the story of my life //PERMANENT HIATUS//

"Just stop pretending already."
"That you care, that you even like me the slightest bit. You don't have to protect me from them I'm fine. This. Is. Nothing."
Shut everyone out. That is the best way to keep away pain, right? Or did it just bring more?
|| Copyright © 2014 by Amy S. All Rights Reserved ||


3. Chapter Two- Bad Memories




“What did you say, bitch?!" 

“I- uh. Nothing." 

“Liar. You told me to stop. Have respect for your mother. See. This is why your father left. Because heading want to be stuck with a disrespectful bitch of a daughter that's you." She slaps me hard on the face. I wince and a small whimper escapes my lips. “Oh is the poor slur scared? Why don't you learn to be a good little girl and stop being a Shit then I wouldn't have to punish you." She kicks me in the stomach. I double over in pain and she pushes my head back against the wall. I start to yell. She punches my lip to shut me up and says, “quiet." I cry silently. She rolls her eyes and gets up. As I try to get on my feet she pushes me back down. 

“What kind of mother are you?" A voice from the hallway asks in a sickened voice.


I wake up shaking in fear. I run a hand through my hair. I feel something wet drop on my arms. I realize I'm crying. I wipe the tears off and eyeliner comes with it. I sigh and wipe it off. I try to go back to sleep. 

I fall asleep again and sleep peacefully for about an hour. 

“Aw. Poor Roxlion can't stand up for herself." Someone teases as they pull me back up by my collar. I struggle to get out of their grip. He punches sidekicks me all over while calling me names. Names that my mom calls me. They tell me to die and that no one loves me. And I believe them. I believe that I'm not loved and that I should die. They throw me down and walk away laughing. I lay on the ground curled in a ball covered in blood and bruises. And on one comes because no one cares. 


I wake up to hands shaking me. Because of what I've gone through, I scream “STOP IT. STOP IT NOW!" I look at the person to see a very frightened look. “S-sorry. I was having a bad dream." She nods in an understanding way but I can tell she already hates me. “Miss, school is starting in the great room." I nod and she leaves. Oh great. 


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