The Adoption

This story is something that just popped in my head... :) hope u like and comment!!! (:^)(---)= <- this is my penguin


7. the interview

As i walked down the hall on my kruches i saw that Joshua and Victoria were running in the halls... they're never up this early so i went back to my room and cried... i felt like Victoria forgot about me... so basically when Joshua gets 18 shes gonna leave me here. i couldn't think wrong right know im gonna be late for my adoption interview. so i got dressed i put on a pair of jeggings and a black tank top and a purple blouse on too... i did my make up even though im young i still put on make up i put on back eye liner and shiny lip gloss and black, purple and white eye shadow on too. i put on my one ugg because my other foot has a cast on it because of Joshua. i tried to cover some of my bruises but you could tell i had some. i was surprised everyone was up and already down stairs surrounding this tall white male with curly brown hair. as i struggled down the stairs the man saw me and gasped... i looked up and it was.... HARRY STYLES!!! "are you Kitty?" he said in a calm voice
"yes i am!" i said proudly "do you need help love?""yes please." "well guess what i will be adopting you!!!! isn't that exsiting!!!!""yayyy!!!!" i thought he was going to grab my arm and help me down but no he picked me up!!!! and carried me to the office."i see you've met your new dad Kitty?""yeah and he's awesome!!!" i was so existed and i thought i was going insane..."so kitty are you ready for your interview and Mr.Styles are you ready to start the interview?" the head person said her name was mother Jane. "not yet can we wait for my brothers to show up?""who are your brothers?" i asked i wondered for a couple minutes.. the boys Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn.""O ok!!!" i said excitedly. so about 5 minutes later they showed up i could barely breathe not just because of my lungs because i was going to be in 1 directions family!!!!!!!

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