My Best Friends Mate? Is Me?

Ashley and Brandon have been best friends since they were born. But things started to get a little weird once Brandon hit 18. Next thing you know Ashley finds out that she’s Brandon's mate! In other words, her best friend is her soul-mate... Plus he’s the next Alpha of his pack and her family hasn’t been exactly truthful with her. Once she finds out her families and Brandon’s secret, what will she do?

Where will this lead?

Will she forgive them?

Or will she not?


2. Chapter 2:

Chapter 2:

I felt a presence above me in my sleep. "Ashley?" A male voice whispered, his minty breath touching my face. I groaned, turning my head up to the ceiling and opening my right eye slowly. Big chocolate brown eyes looked straight into mine, and a nose was touching the tip mine. I flinched in shock, swatting the presence away with my hand.

"Brandon... I'm sleeping... Shoo..." I mumbled, turning back on my side.

He let out a sigh, and mumbled something to himself. "Time for drastic measures..."

He moved closer to me and practically screamed in my ear. "Get up Ash! We're gonna be late for school!!" He shouted, grabbing the blanket that was covering me and snatching it away. Leaving me shivering slightly.

"I don't like school though..." I mumbled, wrapping my arms around myself.

He let out a frustrated sigh as I heard him walking over to my bathroom. He turned on the shower, then started walking back to me. I opened my eye again looking at his face. "Oh no..." I mumbled, he had his evil mischievous grin on his face that could only mean trouble. "Okay, you asked for it..." He smirked, bending down and picking my up bridal style.

Then it hit me. He's gonna throw me in the shower. It's like he read my face at the exact moment since he tightened his grip around me. "Oh shit no!!" I shrieked, trying to wriggled out of his iron grip. He just chuckled, "I'll put you down if you get ready for school. Any slacking is an automatic trip to the shower!"

I glared at him with my best evil glare. But he's seen it so many times that it simply doesn't affect him anymore. I let out a sigh then looked back at his grinning face, "Fine..."


Soon enough we were back at hell.

I looked down at myself, making sure that what I was wearing seamed okay. I had a white tank top that had, "Kool Kids Don't Dance" written down the top in black writing, also my denim short shorts and a pair of black converse. While Brandon was rocking a black tight fitting singlet, jeans and a pair of DC sneakers.

The car turned a left and we parked Brandon's 2012 Mazda MX-5 Miata in the schools car park and just sat there for a second. I looked over at Brandon and he was looking over at me already. I cracked a small smile. "Hopefully no one mobs you like last year..." I laughed, remembering last time school started. He let a small grin escape his lips.

Brandon's the lead guy of the school. Well not of the popular group, but each and everyone of the girls drool over him. He's the captain of the football team and everyone respects him, but he hangs out with me. I'm popular because of him, and because the popular group hates me. So yeah... It's always good to have him around.

I hopped out of the car, as he did the same. Hundreds, and I mean hundreds, of girls swarmed around Brandon. His face was shocked at the large amount of people. I giggled to myself as I walked towards him, pushing most girls out of my way while trying to resist the urge to punch at least one of them.

I have to admit, I was just a little jealous of the horrid girls. I had a slight crush on Brandon for a while now, that's why I had the urge to punch one of them on my way toward him.

I finally reached Brandon and stood next to him. A rather slutty girl was stroking his arm with her long manicured nails, another was holding on to his arm for dear life whispering god know what in his ear...

Poor Brandon...

I stepped up on the curb and raised my hands to my mouth so my voice would project above the giggling girls. "Sorry ladies!! This boy is off the market!!" I shouted, trying to get everyone's attention. The girls that were mobbing Brandon seemed to have noticed me and started listening intentional. "He's taken!" I shouted again, but whines were the only answer I received.

Brandon looked at me with a puzzled expression, "I'm not taken-" I covered his mouth with my hand before he could say anything else. The girls just kept glaring at me, if looks could kill I would of died ten minutes ago.

I swatted the desperate girls away, "Shoo now!"

Soon enough all the girls left leaving Brandon and I staring at the large building in front of us. "Thanks for the save Ash..." Brandon said thankfully. I turned my head and gave him a whole-hearted smiled, "Anytime!"


Lunch soon came around and I wanted to talk to Brandon so much since we didn't have any classes together yet. But Felix, one of my old friends, was hanging with me the whole time. He's a total sweetheart, he's that weird guy that is rather excitable and fun! Kinda like an Omega in a wolf pack! I have a weird obsession with wolfs... They're just so fascinating!! Anyway back to the current situation.

