You and I.

When 18 year old Alana gets an offer to move to London to be a choreographer for a famous British band she can't help but say yes. She then moves to London but goes not know that she's about to fall in love with a famous boy band member known as Zayn malik. How will the job make her life better but yet a living hell? Find out in this story! ;)


22. getting ready for go carting

Alana's pov

I was really nervous about going go carting with the boys and Perrie tonight. I still didn't know if I still forgive Zayn and was scared that Perrie won't approve and Zayn will hate me. We where going at 5:00 so I started getting ready around 3:30. I first put my phone on my docking station and pressed shuffle. Then I grabbed my towel and wash cloth and knocked on my closet/bathroom door to make sure Zayn wasn't in there. I sighed in relief that he wasn't in there and kept my closet and bathroom door open and made sure Zayns was closed. Then when I got in the shower skyscraper by Demi lovato started to play. I sang along and started to cry realizing that it was the only song I listened to when Savannah and Lawson died. I screamed it yet made sure I sounded good. The next song that played was when I was your man by Bruno Mars. I jammed this song reminded me of about 2 months after the girls died when I caught my boyfriend of 2 years making out with the girl I hated the most. How he tried to get me back was by begging me then a week later I found him crying he apologized and asked me back out but I said no. About a month later he asked my permission to date savannah of course I said yes they started dating and 2 month later savannah died. He was really sad I felt so bad. When I was shutting everyone out Nathan and my brother Alex where the ones who helped. Nathan became my best friend and we still talk now I even played on his baseball team. Sound weird a girl playing baseball right? Well I was the only girl on the team. A year before savannah and Lawson died we where all on the same softball team, me and savannah wanted to prove boys wrong so Nathan got us on the baseball team and we where better than the boys. Savannah was a catcher and I was a pitcher. How I miss those days! At this point I was done with the shower and grabbed my towel and headed off to my room. My phone went off, it was twitter. All the sudden 2000 new followers and a tag from Louis saying * @louistomlinson: @alanadancecrazy hmm someone has more talent then the boys in the rooms next door! Your amazing girl go pro!* with a video attached of me singing in the shower! * @alanadancecrazy: @louistomlinson maybe you boys should stop being pervs and get out of my room but thanks though^~^* I was kinda mad but also happy! I continued getting ready. I put on a pair of red skinny jeans and a black sweater with black high top converse. Then I did my makeup using silver eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara doing the cat eyes lightly not over doing it. Soon the boys entered behind me with their mouth dropped open. "Keep your mouth close your drooling boys" I laughed. I took my phone off the docking station, grabbed my purse and walked out of my room with the boys. "So are you boys ready to go?" They all nodded and we walked down stairs but I kept getting the feeling that they where staring at my ass.

Zayns pov

I got ready around 2:00 and met Perrie for coffee. I explained and told everything I knew about Alana. "She sound amazing Zayn can't wait to meet her." I felt relieved that she wasn't pissed off at me. We stayed till about 4:45 and went out separate ways so I could go home and grab some things. As soon as I walked in I hid around the corner as I heard the boys talking to Alana. "So you and Zayn huh" they all asked as she started blushing. "I don't know I really don't think he's that into me" I was kinda confused on why she would say that. "Well we support it 100%, we love Perrie but her and Zayn aren't meant to be" Harry laughed. "Zayn should be here soon so we can get going." I closed and opened the door and walked around the door and just couldn't get over how absolutely perfect Alana looked.

Nialls pov

I couldn't get over how beautiful Alana was. Her smile, he dimples, hair,laugh, personality, absolutely everything about her but of course she had to like Zayn. I wish I could make her mine.

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