Falling For Him (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Aaliyah is a shy girl from Yorkshire with a natural ability to sing. She finally builds the courage to audition for reality television show The X Factor. Whilst in the Show she meets five talented boys soon to be One Direction. Her and band member Harry Styles grow close but what happens when it is Aaliyah up against One Direction in the final two, will love get in the way or will she reach her dream and win?? Read to find out.


7. The Date

I woke up and it was already 11. Shit!! He was going to be here soon and I wasn't even ready!

I ran to the shower and when I was done I picked out my outfit. I had chosen a white dress that when to my knees and puffed out towards the bottom. I matched it with a pair of white heels with some makeup. I grabbed my purse and headed into the lounge room. Harry would be here soon.

Minutes later there was a knock on the door and I went to answer it. Harry was standing at the door wearing a white shirt with black jeans.

"You look amazing," he said. I looked down.

Harry's P.O.V

I knocked on the door and seconds later the door swung open and Aaliyah was standing there.

"You look amazing,"I said.

We walked to my car and got in we were going to the movies to see the Conjuring but Aaliyah thought we were seeing the Internship I was going to surprise her.

We pulled up at the shops and walked to the theatre then suddenly we were surrounded by fans asking for autographs and pictures. Once we were done we went to the line and ordered our tickets.

When we got into the movies Aaliyah was so scared so she snuggled into my chest. There were a few paparazzi around and so I look forward to seeing me and Aaliyah in the papers tomorrow.

When the movie was finished I drove Aaliyah have I walked her to her door.

"I had an amazing time tonight," she said and looked down. I could see her blushing.

"Me to,"I replied.

We both leaned into each other and before I knew it our lips touched it wasn't a passion kiss just a soft kiss but for some reason it felt magical. We finally pulled away and she walked inside waving at me.

"I'll see you tomorrow on set, bye love," I said before walking to my car and driving home. That night I fell asleep thinking about Aaliyah.

Thinking about us.

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