The Adoption

This story is something that just popped in my head... :) hope u like and comment!!! (:^)(---)= <- this is my penguin


5. The Hospital

1 hour later i was till laying in pain but only having worse pain shooting threw my body because they moved me from the orphanage to the hospital and the bumpiest road ever. i woke up a little because they gave me propofol. which is the gas they give you to knock you out. but i saw Victoria sitting at the end of the bed reading and her face was all wet because she was crying a lot and i also saw Joshua looking worried about me but he was totally faking it and he was playing on his phone to. I looked up at the clock and it was 12:30 i guess they were staying the night i didn't really want Joshua here because he is the one that did this to me. i finally said something "Victoria what happened?" but not very loud is till couldn't breathe that much. She quickly looked up at me and so did Joshua. "The doctors had to look what was wrong with you so they had to operate on you..." she said kinda in a whisper voice. Joshua just stared at me with a don't tell look on his face. "so whats wrong with me?" i quickly asked. "well you have a broken ankle, a broken rib, and a broken jaw." Victoria says bad thing kinda nice so they don't sound so bad. "oh and don't forget the sprained thigh and the bruised lung and all the bruises!" Joshua said in a heartbeat! "oh.." i fell back to sleep for the rest of the night. so Victoria slept with me and Joshua fell asleep on the other bed.

... sorry this chapter was really short i was kinda stuck so hope u like it so far.... please like this story and comment thanks love ya, Julia

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