The Adoption

This story is something that just popped in my head... :) hope u like and comment!!! (:^)(---)= <- this is my penguin


4. the next day

Usely on Sundays the juvenile kids and the 3-6 year old join together to have a play date. im in the 3-6 year old catagorie. so Joshua chose me. i quickly scanned him with my eyes before he walked over to me he was wearing a black hoodie on and a pair of grey skinny jeans and a black pair of chucks on. i saw him scan me quickly too i only had a dress on which was a short grey dress with a bunch of riffles at the end and a pink bow in my hair and a pair of grey and pink uggs on to. "Wow you look pretty!!!" Joshua seemed nice today and Victoria wasn't around so we went to the last room which was very dim and closed the door." Are you going to hurt me today?" i said kinda worried about what he was going to say."You bet!!! You think im going to stop because of Victoria well im not!!!" i didn't know what to do so i i just stood there tearing up and then BAM!!! he hit me dead smack in the jaw!!! i screamed so he hit me again but in the gut i fell to the ground crying and he bent over me and said "you little bitch did you really think i wasn't going to hit you?" i couldn't reply so he kicked me in the stomach twice and bent over again and said "answer me when i ask you a question got it!!!!" i could barely breathe so i said in a whisper voice "yes Joshua." so he sat down and put my head on his lap and petted me and said "now are you going to tell ANYONE about what happened? EVEN VICTORIA?!?!?!" "No sir." i couldn't breathe still i felt like my insides were giving up on breathing. "Good girl." he smirked and tried to kiss me on the head but with the left over straight i had i punched him in the balls!!! " You fucking Bitch!!! I'm going to fuck you up!!!"he yelled. none of the people could hear use because they all left. so i manged to get up and run to the door but he grabbed my leg so tight that it pulled me down he punched me in the same spot on my jaw and broke it and he punched me in the thigh right were my bone is and scene I'm really skinny it felt like he slammed a hammer agents it. i screamed again and couldn't stop crying then he full on punched my ankle 5 time and sprained it!! then he finally laid me down on the floor pined down and whispered into my ear "see what you did to your self you tried to be a big girl and know look at you." so he left i couldn't move a muscle. i was so sore then he came back but with Victoria he acted like he was looking for me the whole time and they all be leaved him!!!  "Oh my god! what happened?" she saw me laying there with me laying on my back with so much pain rushing threw my body! i could barely breathe but i managed to say "i don't know?" i wasn't gonna tell her and risking this happening again and maybe worse!!!

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