Time Lords and Wizards...

(Cover by Aldrin Rogue)
"Hello Doctor, I'm the wizard who's saved your life four times so far. Nice to meet you"
The Doctor is a the last of a race called the Time Lords, from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterboros. He's over 1000 years old and likes to travel through space and time saving the universe. And he doesn't believe in magic. That is until a wizard saves his life from a manticore, a magical creature that seems scientifically impossible.

The Nameless character is my property and so is the form of magic used in this story, which I have taken from a novel I am writing (not on Movellas). The Doctor Who references and Characters, etc belong to the BBC. This story is not made for profit, merely for fun. If any copyright infringement has been caused by me in this Movella, please notify me BBC and I shall edit the infringement out. If anyone wishes to use any of the characters that are my property, then please ask me beforehand. Thanks


4. We get attacked (what did you expect, we were warned...)

Of course, on the one day that I mentioned not having my random dreams/visions, guess what happened. That's right - I got a vision in my sleep.

I was in an outpost, but it was abandoned. The place was mostly underground, with metal walls and bulkheads that were virtually impenetrable without magic. It was a bunker of some sort, dug into the side of a nearby mountain. There was something there, something I would need to find. There was also danger. An alarm went off. Some things are there only to capture and kill...

I awoke with a start, instinctively scanning everything in the room for any signs of danger. That was when I noticed that the alarm had not stopped with the dream. Something was going on. The Doctor jumped down from his bunk as I rolled out of mine, coming up in a fighting stance right next to him. My cloak floated to my hand, and I put it on. I had slipped on my shoes whilst I was rolling out of the bed. 

"We've got trouble. D'you reckon it's the people who attacked with the machines, or the person who sent the manticore?" the Doctor asked.

A metallic crash seemed to answer that question. We ran out of the door of our room, and found a robot twice my size blocking the passageway ahead of us. The Doctor tried his sonic, but a dark grey barrier appeared, as if to stop whatever the sonic was sending.

"It's not working," the Doctor muttered.

"Give it to me," I said, "how does it work?"

"Just point and think, it's got a telepathic interface."

The robot turned around, facing us. It looked at us for a second, and then started to move towards us. Thankfully, it was big enough that the walls and the ceiling restricted its movement. It was going to take a while to get to us. I started going through all the spells I knew.

"Anweald," I muttered, and the spell-symbol glowed on my hand for just a second.

"What was that?" the Doctor asked.

"Strengthening spell," I answered.

I extended the power of the spell, feeling it go into the sonic in my right hand, increasing its power. The sonic started to glow blue - the colour of my aura. I pointed it at the machine moving towards us, and thought one word - disassemble. This time, the grey barrier didn't appear. The robot stopped, as if confused. It started to shiver, then its components started to shake more and more violently until, suddenly, it collapsed in on itself. After about two seconds, what was once a massive, hulking mass of metallic death had shaken itself into a pile of scrap.

"Damn," I said, "this thing is seriously powerful."

I gave the sonic back to  the Doctor, and almost immediately, the blue glow started to fade.

"What did you tell it to do?" the Doctor asked, incredulous.

"Disassemble," I answered, examining the remains of the now useless machine, "this isn't from here, I've fought these things before. Doctor, I think that someone has broken through the palisade barrier."

"That means Clara's in danger," the Doctor said, as we started running to the rooms where we saw Clara and Aigaion get taken to.

"Chances are, if she stays put, Aigaion will be able to incinerate the robots without a problem," I said, almost shouted. There were sounds of battle outside, getting louder as we got closer to the exit of the building.

"Clara never stays put, she's probably looking for us," the Doctor shouted back. It was getting impossible to talk normally now, the noise of battle was too loud. We ran out of our building, and saw something that really surprised me. Aigaion was locked in battle with another creature. It looked like a combination between a machine and a dinosaur. It was easily big enough to crush a person under one claw, and it was trying to kill my dragon, who had grown to become as big, if not bigger than this new creature. It had obviously been used to break through the palisade, and then set loose inside the outpost. Around the two colossal beings, there was a mix of wizards, robots and strange red humanoid creatures that were firing stingers at the defending wizards.

"Ok, what are the red things, and what is that dinosaur fighting my dragon?" I asked.

"The red things are Zygons, you'd better watch out, because they can disguise themselves as anyone around them," the Doctor explained, as I fought off a swordsman who had attacked us, "That big one fighting your dragon is a skarasen. It's basically the Zygons' pet, it keeps them fed and protects them from attack. Nothing short of a nuke can penetrate its skin."

"Dragonfire can do a bit more damage than a nuke," I answer.

I finished off the swordsman by striking a pressure point on the side of the neck that caused him to lose conciousness, and started walking through the battlefield.

