Luke isn't like everyone else..
He's that kid with tattoos and piercings
He's mean and cruel...
But Anna can change him
(Sucky blurb I know, I know)


1. Luke


Hi I'm Luke Hemmings

I uh..sorry I'm new at this..introducing myself

thing. I'm 17, and um...I have 3 bestfriends.

Michael, Calum, and Ashton. We're super

close. We have this band thing going on. How does

5 Seconds Of Summer sound?...okay, okay whatever.

Not everyone at my school likes me,

but I do consider myself popular. People

that don't like me think of me as this bad ass

jerk, with tattoos and piercings, and i

don't care for anyone but myself.

 Well that's what I was...until Anna showed

up at our school. Anna....

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