You and I.

When 18 year old Alana gets an offer to move to London to be a choreographer for a famous British band she can't help but say yes. She then moves to London but goes not know that she's about to fall in love with a famous boy band member known as Zayn malik. How will the job make her life better but yet a living hell? Find out in this story! ;)


36. the beach

Alana's pov

I woke up in Zayns arms completely naked and heard whispers. Good thing there was a blanket on top of us. "Aw they are so cutestagran" Harry whined. "Shut up hazza you will wake them up you idiot" whispered Liam. "Niall you ok man" asked Liam. "He likes her" said Louis. I feel a bit bad but I honestly have no feelings other than a brother sister relationship. "Well let's get them up we have the week off and to start the celebration I wanna goto the beach" with that I lifted my head up. "I LOVE THE BEACH GET OUT SO I CAN GET READY YOU SACK OF SHITS" I yelled. "Ok ok but how long have you been up" asked Niall. "Since you got in here you fools now get out" I screamed. They left and then I got stares from a confused Zayn. "That was the weirdest thing ever" he laughed. "Have you been up since they got in here" he nodded. "Let's get ready" I smiled "I'm getting in the shower if you wanna join ;)" he nodded. After we showered he opened his closet door and I opened mine. Hmmm what bathing suit to wear. I picked my blue and black poka dot bikini with some blue boy shorts and a blue tank top over. Then I picked out some blue flip flops and put on some of my waterproof makeup which is just mascara and eyeliner considering no one has made water proof of anything else! Zayn came in, he had on some blue and black swimming trunks and some black flip flops and a blue Gucci swim bag. He had his hair in a down style with a black beachy looking fedora on. His shirt was a black and blue strips hollister tank top. We kinda matches but that hat thing was cute on him. "My hair is a mess" I said taking it down from the towel. I grabbed my brush,pick,moose,and curl locker and fixed my naturally curly hair. The boys have never seen it like this with them it's always straightend and my friends always told me to take advantage of the curls because they would die to have them.... To bad it was savannah who said that cause um you know. Since the boys making me feel better yesterday I feel a lot better. "I love your hair" Zayn whispered in my ear. " you mind if I steel your fedora idea because that looks really cute and i want us to match" I said fast. He showed me off telling me to go ahead. I grabbed my black beachy looking fedora and put it on but didn't think it looked right. "This doesn't look right so I guess we can't match today" I said pointing to the hat then grabbed my blue SnapBack that said "live your life to the fullest" Savannah used to say it before our baseball games to get us pumped. It was like her catch phrase. But enough of sadness. I grabbed my pills and took them. Then I put my towel and beach mat and put them in my blue dance bag. Then walked downstairs to Zayn and the boys on the couch waiting along with Cierra and some girl I didn't know and then who I forget about Alex. "I LOVE YOUR HAIR" the boys,Cierra,and unknown girl screamed. Unknown girl then came up to me and didn't look like a regular girl the boys would just randomly take to the beach. She was pretty and not skinny not chubby but more thick or what I call perfect. She had brown shoulder length hair with bangs across her forhead and honey brown eyes. She didn't look like a hoe at all and was very beautiful. She wore a pink bikini or some kinda bathing suit(i saw the straps) and a pink sundress. "Hey I'm Megan I've heard a lot about you from Louis your so gorgeous it's so great to meet you" she smiled giving me a hug. I hugged back and laughed "you must be the girl Louis always talks about and thanks your gorgeous to and it's great to meet you too I'm Alana". "So shall we go" Cierra said. She was wearing a purple bikini with some blue jean shorts and a purple t shirt that hung loose in the neck so it showed a bit of her bikini. She had her black long hair up in a cute pony tail and only mascara on that made her hazel eyes shine. She was also very beautiful.

When we got to the beach it wasn't busy at all considering its a private beach. Before the car was even to a full stop I grabbed my bag and opened the back of the car and grabbed my blue surf board. Then Liam jumped out of the car and grabbed his and yelled "let's go". We ran and found a spot and put our stuff down. I've been really insecure about my body for awhile which is weird considering I'm a dancer but whatever. So I kept my tank top and shorts on,layed out my beach mat and just sat on it. "What's wrong love aren't you gonna come surf with me" Liam asked fluttering his eyes. I decided to just telling myself fuck what others think. I threw of my hat, threw up my hair in a I must say very cute pony tail, threw off my tanktop and shorts, tightened my bikini straps and bikini shorts,and everyone was staring at me. "What why are you staring" I asked. " look at your body it's like literally amazing" Cierra laughed. "And hot" Harry winked and Zayn threw a volleyball at him and stood up and rapped his arms around me. "You look gorgeous" Zayn whispered in my ear. I kissed him,grabbed my board and ran off into the water with Liam.

Zayns pov

We and others all watched Liam and Alana surf. He was good but she was great. Her and Liam started running back up to us. She looked like a model. "Hey Alana do you wanna go to the water and then a walk with me" I asked. She nodded and we got up and left.

Alana's pov

We ran off to the water hand in hand then before stepping in he picked me up. "ZAYN MALIK IF YOU DARE THROW ME IN THAT COLD ASS WATER I WILL HURT YOU" I threatend. "I'm not scared of you love" he laughed. I kissed him and then he put me down and I kicked him into the water. We're he didn't have it styled it all came down in his face and he looked so adorable and innocent. Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me in landing straight on top of him. I just sat there for a second then kissed him. We got up and played in the water splashing eachother for Alittle then he spoke up. "Let's go for a walk shall we" he smiled. I nodded and we started walking hand in hand down the beach till we reached a part of the beach were no one was and sat down and cuddled up. "What do you wanna do with your life" he asked breaking the silence. "Don't get me wrong I love dancing.... And I love softball and baseball..... But my favorite hobby was always singing..... But I was never and will never be good enough.... How bout you" I answered and asked. "I wanna do what I do now singing with the boys...but if we ever for some reason stop then I want to goto school and rather be an English teacher or an artist. And your one of the best singers I've ever heard. You have a unique voice and your very talented. And your real... Most people would make up someone as perfect as you and everyone says nobody's perfect but you are perfect" he told me and I kissed him it was so sweet and made all the broken pieces of my heart see back together. "Do you have your drawling notebook in your bag back with the boys" he nodded "go get it pleaseeeeee" I begged and he got up and ran off to get it. I stood up and just looked at the water. Then I heard click noises and turned around and saw some camera flashes up on the hill. I fully turned around and tried to get a better look but then Zayn started running back and I smiled at him and when he ran up to me he greeted me with a kiss and again I saw flashes but ignored them. "Draw me" I asked. "Okay but you need to just sit sill for a moment" I nodded then sat down and he sat next to me and started drawling.

We had started heading back home and Zayn still wouldn't show me the drawling. He told me he would show me tomorrow because he still had to use some of his drawling tools at home to make it as perfect as me... Cheesy but cute. When we got home we showered then went to bed.... Tomorrow it's my choice were we go and I really wanna goto some ball diamonds. Guess we will figure that out tomorrow but for now in going to lay right here in Zayns arms and goto sleep.

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