You and I.

When 18 year old Alana gets an offer to move to London to be a choreographer for a famous British band she can't help but say yes. She then moves to London but goes not know that she's about to fall in love with a famous boy band member known as Zayn malik. How will the job make her life better but yet a living hell? Find out in this story! ;)


7. the dancer

Zayns p.o.v

When I first walked in I saw this girl. This beautiful girl. She had blonde straight hair, that was obviously straighten so she must have had wavy hair, and bright blue eyes. She was built but in a good way she looks like she worked out but she was very curvy. She was astonishing. Then I walked up to her and said hi, I'm Zayn and she said her name was Alana. Even her voice was beautiful. Then Simon said that we where going over to the basketball court that was just a simple gym like from your school. When hazza asked why he said well its time to see your new choreographer dance. That's when her mouth dropped open.

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