Falling For Him (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Aaliyah is a shy girl from Yorkshire with a natural ability to sing. She finally builds the courage to audition for reality television show The X Factor. Whilst in the Show she meets five talented boys soon to be One Direction. Her and band member Harry Styles grow close but what happens when it is Aaliyah up against One Direction in the final two, will love get in the way or will she reach her dream and win?? Read to find out.


9. Truth or Dare

After rehearsals I got back to my hotel and it was around six. I had a shower and got dressed. I put my hair up in a high bun with some makeup. Shit! I don't know where Harry is staying! I get out my phone and text him.

'Hey just realised I don't know where your staying??'- Aaliyah Xx

He soon texted back.

' I'm staying at the oaks hotel room 16. See you soon!!!'- Hazza Xx

Omg!! Harry is staying in the same hotel as me! Plus he is only down the hall score!!

I walked to his room and knocked, straight away the door swung open to reveal a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. "Hey umm who are you??" He asked me a bit confused as to why I was standing here. " umm my names Aaliyah Harry invited me over," I said.

"Ohh right sorry come in and by the way I'm Niall," he said.

We walked in and saw a bunch of people sitting in a circle. "Aaliyah!!!" Harry yelled and jumped up to hug me.

"Oh and this a is Louis, that's Liam, that's Zayn and this is Niall oh and this is Hayley Nialls girlfriend,"he said introducing me to everyone. "We were just about to play truth or dare if you wanna join?" The boy named Louis said.

" yeah sure,"I sat down and we played for a while until it landed on me. " Aaliyah I dare you to kiss Louis for 5 seconds!" Niall said. " um okay, " was all u managed to say. Louis came over and sat next to me. We both leaned in and our lips connected. It was so nice but nothing like mine and Harry's kiss.

In the corner if my eye I could see Harry. I felt so bad I wish I could have been dared to kiss Harry! The rest of the night was really awkward and so I decided to go. I said goodbye to everyone and Hayley and I decided to go shopping tomorrow. When u came to say goodbye to Harry he wouldn't even look at me and just mumbled a "bye".

Wow that was harsh. I got home and got changed and jumped in bed. All night I couldn't stop thinking about what Harry was angry at me and then it hit me. Was Harry jealous if me and Louis kissing? Did Harry like me? I eventually drifted of to a deep sleep.

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