the story of my life //PERMANENT HIATUS//

"Just stop pretending already."
"That you care, that you even like me the slightest bit. You don't have to protect me from them I'm fine. This. Is. Nothing."
Shut everyone out. That is the best way to keep away pain, right? Or did it just bring more?
|| Copyright © 2014 by Amy S. All Rights Reserved ||


7. Chapter Six - Wake Up Call

- Roxlion -

“How old are you?" Harry asks.

“Fifteen, you guys?" 

“21." Zayn says

“22." Louis boasts.

“20." Niall basically yells.

“20." Harry smiles.

“21." Liam states, with a shrug. 

I giggle at their personalities. As we are talking I can tell they are being very selective about what they say. I shrug it off at first, but then it hits me. 

They. Don't. Care. 

Of course they don't. They told me earlier this was for a job. It's not even like they even want to be here. Big ol' famous One Direction really doesn't give a shit about my life. They probably are acting right now and are really complete slobs. 

This whole thing is an act. 

After that, I shut down. I start giving short, simple answers. They notice and confused looks are placed on their faces. I look up at the clock.

“Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I just used up 20 minutes of your time. I lost track of time. Are we done here?" I ask in a too - sweet voice. 

They just nod, obviously hurt. I walk out of the room, slamming the door behind me. 

As soon as I turn into the hall, I'm pulled into a room. I hear the door close and lock behind me. 

“Listen here, bitch. You think they actually like your fat arse? They are really just acting. They feel sorry for your useless little life."

I'm shoved into a wall. My head hits the wall and my knees buckle. I fall back and spots appear in my vision. 

I'm slapped. 

“Oh, no, honey. I want you to stay awake for this."

As if on cue, I'm picked up and punched. I'm kicked and slapped. Any form of being hit was used on me. 

I'm bleeding in multiple places when I'm finally dropped to the floor. Before I'm dropped they put a rag in my mouth and over my nose. 

Soon after I'm dropped I realize they drugged me. I try to scream but the rag only chokes me and the drugging is kicking in. I soon pass out from blood loss and the drug.

- Harry -

After a long conversation with the boys, we finally agree to adopt Roxlion. We go to the front and tell Anne, the owner. 

She nods and grabs Roxlion's files. 

Lou, Niall, and me go to get her. 

We first look in her room. She isn't there. No one's in the bathrooms. We try to open one door but it's locked. I look at Louis.

“Someone doesn't want anyone in here," I tell Louis as I notice the staples in the door frame. 

He and I body slam in the door and it busts down. In the far corner of the room, under a bed, I see red. I bend down to look under the bed and see a battered up, knocked out Roxlion.

My eyes widen with fear and I quickly move the bed. Louis gasps as I pull out the blood soaked girl. 

Liam and Zayn pass by with Niall, looking for us.

“Zayn! Call a paramedic!" Louis yells.

“Why-" he starts and when his eyes lay on the limp body in my arms he quickly grabs his phone and calls a paramedic.

In a few minutes the vehicle arrives and she is rushed in. 

} At Hospital {

We wait for the doctor to tell us how she is. My knee is shaking and I'm rubbing my hand on the back of my neck. Louis is pacing, constantly asking doctors if they know anything about her. Zayn and Liam are both just kinda staring at the wall with blank expressions.

Niall has it the worse. He is shaking. His knees pulled to his chest. His hands occasionally run through his hair but are mostly wrapped around his legs. He sits in the far corner of the room, away from everyone. 

Finally, someone calls us over. 

A tall, dark haired, doctor clears his throat before speaking. 

“Ms. Pettis seems to of been severely beaten. She does suffer from a slight concussion. She will be very weary when she wakes because she has seemed to be drugged. Some other marks were found on her. It's best if we go somewhere else when I tell you this." 

A huge weight is lifted off all the boys and my own shoulders as we hear she is, for the most part, okay. The Doctor leads us into an empty hallway.

“So, there are some . . . self inflicted scars up her left arm and leg. We have tested her and she appears to have very severe depression."

Niall's face goes white as paper, as does mine. 






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