You again?

Kaylee and Niall use to be best friends. But when Niall became famous, he had forgotten all about her. Her cousin Liam Payne also happens to be in the same band. But when Kaylee's parents get in a tragic accident, she may have to live with Liam, she doesn't like that idea all. When Kaylee and Niall meet again, things take a turn for the best.


3. England here I come.

- Kaylee' POV -

" Flight 203 now boarding to Egland." Said the attendent.

I boarded first since Liam got me first class. That's what I hate about liam. He's so sweet. But now since he's been around Niall I can't wait to see how he is now.

I sat down in my seat and waited for the other people to get on. I sat next to a nice American lady names Clair. We talked for a bit but then went to bed cause of the long flight.

I woke up and people were getting off the plane. I called Liam and told him to meet me by the baggage claim.

This airport was bigger than I remember.. I walked down the stairs following the signs to the baggage claims.

" Liam! I missed you!" I called.

" I missed you too Kaylee!" He said hugging me.

We found my bags and we started walking towards the car. We talked about the band and how their recording their 3rd album already.

I told him about Niall and how we use to be friends. He didn't believe me til I pulled out an old picture of us when we were about 9. We use to be so happy.

The car ride was super short accually, we pulled into a driveway of a huge mansion house. There were a few other cars there as well.

" Liam don't you live alone?" I asked.

" No, the boys are staying with me. " He smiled.

" So even Niall?" I said.

"Yep." He smiled.

I also didn't tell him about how much of an ass he became. We pulled out my luggage from the car and started to walk to the door. Liam flung the door open and all the boys stopped what they were doing.

And there was the one person I hoped I'd never have to see ever again, standing right in front of me.

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