Time Lords and Wizards...

(Cover by Aldrin Rogue)
"Hello Doctor, I'm the wizard who's saved your life four times so far. Nice to meet you"
The Doctor is a the last of a race called the Time Lords, from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterboros. He's over 1000 years old and likes to travel through space and time saving the universe. And he doesn't believe in magic. That is until a wizard saves his life from a manticore, a magical creature that seems scientifically impossible.

The Nameless character is my property and so is the form of magic used in this story, which I have taken from a novel I am writing (not on Movellas). The Doctor Who references and Characters, etc belong to the BBC. This story is not made for profit, merely for fun. If any copyright infringement has been caused by me in this Movella, please notify me BBC and I shall edit the infringement out. If anyone wishes to use any of the characters that are my property, then please ask me beforehand. Thanks


6. The Old Outpost

I shifted my sight so that I saw as a dragon does, which involves several levels of reality that could be seen all at once, or a few at a time. Aigaion taught me to control it after I shifted my sight the first time by accident, and trust me, it's terrifying the first couple of times, especially when, as humans we normally only see the visible spectrum of light, while dragons can choose to see a lot more, and in much greater detail (and no, I don't have a scientific explanation for it). I activated the firgen fleoge spell, and blasted off as I jumped up into the air. This takeoff technique was actually thought up by Perseus, and allowed people to reach altitude far more quickly that normal, although, a lot of the students who got it wrong ended up breaking something, usually their leg. 

I searched from about 10,000 feet above the ground for the bunker. It took me about twenty minutes to find it, and when I did, I saw that there were enchantments on the walls. I also saw that something was moving about within the outer barrier, which had a magical forcefield that had been put up pretty hastily, as if to set up a barrier as quickly as possible as opposed to as powerfully as possible. I wasn't gonna be able to just drop inside the outer wall, as the forcefield extended in a dome shape until it met the mountainside. From what I had seen in my vision, the bunker was mostly built into the mountain. It made sense, no matter how tough a monster is, a mountain will still stop it, or, if it can dig, it will be slowed down enough to get it off the mountain. 

I dived down, and slowed my fall as I neared the domed barrier. I shifted my sight back to normal, and I saw that there was a witch on the other side of the barrier, about 18 years old, and looked like an athlete. Her hair was light brown, and she was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. She was also holding a crossbow that was aimed directly at me. 

"Whoa, hold on there," I called as I landed just outside the gate, "I'm not here to hurt you."

I removed my hood, and held my hands up to show I wasn't holding any weapons.

"You're a wizard, so not having any weapons in your hand doesn't mean you can't hurt me," she said.

"Well at least this way you can see what my hands are doing," I said, "and I know that wouldn't really help. It just seemed like a good idea seeing as you're pointing a loaded crossbow at me."

I eyed the crossbow, thinking of ways to stop it killing me if she decided to fire it at me. The girl took a closer look at my face, and gasped.

"Are you who I think you are?" she asked.

"Depends on who you think I am doesn't it," I said, "And you're still pointing a loaded crossbow at me by the way. I'd appreciate it if you put it down, or at least stopped pointing it at me."

"Oh, sorry," she said, lowering the crossbow, but not putting it down, "are you the Nameless?"

"Have we met before?" I asked, seeing as not many people knew me by sight, merely by a reputation I didn't think I deserved.

"I was at the Academy last summer, when you arrived," she said, sounding relieved, "I've been hiding out in this old abandoned outpost for the past month, and I think the enchantments I set up are failing."

"Sorry, can I come in?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah, sure," she answered, waving her hand over the barrier in front of me. I watched as a gap appeared in the barrier, and I walked through it. The barrier closed behind me as soon as I was in. I could tell this girl was seriously scared of something, I could practically smell her fear. I looked at her more closely, and realised that I did know her. She looked different, but we had become friends during my time at the academy.

"Soph, is that you?" I asked, starting to smile.

"Shut up," she hissed, then grinned, and hugged me so tightly I thought she might break my ribs, "of course it's me, who else would it be?"

"You look different," I said, "plus, you wouldn't have threatened me with a crossbow back at the Academy."

