out of bed. She went to the restroom and came out about 25 minutes later in skinny jeans, some Jordan's a white shirt and she took my bulls SnapBack and put it in her lightly curled hair.

She put little make up on knowing I was watching her. She put some nicki minaj purfume on and smiled at me. Her teeth were so cute. Even if they're crooked, I don't want we to get braces.

"Where are we going?" She asked.

"It's a surprise." I chuckled.

We walked out to the car and I opened her door.she smiled at me and I shut the door when she was in. I got in myself and we were off.

-Kaylee's POV -

It's sooo irritating he won't tell me where he's taking me! We drove for about 25 minutes before we pulled up to our favorite park when we were younger.

This was my favorite place to come to when my parents were fighting. I would sit and play my guitar. Niall would eventually find me, until middle school. He would usually walk by with his girl of the week and laugh at me.

It never really bothered me. We got out of the car and walked over to the big oak tree we use to climb. There was a picnic basket and a little blanket to sit on. Niall's not much of a cook so he orders us nandos.

"This is so cute! Thank you niall!" I smiled hugging him.

"Anything for my favorite." He chuckled.

We sat down and ate. We talked about his tour, and the new album. Then we talked about my job, well, I'm still in collage, but I'm a few months away from getting my license to become a hairdresser.

"I don't know about you, but I'm gonna climb this tree." He smirked.

He got up and started climbing. He was so fast. I giggled and he stopped close to the top. I got up and joined him. I started climbing, but I'm not as fast as him. I reached where he was and we say on the branches.

We stayed up there for at least a half an hour. We finally decided to get down so he could take me to the next place. He went first, and I followed.

"Be careful babe!" He said jumping out of the tree.

Knowing me, I'd probably fall and break an arm. And that's exactly what I did.

"Awew fuck!" I screamed clutching my arm.

I stepped on a little branch and it snapped and I fell.

"Are you alright?" Niall asked helping me to my feet.

"I think I broke my arm." I bout cryed.

"Let's go to the hospital." He said leading me to the car." Looks like no more tree climbing for Kaylee!"

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