You and I.

When 18 year old Alana gets an offer to move to London to be a choreographer for a famous British band she can't help but say yes. She then moves to London but goes not know that she's about to fall in love with a famous boy band member known as Zayn malik. How will the job make her life better but yet a living hell? Find out in this story! ;)


14. gone but never forgotten

Alana's pov

We walked down the street till we reached Alittle gym. I guess he wanted to work out.

Then i said "I didn't bring any money to get a membership or anything." "I gotcha" he said then got me in as his guest. We walked up the stairs until we reached a sign that said private then a man standing by the door let us in and said "hello mr. Malik and his lady friend" he smirked as we walked in. There was all kinds of work out equipment and we started at the treadmills then the bikes then the stairs. "Then he said what to next?" I said "I don't know you choose". We walked over to a door went in and found two tanning booths. He closed and locked the door then showed me how to use it. Then he took off his shirt and pants only wearing his boxers. He said "you gonna strip or what?" He paused "don't be scared I'm not gonna do anything."

Then I said "ok I didn't say you where?" Then took my sweatshirt off and my pants only in a bra and underwear and then turned around and saw Zayn taking off his underwear off. I froze. "Don't be scared" he whispered sending shivers down my spine. "I'm not I said shaking" then I turned around and he walked into the tanning booth and said "go ahead and closed it. Then I took my clothes off and went in for 20 minutes. Then at the same time we both walked out looking at eachothers body. He was toned and already tan and damn so fine. He just looked at me.

Zayns pov

We both where undressed she was scanning my body as I was scanning hers. I saw a tattoo printed on her v-line that said Savannah doane,gone but never forgotten. Then another on the other side of her v-line that said Lawson Lynch, gone but never forgotten. In cursive. I touched both and said "who where they?" She shed a tear "can we wait till we get back to the house for me too tell you?" She asked I nodded.

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