"I wasn't being hunted down by a shapeshifter back at the Academy."

"Who is it that's attacking you?"

"That's the thing, I don't know. They keep changing their form every time they attack, and I haven't been able to see their real face. Whoever it was, they haven't attacked in an entire week. They've either exhausted themselves or given up. Did you manage to see anything from up there?"

"No, there was no one there. Why didn't you go to the other outpost?"

"I couldn't. The shapeshifter blocked me when I tried. I tried to run, and I found this place. For some reason, I was able to get in, but the shapeshifter slammed into the barrier. I've been stuck here ever since, keeping it out and trying to send out a call for help."

"Are you sure this shapeshifter is after you?"

"What do you mean? Of course it's me they're after!!"

"It's just that your magic is now tied into the magic of this outpost. You're practically holding the place up by yourself! No wonder you look so exhausted."

"Well, I was trying to hide in here, but as soon as I got inside, I felt the enchantments in this place tie into my power. Suddenly I was the only source of power sustaining the defences. I've barely had any power left after each attack. During the last one, I was sure that the shapeshifter would get in."

"Maybe the shapeshifter wants something in here, but they knew what would happen once they entered, so you were lured in here to act as the only defence, so that the only thing that the shapeshifter had to do was keep pressuring you until you exhausted yourself or burnt yourself out. When I find this shapeshifter, I won't be going easy on them."

"You'd better be careful, this person is good. I have no idea how many different things they can shapeshift into."

"Have you explored this place?"

"A bit, it's like a labyrinth in there though, so I've mostly been searching using my mind, so I can draw a map for when I actually walk in there. I've got a lot of it written down, and I think there's a chamber deep inside the mountain that's holding something powerful, but I can't look inside it. The enchantments around that part of the outpost aren't tied to me."

"Do you have enough to go inside and check it out?"

"I was about to do it, when a good friend of mine decided to just drop from the sky," Sophie smiled.

"What can I say, I've got great timing."

We walked together into the side of the mountain, through the open bulkhead. As we went in, it felt like the mountain had swallowed us.

"Sfera solem," I muttered.

"Hang on, I'll sort the lights," Sophie said, and clicked her fingers. The entire corridor lit up.

"How did you do that?" I asked, a little amazed.

"My magic is connected to this place, so now I can control most of the things in here. The lights are the easiest to control."

We kept going, keeping together. For some reason, everything was trashed, like someone had been searching for something.

"That's strange," Sophie whispered, "this wasn't like this before. Everything was organised the last time I checked this part of the outpost."

"I think the shapeshifter got in during that last attack. We'd best be on our guard."

"I'm really hoping you're wrong about this."

We got to a fork in the corridors, so we reluctantly decided to split up.

"If you get attacked, use the lights to tell me, ok?" I said.

"Ok, but what if you get attacked?"

"There will be a lot of crashing, explosions and possibly roaring, trust me, you'll know."

We walked into the two tunnels, Sophie went into the left, while I went into the right tunnel. I knew we were effectively giving the shapeshifter the best chance at taking both of us down, but Sophie was pretty much in control of the entire place, so she was probably safe. Safer than me anyway. I still had a few tricks up my sleeve that I hadn't used so far, so I reckoned that I would be at least able to weaken the shapeshifter considerably if I became the first target. I continued on down the corridor, examining the rooms individually, to see if there was anything living in them. After about half an hour, I heard a scream coming from behind me. I ran back the way I came, trying to pinpoint where the scream came from. I rounded a corner...

And crashed straight into Sophie.

"I heard a scream," she said.

"I thought it was you!" I answered.

"I think it came from over there," she said, pointing into a room behind me. There was something different about her. I shifted my sight so I could see magical energy, and saw that her magic wasn't tied into the outpost. It also looked different, Sophie's magical power usually looked like a sphere of golden energy at her heart, but now it looked like it covered her skin, and it was a dark grey. I mentally prepared myself for a fight, just in case this was who I thought it was.

As I walked into the room, the lights started to dim, almost imperceptibly, and completely unnoticeably if you weren't looking for it. They dimmed in a sequence, or rather a code that me and a couple of my friends a the Academy had set up, based on Morse Code.

