Luke isn't like everyone else..
He's that kid with tattoos and piercings
He's mean and cruel...
But Anna can change him
(Sucky blurb I know, I know)


7. Chapter 7

Anna's P.O.V

"it's only Saturday get up!" Dem yelled trying to pull me out the bed.

"oh yeah lets forget that I almost got raped this morning" I sarcastically shouted.

"to make it up to you i'll....take you to get something to eat."

"aren't there still people downstairs" I remember seeing basically everyone downstairs


"only Ed..your sister and some of her friends. Besides, Luke and the guys are still here"

I just nodded. We got dressed and began to walk out.

"where are we going?"

"Panera" ...what's Panera I thought to myself not wanting to sound stupid.


Luke's P.O.V.

"so you just walked out?" Ashton asked.

"yep. I told you I don't want a girlfriend"

"you sung to her...saved her from some creep...held her hand...almost kissed her..i'm confused"

"I just want her to like me..so I can-"

"so you can what?" Mikey asked.

"nothing..." He knows what I'm trying to do. I admit she's really hot and different from other

girls but...I don't know.

Her and Demi left an hour ago. Does she hate me? Did she know I was gonna kiss her?

Did she wanna kiss me? I wonder if she's a good kisser..I bet she is..i'll find out. I just

need time. Does she even like me?

"Luke!" Calum yelled pulling me out of my thoughts.


"I said do you mind if we stay another night?"



Alex's P.O.V.

I woke up in..whoevers house. I was at some party. All my friends were still

here so I felt safe. And so was Anna...well I think. I got up and started walking around.

"looking for something?" I turned around and saw Joey.

"you scared the shit outta me" I laughed.

"well sorry" he said opening the fridge.

"do you do this at every party? Just go through peoples fridges and eat their food?"

"haha they're my cousins...they shouldn't mind." he said taking a bite into an apple.

He was so cute I wish I was the apple. Wait what? No I like James.

"wanna go do some-"

"Alex?" James said cutting him off.

"I thought you left" he smiled "oh..hey Joey"

"heeey James" He said turning back to the fridge.

"its 3:00. Wanna go to the mall or som-"

"We were actually gonna go head out" Joey fake smiled.

"oh. Maybe some other time then" James said walking out.

"what the hell was that?" I said kinda upset.

"I saved you. He does it to every girl he meets. Brittney, Jessica, Ashley, Vanessa, and

I don't want him to do it to you"

"why do you care?" guys have played me before so it would be nothing new.

"...cause...cause I care about you" he said looking me in my eyes.


Anna's P.O.V.

we got back and everyone was gone.

My moms probably pissed cause I never told her I was staying.

"hey!" I heard Luke's voice boom through the house.

"we're having a sleepover!" I screamed.

"you're such an idiot" Demi laughed

"oh fuck you too" He smiled. His perfect smile...

*later that night*

"we are playing truth or dare dammit!" Calum yelled.

We all sat in a circle.

"Anna truth or dare?" Ashton asked.


"I dare you to go in the closet..blind folded and let a guy of my choice do whatever

he wants with you....or are you too scared?"

"no" I said standing up. Demi put a blind fold over my eyes and led me to the closet.

I stood there and waited...I heard them whispering and the door opened then closed.

He pulled my hair behind my ear and cleared his throat. I could tell we were close cause

I could feel his breath on my face. Then he kissed me...I tasted metal...he had a lip ring.

It feels like it's been minutes and I couldn't breath but...I didn't really care. I liked this.

Both of his hands cupped my face and he continued.

"Ok are you done yet!?" Ashton yelled..so it wasn't him. Whoever was in the closet

with me kicked the door.

"I don't care you're taking too long" he opened the door and pulled the person away

from me. Then pulled me out and took the blind fold off.

"um..haha ok. Who was that?"

"Demi" They all said. I looked at her but then realized whoever was in the closet

was way taller than me and she's the same height as me.


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