You again?

Kaylee and Niall use to be best friends. But when Niall became famous, he had forgotten all about her. Her cousin Liam Payne also happens to be in the same band. But when Kaylee's parents get in a tragic accident, she may have to live with Liam, she doesn't like that idea all. When Kaylee and Niall meet again, things take a turn for the best.


19. news

--Kaylee's POV--

The next morning I was woken up by someone banging pots and pans through out the rooms. I groaned and rolled out of bed. Niall must've been downstairs, or the one banging pans... The banging stopped because who ever was doing it found out I was up. I showered, and checked the weather, it was about 82 degrees outside. It was about the middle of  summer, and I guess the boys had off. I got dressed in some dark coloured shorts and a cute crop top with the MTV symbol on it. i grabbed my black Vans and slipped them on as well. I let my hair natural and just some mascara today.

I walked downstairs only Niall and Liam were home. Some one had made me breakfast as well. 

"Hi boys. Where is everyone else?" I asked taking a bite of my omelet.

"We all have to go down to the recording studio today, and we all wanted you to come, so the other boys left, and we stayed." Liam smiled.

"Oh, who was banging the pots around?" I said.

"That would be me." Niall smirked.

I finished my omelet and we took Liam's car to the studio. We parked and made our way up to Simon's office. I think.. This place is huge! 

"Hi Simon, we had to wait for Kaylee." Niall smiled.

"You didn't have to." I whispered to him.

"We wanted you to meet Simon." He replied.

"Well, sit down." Simon smiled.

I don't think Simon knows i\I'm related to Liam. I mean, we have to same last name, but you never know. 

"So, Liam, what does Kaylee do?" Simon asked.

Yeah he knows. Maybe that's why we"re all here. Just to talk about me. To see if I'm like a crack head or not.

"She's in school, about to become a hair dresser." He smiled.

"Well, Kaylee, the boys have to leave for some promos in Japan soon, then the next album is going to be recorded. You can come if you like." Simon smiled.

"I'd love too." I grinned.

"I see, you can't do hair with your cast on. Lou won't be able to join the next tour, so you can be the new hair stylist, When you get your cast off of course." He said.

I smiled and the boys and Simon talked for a while about the tour and stuff. We all had lunch with Simon and then we went home. The boys started packing for Japan. I did as well.  It didn't take that long because they were only staying for like 3 days. We put all our stuff by the door. We weren't leaving until Sunday, but we packed early just in case we had to leave earlier. Niall made me bring one of my guitars. I don't know why because I can't play. 

The boys went to run some errands while I stayed home. I don't really know what to do... I've never been here by myself. I plugged my phone into their huge stereo and played my "Fall Out Boy'' albums. I have a little issue... I'm actually good friends with the lead singer, Patrick Stump. He''s the best. I was blasting to music, but not too loud so the neighbors wouldn't come yell at me... I was singing really loud actually. I was listening to "Save Rock and Roll" off that album, when the boys walked in.

"Oops." I laughed, turning down the music.

They laughed and put the thins away that they bought. We continued to listen to my music for a little while. We danced around and acted like complete idiots.

"Hey, can Perrie come over and meet Kaylee?" Zayn asked looking up from his phone.

"Yeah!" Liam smiled. "You'll like her, she's a real sweetheart.''

I smiled. I've heard a lot about Perrie the last couple days. Zayn and her are getting married sometime next year I think. I don't know, but he sure talks about her a lot. 

About 20 minutes later there was a knock at the door. Zayn sprang up to go answer it. 

"Hi babe." He said hugging her.

She was so gorgeous! We all sat down in the living room. She was the sweetest thing!

"So, I heard you can sing?" She asked me.

I smiled. "I mean, not really well.." I replied.

"C'mon! Zayn said you can sing really well!" She smiled.

"Kaylee sing with her." Niall smirked.

"Alright, what song?" I sighed.

"Um... how about... Small Bump, by Ed?" She smiled.

"Yeah, I know that one." I replied.


"That was beautiful, Kaylee, why don't you sing?" Zayn asked.

"I don't know. I've always been told I can't.." I shrugged."

"Well, who ever has told you that needs to get slapped!"  Perrie said.

Niall dropped his head, knowing he's told me that several times before.  I always pushed it away. 

Perrie and I got along pretty well. She's the sweetest thing. She wanted to take me shopping for some new clothes, I mean, i gave a lot of my clothes to Riley before I left, so I don't really have tons of clothes.. We took her car, and were off to the shops.

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