Luke isn't like everyone else..
He's that kid with tattoos and piercings
He's mean and cruel...
But Anna can change him
(Sucky blurb I know, I know)


8. Chapter 8

Luke P.O.V.

"shut the hell up!" I yelled at Mikey. It was two days after our 'sleepover' and the

whole closet thing was getting a little dramatic.

"I'll tell her if I want to!"

"Michael if you ruin this for me, i'll fuck you up!"

"You're just gonna hurt her! You're so selfish! And you wouldn't hurt me"

"I wouldn't bet on that" I growled.

He just smirked and walked out of the room.


Michael's P.O.V.

"ugh where the hell is she" I mumbled

"who are you looking for" Anna asked leaning on the wall.

"oh uh...you. I have something to tell yo-"

"MIKEY!" I heard Luke's voice boom through the hall. I grabbed Anna's arm and lead her into

a random room.

"can I help you with something?" she asked confused.

"I have to tell you something..sit" we sat on the bed and waited for me to continue.

"so you know how someone kissed you in the closet, yeah?"

"duh. Oh my gosh! You know who don't you?!" She shouted. Her accent is so thick

I almost didn't know what she was sayin.

"shhhhh. yes"

"who. tell me. now"


Her eyes grew wide and she just looked at me.

"I hope you liked I-" just then the door opened.

"there you are" Luke grinned, grabbing Anna's arm. Ok.

Two can play it that game Hemmings.


Luke's P.O.V.

Relief washed over me when I walked her out the room.

"I'm happy you did that"

"what? Took you from him?" I  laughed.

"pretty much yeah...it was awkward. He told me he was the one who kissed me"

"what" i coughed.

"He said he was the one who kissed me."

"that's a dead ass lie."

"wait you know who it was!?"

"um.." me. Because I wanna fuck you but also cause I think I like you. I added in my head.

"Luke stop taking my friends" Demi said walking out of the bathroom and grabbing

Anna's hand.

"Bye Luke" She giggled.



Anna's P.O.V.

Why cant they just tell me!?

Its my mouth that got kissed, I think I have the right to know.

Im pretty sure it wasn't Mikey. The way he told me...it just wasn't believable.

"stop thinking about it and lets go get pizza!" Demi yelled.

"ugh fine" we got up and headed downstairs. I got my shoes on and right then my phone

rung. The name 'Maman' (mom) was on the screen. When I answered she began yelling.

"Finally. I've been worried sick! Where are you!?"

"At a friends house"

"What friend!? The only friends you have are in France" Just then I thought about Emily.

Shit I forgot about her.

"My friend Demi! Mom I really have to go bye" I hung up before she could continue and called




"um..who is this"

"Anna..i miss you"

"oh my fucking gosh if this is another asshole from school, i'm gonna punch you in the face!"

"wait wh-"

"You can pretend to be my crush, or invite me to a fake party or some shit but never

mention my sister or i'll hurt you. Or i'll just kill myself...you'd like that wouldn't you!" she cried.

And with that she hung up. I quickly dialed her number back.


"I swear to god this is Anna! Honest! Don't hurt yourself babe! Everythings ok. Its just me!"

"Is it!? Is it really you!?"


"oh my god I miss you so much" She cried

"I miss you too!"

"how have you been!? How's your school"

"good and good. There's this guy-"

"There's a guy?!"

"There's a guy!?" Demi yelled.

"haha yes"

"who was that?"

"oh my friend Demi"

"BESTfriend actually" Demi yelled again

"wh-what" She never liked me being friends with other people...she wanted me all to herself.

I thought it was cute and sweet but now if I hang out with someone else

she freaks out and thinks I hate her.

"she's just a friend don't worry about it. Aye I gotta go get food. Call you later?"

"haha yeah" When I hung up and turned around Demi was looking at me.

'Theres a guy?"

"I was jus-"

"its Luke isn't it"


"its Luke. Don't deny it child."


(sorry I haven't updated in a while. My computer stopped working and it

took me a pretty long time to convince my mom to let me use hers..but yeah.

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