Luke isn't like everyone else..
He's that kid with tattoos and piercings
He's mean and cruel...
But Anna can change him
(Sucky blurb I know, I know)


4. Chapter 4

(so I wanted to try something different)


Anna Morel- Annasophia Robb (age 16)

Luke Hemmings- Luke Hemmings  (age 17)

Demi Hemmings- Ariana Grande (age 17)

Alex Morel- Payton List (age 13)

Mom/Kristin Morel- Maggie Grace (age 30)

James Sutherland- Logan Lerman (age 14)

Dylan Johnson- Daniel Sharman (age 17)

Katy Burns- Dakota Fanning (age 17)

Allison Henderson- Emma Roberts (age 17)

Olivia Murray- Vanessa Hudgens (age 17)

Niall Horan- Niall Horan (age 17)

Ed Sheeran- Ed Sheeran (age 17)

Brad Simpson- Brad Simpson (age 16)

Connor Ball- Connor Ball (age 17)

Haley Paladino- Selena Gomez (age 16)

Brittney Dakota- Bailee Madison (age 14)

Jessica Burns (katy's sister)- Elle Fanning (age 15)

Ashley Roberts- Zendaya Colman (age 13)

Vanessa Tyler- Noah Cyrus (age 14)

Brandon Jacobs- Jacob Bertrand (age 12)

Joey Franklin- Hayes Grier (age 13)

Tyler Smith- Kayden Stephenson (age 15)


ok so that's it so far...


Alex's P.O.V

So all day the girls I met at lunch were following me around.

Brittney kept telling me "We are soooo gonna have the best friendship ever!"

It was so damn annoying, I wanted to take her headband and claw her eyes out!

I liked her...she was nice, but the girl can't shut up for 15 seconds!

"so do you like Australia?" Vanessa asked.

"uh..sure" well I've only been here for 2 days.

"good, good. Wanna hang out with us after school or something? So we could show you around."

"oh uh..sure, that'd be great"

"can I come!?" I heard a male voice coming from behind us. I turned to see one of

the guys James introduced me to. I believe his name was Joey.

"why? so you can annoy us?" Jessica laughed.

"No, so I can hang with new girl." He said and winked at me. Haha ok.

"You better lay off. She's James's girl." Vanessa said looking at herself in a small mirror.

"he didn't say it, so I don't care" He said putting his arm around me. I didn't bother to move it.

He was cute.

"why don't we...skip this class" he whispered in my ear.

"and do what?"

"I don't know...show you around" I liked skipping school...but it's my first day. And

there's only one more hour of school.

"it's ok...maybe next time" He let go of me and walked to his locker.


Anna's P.O.V

It was my last class and I lost Demi. Great.

I was walking around the halls like a lost puppy. I couldn't find my

classroom, I lost my schedule, and the bell already rung so im late.

"what are you doing" I heard a male voice come from...somewhere.

I looked around and didn't see anyone.

"are you deaf, or do you just not understand English?"

I turned the corner and saw Luke.

"um..hi. Sorry I didn't see you there"

"well hello. Anna is it?"


"well Anna, you must be a naughty girl...skipping school on your first day."

"I'm not skipping. I-I got lost" I stuttered

"sure you did. Well lucky for you we have the same classes. Follow me" He said holding

his hand out. I slowly put my hand in his and we began walking.


Luke's P.O.V

I didn't feel like going to Social Studies!

"Luke c'mon if you skip and Ms.Taylor finds you, mum's gonna be pissed!" Demi said clearly


"why do you care?"

"well I like sleep. If you get in trouble mom will yell at you for hours..i get no sleep"

"but when mom yells its funny"

"But when dad yells it's not"

" Your dad. And he cant do anything. I'm not his kid."

"but last time-"

"fuck last time. Tell your dad if he puts his hands on me one more time, we'll have a serious

problem" I said cutting her off.

She looked away like she was hurt.

"im sorry for snapping, okay? I love you"

"I love you too" She said happier than a few seconds ago.

"just...don't get caught okay?" she whispered

"awe you care about your big brotherrr" I said in a baby voice. She rolled her eyes

and walked away while I wondered the halls. I was in a random hallway and I heard footsteps.

I hid behind a wall and saw new girl..i mean Anna. She was pretty, sure. But im not the

relationship kinda guy.

"what are you doing?" I asked even though she couldn't see me.

She just looked around.

"are you deaf, or do you just not understand English?"

she turned the corner and saw me. So she got lost. I could have fun with this.

I took her hand and said I was gonna take her to class. Not.

We've been walking and talking for 15 minutes.

"um...are you gonna take me to class or-"

"i'll write you a note to give to the teacher. Don't worry I've done this before" I said smiling at her.

"oh um ok"

"you know...you have an adorable accent"

"thank you..you do too" she said with a shy smile

"oh so I'm adorable?"

"oh. no. um.." Just then the bell rung.


Anna's P.O.V

since we had Social Studies homework and I wasn't there

Demi came over and helped me. It was hard cause there was music coming

from the other room...Alex's room. She had new friends over.

"wanna just go to my house? Luke will be there" she laughed

"I don't like him" I laughed "but sure, lets go. How far is it?"

"down the street. You can come visit Luke anytime"

"oh shut up" we both laughed.

*demi/luke's house*

When we walked in Luke was being yelled at in the living room by a very large man.

"what makes you think you can just skip class, huh?!" He yelled

"c'mon" Demi whispered

"Why'd you do it?! So you could walk around with some new whore!?"

I couldn't seem to move.I just stood there listening.

"No! I told you we went to the nurse cause we ran into each other in the hall, now

fuck off!" Luke yelled. The man shoved him and I stepped back a little.

Just then Luke's eyes met mine.

"Edward get the hell off of me!" Luke shouted pushing him really hard. He walked towards me

and Demi.

"Lets go upstairs, she doesn't have to see this."

"who's this?" The man asked, looking at me.

"This is Anna. She's here to do homework with me and Luke, bye" Demi said and pulled me and

Luke up the stairs.

"hah when my mom hears about this-" he shouted down the stairs,but Demi cut him off

"Luke, it'll just make him even more upset come on"

We walked in Demi's room and sat down in an awkward silence. Did this happen all

the time? Is Luke okay?

"don't worry about him. He's just a jacka-"

"Luke.." Demi said.

"Edward has issues" He said to me. I just nodded.


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