I started walking down the hallway, my backpack swung over one of my shoulders. "ASHLEY!!" I joyful cry erupted. I turned on the heels of my feet and notice Felix running towards me. He skidded to a stop only meters away.

"Hiya Felix!" I grinned, turning back around while walking to the cafeteria again.

"How's things my little Ash?" He smiled, jumping in front of me walking backwards.

I let out a little giggled, "As good as I was when you asked me not even five minutes ago!"


I walked silently down that hallway, trying to avoid any of the Barbies that try and eat me everyday. I'm telling you now, it sucks being me...

I searched the hallways trying to look for Ashley, but all I saw were some Barbies looking hungrily at me. I rolled my eyes at a group; some were blowing kisses at me, some winking, it was just stupid... They were stupid...

Then I heard a familiar laugh, I shot my head to the direction and much to my surprise I growled. Ashley was giggling at the one and only Felix. Whoa whoa whoa... Why the hell was I growling? Before I could even make my way towards them, my phone rang.

I let out a painful sigh, reaching into my pocket. I looked down at my phone, my fathers name kept flashing on the callers ID, I answered it then quickly put it to my ear.

"Hey Dad-"

"Brandon the rebels are back, get the pack out of school and down here now!"

My mind then went a million miles an hour. How did they find us? Where have they been hiding?

"I'm on my way, I'll get the boys assembled..."

With that I hung up. My eyes scanned the area looking for Logan, the next Beta as well as my best friend. I raced around and the other pack members sensed my distress.

"Oi Brad! What's wrong?" Tucker yelled, he's one of the best young worriers of the pack.

I ran towards him, "The rebels are back, get everyone down at the pack house now!" I whispered, turning back around and running out to the back of the building and towards the woods.

When I was far out of sight I shifted into my wolf. My paws hit the ground and I started running to the pack house. I felt my dark brown coat wiping in the wind as I ran, but the tip of my tail and front paws were black. I heard a slight bark from behind me and I slid to a stop.

'Logan! Come on!' I shouted through my mind. Us creatures have this ability to talk though the mind, it's a gift... 'I'm coming!' He shouted back, 'Everyone is coming after me, just keep going!'

I turn back around and once again started running. The pack finally reached me as I was nearing the pack house. ‘Everyone be quiet!’ I hissed, slowing down and crouching behind a bush. The others did the same as I listened. My ears twitched in different directions trying to find any sound. ‘Stay here…

I got up and started walking slowly towards the pack house, clear to anyone who was watching me. A low growl sounded from in front of me. ‘Hello Brandon…’ he whispered, appearing from the shadows. His black coat floating in the wind, ‘Beau…’ I barked, showing my canines, ‘Leave…

He just sat there, grinning in a wolfy way. ‘And why would I do that brother?’ he spoke in a mocking tone. I growled, ‘I’m NOT your brother…’ He just looked at me amusement clearly in his eyes, ‘Have you found your mate yet? She’d be a good piece in new my collection…

He just went too far. I growled leaping towards him, pinning him under my paws. ‘Leave…’ I growled, pressing down harder. He just kept smirking in his own wolfy way, ‘No…’ In that second he kicked me off with his back legs, jumping up and leaping at me. I rolled over to the left, just dodging his pounce, and turned to stand.

The other pack member jumped from behind the bushes as did Beau’s pack. They leaped and fought with such strength, that I could hear each and every move my pack made against the others. Beau clawed at me, but I easily dodged it and I returned the attack cutting him on his forearm. Blood oozed out of the wound.

“ENOUGH!” A voice shouted, the echo carrying throughout the area. All our faces snapped towards the house, and it was my father who spoke, he just stood at the door standing up with all his strength. My father’s eyes glowed bright amber, “Leave now, Beau!” he shouted once again, “And take your bloody pack with you!” he said loudly, venom coming out of the words like liquid. Beau whimpered at the sight of my father, but he tried hard not to show it. ‘You heard him, leave!’ I repeated, taking a step towards him. He shot me a glare then turned and ran off, barking a command.

Once they left our sight each and every one of us shifted back into our normal form, all of us fully clothed. We have the ability to stay in the clothes that we shifted in, so when we shift back into our human form we aren’t naked. I’m rather happy about that part of us.

I looked back at my father worryingly, and ran up to him. His hand was leaning against the wall for support. My father has been deeply sick lately, so he’s been too weak to run the pack. He the alpha for now, that’s until I turn 18. Once I hit 18 I become the new Alpha and Logan becomes the new Beta. I helped him back to his room and left him to rest.

I let out a sigh; back to school I go…

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