Falling For Him (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Aaliyah is a shy girl from Yorkshire with a natural ability to sing. She finally builds the courage to audition for reality television show The X Factor. Whilst in the Show she meets five talented boys soon to be One Direction. Her and band member Harry Styles grow close but what happens when it is Aaliyah up against One Direction in the final two, will love get in the way or will she reach her dream and win?? Read to find out.


1. Getting Ready


I woke up to the dreadful sound of my alarm and that's when it hit me, today was the day of my X Factor audition. I had picked out an outfit last night. I grabbed my towel and clothes and headed to the bathroom. As soon as the warm water hit my body I felt alive. I may as well practise my audition song.

I start singing.

We could of had it all

Rolling in the deep

You had my heart

Inside your hand

But you played it to the beat

I get out of the shower and get dressed. I had picked out a pair of white skinny jeans with a black and white stripped t-shirt and a black cardigan. I put on my famous black stilettos. I put on a small amount of foundation and eyeliner with a touch of mascara and some lip gloss to top it of and I'm ready.

" Mum I'm ready to go! " I call out to my mum. She comes out and we head to the car.

Skip car ride.

We pull up in front of a large building surrounded by people.

" This is it sweetie," Mum says.

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