That cant be all!


1. no that's not it!

Chapter 1

I couldn't believe it! NO!!!!! NO!!! I cried and cried! "Calm down honey, I know it hurts but he was bound to die someday anyway. " my fathers words just killed me more inside. "He's dead! He's really gone!" I cried even harder. Sixteen living without my only sibling! Why was he the only one that died that night?! Why couldn't he bring a friend with him! Take me...


"Haha turn the music up bro! Your sis wants to dance!" John (Erik's best friend) said. " ya bro! Anything for my lil sis!" He replied. I stood there laughing. I know john likes me. " we almost there?!" Screamed John over the loud music. "Y" Erik didn't get to finish as he took his last breath! All I remember is lights. Headlights, of a semi truck.

*end of flashback*

I started screaming as the memory came back. "Not again!" My mother screamed as she was growing more annoyed by my screaming and crying as it has been a week since Erik died. She hated the reminder of loosing her only son. I remember how he held me. How he used to joke with all of my past boyfriends and befriend them and act really funny but I hated it then but now I miss it. I miss him! Of course I ran away from the grasp of my dad. "BECCA! Come back!" Screamed my dad. "NO NEVER!" I climbed out of my window and get to the end of the roof. " goodbye world, mom, dad, everyone for giving me a life. But now it's my time. Thank you for your work. I kissed my fingers and stuck them in the air as blowing a kiss. And jumped...

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