Falling For Him (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Aaliyah is a shy girl from Yorkshire with a natural ability to sing. She finally builds the courage to audition for reality television show The X Factor. Whilst in the Show she meets five talented boys soon to be One Direction. Her and band member Harry Styles grow close but what happens when it is Aaliyah up against One Direction in the final two, will love get in the way or will she reach her dream and win?? Read to find out.


3. Audition

I was in the line to get registered when i saw him. He had emerald green eyes that made me feel weak to my knees and not to mention his dark brown curls. Ugh he was gorgeous. I quickly Looked away but I think he caught me staring because the minute I looked back he had a smirk on his face which showed off his dimples.

"Aaliyah Simons," I was brought out of my thoughts by the person handing out our numbers "That's me," I replied. I got given number 3876 and was told that I was on in about an hour and to go backstage when the person before me was performing.

Mum and I went to get some breakfast before heading backstage. That's when I saw him again getting ready to go on stage. He noticed me and started walking towards me.

"Hi I'm Harry," he said holding out his hand for me to shake. "Aaliyah," I replied shaking his hand . " Well I have to go now but good luck," he said before heading onto the stage.

I couldn't stop thinking about him. He just fascinated me. Well I can tell you one thing he is such a good singer. I recognised the song it was Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder. In the middle of the song he turned and smiled at me, I started to feel my cheeks go red but who cares cause no one can see me.

Harry made it through to the next round and so did a lot of others and now it was time for my audition. My throat started to go dry as I was so nervous. I headed out onto the stage to where the X was and told then my name and age. " Well show us what you've got," the end judge Simon Cowell said.

The music started and so did I.

There's a fire starting in my heart,

reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark.

Finally I can see you crystal clear,

go ahead and sell me out and I'll lay your ship bare.

The scars if your love remind me of us,

They keep me thinking that we almost had it'll all.

The scars of your love,

They leave me breathless I can't help feeling

We could of had it all

Rolling in the deep

You had my heart inside your head

But you played it to the beat

With that I stopped. There was a moment of silence before everyone started to clap and all four judges stood up. After all the applause the judges gave me feedback , mostly good.

"Well it's time to vote," the presented said.




It came to Simon " you have potential and can make it far so it's a yes from me,"

With that I walked of the stage to be greeted by my mum.

"Oh my god Aaliyah you were amazing out there I am so proud!!" She practically yelled.

I was so shocked I didn't know what to say. That's when Harry came over.

"Wow you were amazing out there good job," he said with a wink and then left me speechless.

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