the story of my life //PERMANENT HIATUS//

"Just stop pretending already."
"That you care, that you even like me the slightest bit. You don't have to protect me from them I'm fine. This. Is. Nothing."
Shut everyone out. That is the best way to keep away pain, right? Or did it just bring more?
|| Copyright © 2014 by Amy S. All Rights Reserved ||


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look i didn't want this. This life. This family. I would be better off dead actually. If you were to ask me anything happy about my life, I wouldn't be able to answer. Why do people love life so much? All it is, is suffering and pain. Nothing else. Unless you were blinded by it as a child. I was for a while. Then my mom died. Then the screen of happiness and butterflies was taken away. I saw the world for what it was. And it sucked. I have looked at the world this way since I was 6. I was just a child. And it's been ten years. Ten years of hell. Ten years of suffering. And here I was, sitting in therapy. Sitting awkwardly in a room with a middle-aged man who wanted me to tell him my problems. But they really aren't my problems. It's the humans problems, the world's problem. 


Is that good or not? 

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