You and I.

When 18 year old Alana gets an offer to move to London to be a choreographer for a famous British band she can't help but say yes. She then moves to London but goes not know that she's about to fall in love with a famous boy band member known as Zayn malik. How will the job make her life better but yet a living hell? Find out in this story! ;)


31. a little to crazy in the pool?

Alana's pov

I woke up around 7:00 with a massive head ache so I decided to go get some aspirin. When I got down there I saw Liam,Zayn,Harry,Niall, and a girl I have never seen before. The girl got up walked over to me gave me a hug and said "hi I'm Cierra Harry's girlfriend you must be Alana I've heard so much about you". I just smiled and nodded till a pair of arms rapped around me and whispered in my ear "morning babe". I turned around to see Nathan and gave him a kiss and told him morning. "So are you two like a couple" Louis asked. "Yup" Nathan answered and I smiled. Zayns mouth dropped open. "I'll be back" Zayn said running outside. "I'll get him" Liam said. "No I got this" I said running after him.

Zayns pov

I blew my chance with Alana. I ran out to the balcony and I couldn't help but let tears fall. Then someone walked out and to my surprise it was the girl who I wanted to be with more than anything in the world.

Alana's pov

Zayn was crying because I was dating Nathan. He's the one that blew his chances. "I'm not talking about it" he said. "Then don't" I said hugging him and wiping away the tears. I felt Alittle bad but it really isn't my fault. Then Perrie came out of the door and coughed. "Umm I can take it from here" she smiled kissing Zayn but he moved so the kiss landed on his cheek. I went back inside to find an amused Nathan laughing at Louis's sassy carrot stories. God he's crazy. I jumped up on Nathan's back and yelled really loud "Louis you sassy ass stop flirting with my boyfriend". Everyone started laughing until Louis jumped on Harry's back and shit went down! We where being carried to the pool where I pulled off my t-shirt being in my bra and underwear and the boys just took off their shirts. We got in the pool with me on Nathan's shoulders and Louis on Harry's and started to have a chicken fight. Zayn and Perrie soon came in hand in hand and I was glad he was happy so I gave him a smile and he have me a weak smile back. Niall then yelled "FIGHT!!!" "Your going down you little fucktard" I screamed and everyone broke into laughter. Me and Louis started pushing eachother and pulling eachothers hair. "Let's just stop and put this behind us and stop" Louis said making everyone sigh in disappointment as I sat there acting like I was thinking then pushed him off Harry's shoulders and he fell backwards into the water. Everyone laughed and cheered for me but I was scared of Louis so I jumped of Nate's shoulders and ran out of the pool only too be picked up by Louis and thrown back in. I was sort of laughing until my bra strap got caught on the filter on the bottom of the pool. I kept losing breathe till I blacked out.

Zayns pov

"What is she doing" Niall asked. Only then did we notice her stop moving and how she was caught on the filter. I ran and jumped into the pool taking of her bra so she would be uncought from the filter and brought her close so no one saw her boobs and ran out of the pool holding her crying. "Hand me a towel" I screamed. Niall threw me one and I rapped it around her, laid her on a pool chair and gave her CPR. She woke up and I hugged her in relief.

Alana's pov

I could see and here Zayn saving me. He took of my bra which scared me a bit but I knew he had to. He gave me CPR and I woke up and he hugged me and it ha to be the best hug I've ever experienced. "Thank you" I whispered in his ear making him smile as tears poured out of his eyes. I couldn't help but notice Nathan's jealousy and Louis crying feeling bad. I rapped the towel around me and ran to grab my tshirt from earlier off the pool chair and threw it on and ran to hug Louis. "I'm so sorry" he said through sobs. "It's okay it was an acident" I smiled making him smile back. Nathan hugged me and looked towards Zayn. "Hey thanks for saving my girl your girl there has a hero for a boyfriend" Nate smiled. "Um she's not my girlfriend we are just friends" Zayn answered and Perrie nodded. I really had the feeling to just run up and kiss Zayn but then I remembered being with Nathan. I really would rather be friends with Nathan to be honest. Because I think I'm in love with Zayn Malik. Yes I'm in love with Zayn Malik.

Hey guys! I think I might update tonight again. But keep rating my chapters,commenting, favoriting , liking, fanning me, and spreading the word of my story. So I didn't add much of the new character Cierra or my cousin Megan yet but I will I promise although I did put Alittle bit of Cierra in there. Well remember ratings 1-10 and vote rather you want Nalana or Zalana! Well guys ima go read for Alittle tell me what you want the next chapter should be like and keep commenting those nice comments they really make my day:) welp bye for now you crazy mofos;)

~Zayns Girl

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