Luke isn't like everyone else..
He's that kid with tattoos and piercings
He's mean and cruel...
But Anna can change him
(Sucky blurb I know, I know)


5. Chapter 5

Anna's P.O.V.

"come on! Everyone will be there!" Demi begged

"I don't do parties"

"well you do now!" She shouted.

It's Friday and her and Luke are having some party.

"and our parents are gone for like 3 weeks for some business trip so until then...call

this home haha"

"w-what do you mean"

"until they come back you my friend are staying here."


"you're staying! Now you can wear some of my clothes" She said smiling.

She dragged me up to her room and opened her closet. She had like a thousand outfits!

And they were perfect.

"I have something that fits you perfectly!"

She pulled out a dark red strapless dress, with a black bow around it.

"woah" I've never worn a dress before. Seriously.

"just go put it on"

I stepped into the bathroom across the hall and put it on.

...It didn't look too bad.. it looked kind of cute.

"Did you die, cause you're taking forever!" Demi yelled from her room.

I walked out and her eyes grew wide.

"you look perfect" she said while grabbing my arm and pulling me to sit down.

She did my makeup and then left me alone so she could get ready.

She was wearing a blue dress that looked just like the one she had given me.

When she was ready people started arriving. Mostly everyone from school...that I've seen so far.

Even 8th graders.

"hey, I think your sister is here" Demi laughed. When I turned around I saw Alex awkwardly

standing with a group of girls, just looking around. Hopefully she doesn't embarrass me.

"here have a drink"  I guy with red hair said handing me a red cup. Ed.

"oh sorry, I don't drink"

"c'mon. Just one drink" He begged. I gave in and took a sip of whatever this was.

The taste was unfamiliar and gross.

"everyone listen!" I heard someone say. im pretty sure it was Luke. I made my way through

the crowd and when I got in the front I saw Luke, Michael, Ashton, and Calum standing with

guitars and microphones. Except for Ashton, he was sitting behind a drum set.

"Um...We're 5 Seconds Of Summer and uh..we'll be singing a song we wrote called Try Hard." Luke

 said and everyone cheered.

"Luke dedicates this song to a really pretty blonde girl!" Calum quickly adds before they start

and Luke glares at him. I wonder who she is.

"she's droppin outta school cause she don't need the grades. The colors in her hair

don't seem to fade. I get dressed up when I go out, but she gets dressed down" Luke sings.

He's a great singer! But during the song he keeps looking at me.

"she's so out of reach. And i'm finding it hard cause she makes me feel, makes me feel. like a try, like I try, like I'm trying too hard"

At one part of the song Calum started pulling girls on stage. I had already downed 3 cups of

whatever Ed was giving me so everything was blury.

"but now who knew? She's in the crowd of my show. Nothing to lose, she's standing right in

the front row. The perfect view" He sang kneeling down in front of me. I'm in the front row.

Aren't I? I'm so dizzy I don't even remember..

"She came along on her own, and there's something that you should know!"

He began singing the chorus and stepped away. I heard a bunch of awes behind me

but I didn't care. I felt myself falling but someone caught me. I looked up and saw Demi.


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