"You go and get Clara, I'll cover you," I shout to the Doctor, and I make a staff appear in my hand. It is about a metre and a half long, with magical symbols carved along its entire length. I use it to bat away a magical bolt of energy that was about to hit us, and start running alongside the Doctor. The staff was a magical weapon that I had managed to win from the same man who I had told the Doctor about before going to sleep. It was an object of immensely destructive power, but it could also be used to undo destruction. Like my other two highly powerful weapons, I only ever used it when I really needed it, and this seemed to be one of those times. I focused for a second, and a symbol on the staff started glowing. I then started firing magical projectiles from it that had an effect similar to firing a warhammer out of a cannon from it. Everything I hit got blasted back, and I was drawing attention to myself, while the Doctor managed to get inside Clara's building unnoticed. I focused on another power in the staff, activating another symbol. This one allowed the staff to fire shockwaves at will. I aimed at a machine that was about to crush a friendly wizard, and blasted it into the opposite side of the palisade, where it shattered.

"Well, that's new," I muttered to myself. I hadn't yet discovered all the things the staff could do.

I kept fighting, trying to help the people that had helped us not so long ago. Most of the attackers were relying on brute force to get through, using whatever momentum their attack still had. On and on they came, not pausing for a second. Aigaion kept battling the Skarasen, dealing earth-shattering punches to it, and taking headbutts and avoiding biting attempts from his enemy. I was holding off machines and an attacking wizard, taking potshots at random enemies whenever I could. There were still three defenders on the palisade, sniping off random targets with crossbow bolts, arrows, and magical attacks. I spotted the leader of the outpost, encased in a glowing green armour that was three times the size of a man, imitating his movements perfectly. He had an elemental witch fighting alongside him, throwing fireballs and creating blasts of hurricane force wind. 

We were managing to hold them off, but the enemy had greater numbers, and our biggest advantage was being kept busy by a dinosaur. I needed to help Aigaion kill the Skarasen, so I struck the ground with my staff, unleashing a massive shockwave that blasted away everything and everyone around me. I ran to where the Skarasen and Aigaion were fighting, and started firing magical bolts at the Skarasen. I kept firing, and after about five seconds, I got its attention.

"Aigaion, you need to burn him, try to get some distance between you," I shouted.

Aigaion backed away from the Skarasen, and I kept attacking it, keeping it focused on me. It tried to eat me, and I used a shockwave to force it back. I tried to fly above it , but it lashed at me with its claw, forcing me to go back instead of up. Aigaion then roared, and as the Skarasen turned around to face him, it was met by a blast of impossibly hot flame. The beast screamed for a second, before it was reduced to mere ashes.

As soon as the Skarasen was defeated, the battle became easy. Aigaion incinerated all of the machines, and the wizards and Zygons either retreated, or were already dead, unconscious, or captured. The front of the palisade protecting the outpost was mostly demolished, and any enchantments that had been anchored there would have dissipated almost immediately. The entire place was a chaotic mess of burning machines, scattered rubble, injured warriors, and, surprisingly, very few corpses. Very few of us had been left uninjured. Of the people who had been firing from the palisade, one had been injured, and another had been knocked out. The leader and the elemental witch that had been with him had both managed to stay unharmed. Of the rest, one had died, two had been injured and the other two were already in the medical building. I went up to Aigaion, and asked about Clara.

"She ran out of the room when the explosions and the alarm started," he said, "one of the attacking wizards hit her with a sleeper bolt, and dragged her away. When I tried to go after her, that dinosaur thing tackled me, and then kept me back while they took her away."

I saw the Doctor running towards us, looking both worried and angry.

"Yeah, we know," I said, trying to sound reassuring, "we'll get her back, don't worry."

"The thing is, you won't be able to trust what you see, once a Zygon captures another living being, they can take their form," the Doctor explained, "they'll need to refresh the image every few hours, but until then it is almost impossible to tell them apart from the victim they're impersonating."

"But there are ways, right?" I asked.

"They might act a little strangely, and sometimes they get the disguise a little bit off, but even with a specialised Zygon detector it's difficult to determine who is victim and who is Zygon."

"I'll be glad to help you find these attackers," said the outpost's leader, his Scottish accent making him sound even angrier than he was, "they have attacked us without provocation and now they have killed a friend. If there is any way to bring them to justice, I will help you bring them to justice."

"I never asked your name," said the Doctor

"It's Fergus," he said, "I am the captain in charge of this outpost, and also the keeper of three legendary weapons."

"Is that what they were after?" I asked, "what are these weapons?"

"Caladbolg, the hill-cutter, Excalibur, an elemental blade, and the Gáe Bulg, the spear used by Cuchulainn himself. They managed to take the Gáe Bulg, but not the other weapons."

"Then we have a serious problem," I said.

I didn't show it, but I was worried. The Gáe Bulg was a weapon that has never been survived by anyone it struck. It was said to open up into many large barbs when it entered a target's body, and has only ever been used as a last resort. The thing was brutal, and probably should have been destroyed instead of being kept here.

"Before we go, I will need your help in rebuilding the defences that were destroyed. Just in case they come back, I want them to think that we weren't as hurt as they thought. You can use the training hall too if you want to practice anything before we leave."

"Fine, we'll help you, but we'll have to be quick, I don't want to take any chances."

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