Falling For Him (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Aaliyah is a shy girl from Yorkshire with a natural ability to sing. She finally builds the courage to audition for reality television show The X Factor. Whilst in the Show she meets five talented boys soon to be One Direction. Her and band member Harry Styles grow close but what happens when it is Aaliyah up against One Direction in the final two, will love get in the way or will she reach her dream and win?? Read to find out.


8. LATE!!

I woke up still thinking about Harry, about the way his lips felt on mine. I looked at my clock. 9:30. Crap! I'm late for my first day of rehearsals for the lives shows. I quickly had a shower and got dressed into a pair of black skinny jeans, a blue tank top and my blue vans with my hair in a messy bun and minimal makeup on. Right now I didn't care about what I looked liked I just wanted to be on time.

Surprisingly I was only half an hour late. Dani wasn't mad nut just told me to be in time next time. We then choreographed my performance for the live shows and had a couple of run throughs. I was doing Fireworks By Katy Perry. I was going to have big fire stuff come out at the end like fireworks and to be honest I was excited.

After we were done Dani gave me a lunch break and I decided to just lay down and eat later. I was in the middle if sleeping when I was interrupted by the sound of my dressing room door creeping open. "Who is it??" I asked.

"It's only me Harry," he continued "so I was wondering if you wanted to come over to mine tonight, I was just gonna invite the boys and if they wanted to bring someone they could like just for a little hangout??"

"Yeah sure I'd love to so what time should I come over?" I asked trying to sound as calm as possible.

"Umm maybe around 7ish??"

"Sure we'll see you then," I said giving him a hug and going back to rehearsals.

(A/N- sorry this chapter is so short it's 1:30at night and I'm really tired but I will update tomorrow so comment what you think and u am having a competition for Niall, Liam's and Zayns girlfriends but I will explain more after my next chapter so bye

Teagan Xx)

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