The Adoption

This story is something that just popped in my head... :) hope u like and comment!!! (:^)(---)= <- this is my penguin


6. Time To Go Home

i was the first one up like usually even in the hospital. Joshua and Victoria are still sleeping Joshua wont wake up for another hour.. so i woke up Victoria... "Victoria i remember who did this to me..." i said i still had problems breathing so i wasn't very loud so only she could hear me but just to be safe i asked her if we can go to the cafe and she agreed. "ok Kitty what did you want to say? and i have something to tell you too." "Victoria.... i know who beat me up but you HAVE to... promise me say anything or he will hurt.... me again and... maybe worse..." i have to take a break to breathe. "ok i promise?!?!" "ok well it was Joshua..." i had to take a long pause when i said that because i could see that she was speechless. "are you ok?" "no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" so she left when i wasn't watching. she just left me like i was nothing... so i got dressed and quickly left before Joshua woke up. By the time i got home Victoria got rid of everything that Joshua gave her and anything that reminded her of him.... "Victoria are you o...." she cut me off before i could finish she came and hugged me "im so sorry i didn't know i thought he changed..." right then Joshua walked in the door and asked "why is all my stuff in the hallway? is everything ok with you? Babe?" "no babe im not fine!!!""why?!?!?!" "never mind." " i have to ask you something? will you re-marry me?" " ah ah ah ah.... YES!!!" she said that like she forgot about me so i cleared my throat to get her attention. but all she did was show me her ring... 


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