You and I.

When 18 year old Alana gets an offer to move to London to be a choreographer for a famous British band she can't help but say yes. She then moves to London but goes not know that she's about to fall in love with a famous boy band member known as Zayn malik. How will the job make her life better but yet a living hell? Find out in this story! ;)


9. contest and some good news!

Hey guys! Haven't updated in awhile. Well that's because there's not many reads no likes no favorites but I'm happy to say someone did comment and say they liked it. So hers what I'm doing now. If I get 2 favorites 2 likes and another review by Saturday I will continue with the book. Another thing is that I am having a contest. If I get those likes and keep writing then i will also be doing a contest. Like favorite and comment hair color name and some things about you and which boy you wanna be with and I will put you in this fan-fiction. Ready set go!

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