You and I.

When 18 year old Alana gets an offer to move to London to be a choreographer for a famous British band she can't help but say yes. She then moves to London but goes not know that she's about to fall in love with a famous boy band member known as Zayn malik. How will the job make her life better but yet a living hell? Find out in this story! ;)


17. flashbacks and memories

Alana's pov

Eventually the kissed turned into Alittle more and he had me against the wall but I pulled away. He looked confuse but I told him I was tired and he understood.

Zayns pov

The kiss was great until she pulled away. She told me she wanted to goto bed so I walked her up and followed her into her room. "You can sleep in here if you'd like" she insisted. "Why don't you come to my room" i asked. She agreed and when she got to my room we cuddled and watched a film. "We best goto sleep" he whispered in my ear sending shivers down my back. I agreed and we snuggled and he fell asleep but memories just came flooding back.


*savannah and Lawson's funeral*

"Lawson and Savannah where my best friends. We where together through thick and thin. A lot of people are asking what happend. So I'm going to tell you. Savannah and Lawson we screaming, Lawson was texting and a truck ran into us. Everyone gasped " it was horrible but they are looking over us all and yeah.." I cried and cried.

-----flashback over------

I soon drifted off too a sleep but was woken up by Zayn. "Are you okay you where screaming and crying" he asked scared. "Just a dream" I insisted. "Okay let's goto bed" he snuggled up to me kissed my forehead and said goodnight beautiful.

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