You and I.

When 18 year old Alana gets an offer to move to London to be a choreographer for a famous British band she can't help but say yes. She then moves to London but goes not know that she's about to fall in love with a famous boy band member known as Zayn malik. How will the job make her life better but yet a living hell? Find out in this story! ;)


42. Moving In!

Alana's pov

Last night got a lot better. After I ran up to my room Zayn came up and explained. He had been planning us a date all day! He said the date will be sometime next week because he's still planning. So we just spent the rest of the night cuddling and for about an hour went out separate ways to eat dinner then we showered and went to bed.

I woke up to a text from Simon.

S: Hey Alana. Since you took the job back I have thought and realized your condo has 10 bed rooms. So I'm having the boys move in so you guys can get together more often. Thank you and tell the boys there things will be shipped over by 10:00 am.

I looked at the clock and it was already 11:00. "Alana why is there a moving truck out here" Alex asked. I woke all the boys up and explained what was going on and they all seemed pretty happy! We moved in the boys dressers,beds,clothes, ect. Zayn got the room that connected to mine through the bathroom. That is next door.Liam's room was across from mine. Alex's has been next to mine. Jeremy's is diagonal from mine. Liam's is next to Jeremy's then on the other side of Liam is Nialls and on the other side of Jeremy's is jakes. On the other side of Alex's is Luke's. On the other side of Zayns is Harry's and on the other side of Harry's is Louis's. Confusing right! Once we were the boys were tired so they all collapsed on the couch as I ran into the living room in my jean short shorts, a pink tank top and some pink flip flops with my hair straighten and my make up on. "You look pretty"the boys smiled. I blushed and winked. I plopped down on the couch laying across Niall, Luke, and Louis. Zayn just looked over and frowned. I grabbed on to Niall hugged him and Louis yelled "She's mine" then Luke yelled "NO SHES MINE" then Niall said the same thing. Finally Zayn picked me up bridal style and yelled "HAHAHAHA NO! SHES MINE" the he kissed me and the boys all threw there arms up in the air. "Let's go shopping" the boys all agreed and got dressed well here we go.

Well guys sorry tht was so short but I'm busy so I'll update more later! Rate like comment fav share fan blah blah lol so um where I am tomorrow's Zayns birthday and obviously I'm a Zayn girl so I'm sad that he's getting older! Same with the rest of the boys but it's just really sad with him because you know what I mean :)

~ Zayns Girl

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