You again?

Kaylee and Niall use to be best friends. But when Niall became famous, he had forgotten all about her. Her cousin Liam Payne also happens to be in the same band. But when Kaylee's parents get in a tragic accident, she may have to live with Liam, she doesn't like that idea all. When Kaylee and Niall meet again, things take a turn for the best.


14. Ireland

-Kaylee's POV -

"Kaylee...Kaylee.. Wake up!" Niall whispered.

He shook me and I pulled the covers over my head and groaned.

"Ughhhh five more minutes!" I groaned.

"Nooooo!" He laughed.

He picked me up and twirled me around. I finally woke up and he set me down. He smiled at me and I just got some clothes and went to the restroom. I changed into a loose tribal dress and put on some sandals. It was about 75 degrees and feeling nice.

I brushed my hair and left it down. I walked out and Niall had gotten some food before he woke me up. We ate, and grabbed out stuff and checked out. We hopped back in the car and were on our way.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"You'll see." He smiled.

I turned up the radio and "dark horse" by Katy Perry was playing. I've heard this song like once and it's alright.

- few hours later -

Niall reached over and covered my eyes as we exited the highway so I couldn't see the signs. I giggled and he uncovered his hand from my eyes.

I looked around to see if anything was recognize able. Nope. Not yet...

"Are we almost there?" I asked.

"Eh, just about." He smiled.

I smiled and I soon got antsy. I saw a sign that read 'welcome to Mullingar, Ireland.'

"Awee niall! I miss it here!" I smiled.

"I thought you would like it." He replied.

We pulled into a drive way a couple minutes later. We stepped out and I have no clue where we are..

Niall walked up to the door and just walked in.

"MOOOM IM HOOMEEE!" He yelled.

Awe he took me to Maura's house! She walked through the door way with a little baby boy in her arms. He's so precious!

"Hi mum! Remember Kaylee?" He smiled

"Of course! How are you?" She asked giving me a one armed hug.

"Great! How about you?" I smiled.

"Wonderful! This is Theo, Greg's first born." She said rocking theo.

"He's so precious! Looks just like Greg!" I gawked.

"Come on in!" She smiled stepping out of the door way to let us in.

She had gotten a new place last since I've been here. It's still pretty big... Niall led me to the living room where Greg was sitting on the couch.

"Whaddup Niall! Kaylee! I haven't seen you in ages!" Greg said hugging me.

"I know! How've you been?" I asked.

"Great! I see you've already met little Theo, he's such a good baby. Rarely cries, until uncle Niall gets ahold of him." Greg joked.

Maura handed Theo to Greg and we talked for a while. I missed this. His family was so sweet.

"Can uncle Niall see little Theo?" Niall smiled.

Greg's laughed and gave Theo to Niall. I swear who taught this boy to hold children?!

"Niall, you're holding him wrong!" I said.

Not much longer after that, Theo started crying... Greg was right.

"Can I hold him? Since Niall has no clue what he's doing." I asked.

"Sure!" Greg grinned.

"I do to know what I'm doing!" Niall pouted, handing him to me.

I proceeded to hold him correctly and rock him until he stopped crying. I baby talked to him and made him laugh and giggle.

"How did you do that?" Niall asked.

"Well first, I know how to hold a baby. And second it's magic." I smiled.

- few hours later-

"Well thanks for having us!" Niall said about to leave.

"No no no no you must stay! It's a long drive home, I insist." Maura smiled.

I don't think they have any clue we're dating, but they knew something was going on.

"But all of our stuff is at the hotel." Niall said.

"That's alright! It's far away anyway like you said." She replied.

Niall looked at me and I shrugged.

"I don't mind." I said.

"Alright, we'll stay. But it's late so I think we're going to bed." Niall said hugging everyone.

"See you in the morning!" they called.

We headed upstairs and found Niall's room. It looked exactly the same from when we were kids. Niall closed the door and took off his shirt and changed into some basketball shorts.

"Niall, I don't have any clothes." I said.

"Hmmm... Hold on." He said getting up.

He walked over to his closet and searched for a shirt or something.

"This is probably my biggest shirt." He said handing me a bright blue polo.

I took off my shirt and slid his on, he watched me as I slid my jeans off. I giggled and pulled my hair up into a bun.

"It doesn't really cover my bum." I giggled.

"That's fine with me." He smirked wrapping me in his arms.

I blushed as we swayed around the room. We didn't say much, but we knew what we both were thinking. He turned me around and placed his hands on the small of my back, and pulled me closer.

I looked up at him and we both smiled. His hands started to move lower and lower until they were touching my bum.

"I'm surprised you didn't pull away." He said.

I shrugged and pushed him on the bed. I layed down next to him and he put his arms around my waist and we layed there. He pulled the covers over us and turned to lamp off.

"Goodnight Nialler." I whispered.

"Goodnight love." He smiled against my neck.

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