The Adoption

This story is something that just popped in my head... :) hope u like and comment!!! (:^)(---)= <- this is my penguin


3. March 23 2014

Today is March 23 2014 it was Saturday." We clawed, we chained our hearts in vain we jumped never asking why. We kissed, I fell under your spell. A love no one could deny. Don't you ever say I just walked away I will always want you. I can't live a lie, running for my life. I will always want you. I came in like a wrecking ball." my alarm clock went  off. it was a standard alarm clock. so i walked into the 13-17 year old hallway  and into a narrow path that leads to a tall and narrow door with the number 13 carved into it. she chose room 13 because that's the day we met and now i have her old room. so i walked into her room waking her up but out came behind her was Joshua she shot up from the bed and tried to calm me down but i escaped her grip and ran to my room. " Wait Kitty wait!!!" i heard her screaming trying to grab me. i was heart broken. Joshua was also an orphan but he was in the juvenile delinquent part of the orphanage. Shortly Victoria ran to my room  followed by Joshua even though Joshua beat me up he still knew how much i loved and cared about Victoria. They finally arrived at my room... still no one else was up so it didn't take long for them to get here but they couldn't find me i was hiding under my  bed which was covered by my comforter so they couldn't see me. " Please Kitty come out im sorry i would never want to hurt you... you should know that." you could tell that she was crying because her voice was really shaky and you could hear her sobbing too. "Why? why again? i thought you agreed to never again... he hurt me and he still does!" i was crying to my throat was killing me because i was holding back the tears but then my voice got really shaky too and my face was as red as a tomato."Look kitty im sorry for hurting you.. its just that Victoria and i love each other and that's it." said Joshua all calm but he was trying to calm me down and tried to hug me but i wouldn't let him not after what he did to me!!! So i climbed out from under the bed and sat on the bed next to Victoria and hugged her so tight that she started to sound like she was wheezing so i loosened my grip but still hugging her... "Do you want to get breakfast and calm down?" Joshua tried to break the silence Victoria and i started to laugh in unison." yes please." i said all insist. so i got dressed and so did Victoria  Joshua just went in his pj's...

This is my outfit!!! 

and this is Victoria's outfit!!! But really after we finished eating breakfast we didn't do much we had to go to an interview for adoption that didn't go to well Joshua ruined it for me scene i still had bruises they didn't think i was ready to leave and he messed with my profile so that i wouldn't leave its like he want me to stay...  but after that we all hung out in my room scene his was being checked for drugs and weapons but of course he had his pocket knife and that's the only weapon he has and Victoria has to let the head person of the orphanage use her internet and scene she has the biggest room and has 2 closets one of them is for the head so my room was the last place we hung there and watched a movie... the only thing is that it was a horror so we waited for night time so we played monopoly for 3 hours and i won then we watched the movie and all they did was sit on the floor and kiss i was still upset about that but as long as Victoria is happy im happy. i guess...

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