The shapeshifter knocked me out. The outer barrier went down for a few seconds while I was dazed. Be on your guard - she took my form. 

The room the shapeshifter had led me into was not very big, but it was also completely empty. I heard an almost inaudible crunching behind me, accompanied by a soft breeze.

"Are you going to kill me?" I said, my voice completely calm even as my heart started to beat faster in anticipation. The room didn't give me much room to manoeuvre, so when I turned, I was about to punch the shapeshifter. That is, if the shapeshifter hadn't changed into a ten-foot-tall golem.

"Oh," I muttered. What came after the "oh", I didn't get to say, but I can tell you it wasn't "dearie me," because at that point, the shapeshifter decided to land a solid stone straight kick into my chest which smashed me into the wall behind me.

"Could you at least tell me who you are?" I asked, trying to buy time to think of something.

"I am the one who gets to kill you," she said, her voice sounding as if it came from crushed gravel, which I guess it did.

"Wow," I said, "someone's confident."

"Why shouldn't I be, I'm about to pummel you to death, and there's nothing you can possibly do to stop me. Once I'm done with you, I think I'll kill your girlfriend."

"Ok, one, she's not actually my girlfriend," I said, getting angry, "and two, if you think I'm gonna let you kill me or her, you might as well keel over and die right now, because that's the closest you'll ever get."

I spat flame into the shapeshifter's stone face, causing her to fall back with the force of the explosion. Then I used the spell I had activated earlier, and created a miniature sun, hovering above the palm of my hand. When I say a sun, I don't mean a simple fireball, I mean an actual sun, about the size of an orange, a sphere of pure energy, writhing and producing tiny flares. The thing about shapeshifters, is that it can take a massive amount of effort to maintain a form, and about ten times more if that form is of another person. This shapeshifter had probably used a lot of her power by now, and she was in the shape of a golem, making her even more vulnerable to fire. I was holding a sun in my hand, and as she got up, I could see it made her afraid. I concentrated on the sun in my hand, and held it in front of me as a flare of energy blasted out of it with a noise like a thousand thunderbolts, ripping apart the golem in front of me. I watched the stone crumble and shatter against the wall behind the shapeshifter, which was also being torn apart.

After a few seconds, I stopped the flare, but kept the miniature sun floating over my right shoulder. The shapeshifter had barely managed to protect herself behind an auric barrier, and I couldn't help but think that this fight would have been so much harder if this girl, who seemed to be about 25 years old, had not wasted so much power trying to break through Sophie's defences, and then I sat down in front of her, with my back to the wall of the corridor that I had blasted her into. That was when she looked up at me.

"You didn't kill me," she sounded amazed.

"I'm not the kind of person that enjoys that sort of thing," I answered, almost coldly.

"I'm only acting as a killer because I have no choice," she said glumly, she looked on the verge of tears, "those red things have my twin sister, and now that I've failed to do as they asked, I think they're going to kill her."

I tried to get a good look at her, but it was difficult to make anything out through the massive amount of mud, and burnt stone dust caking her features, not even her hair had managed to escape.

"Those red things, what did they want from here?"

"They said there was an artefact somewhere in this place, something that could power some weapon they had built. I can't tell you any more, because I can't remember much."

At this point, I decided to do something I had only done once before.

"Can I search your mind?" I asked, "I need everything I can find out about what's going on, so I can free everyone who got captured. Including your twin sister."

"Do whatever you need to do," she said, a look of grim determination on her face.

I put one hand on either side of her face, concentrated, and then looked through her eyes, and into her mind. Her name was Lucy, her sister's name was Kate. The Zygons had her sister, and were keeping her hostage. She was stuck in a capsule, kept asleep while the Zygons used her form to hide. The Zygons had a weapon on their ship, it was powered by magic, but they needed an artefact here to use it. If they couldn't use the artefact, they would't be able to defend themselves from magical attack while they activated it. There was a map of the ship in her mind. I memorised it, and moved on, searching for more information. The Zygon ship was about a mile north of where we were, on the water's edge. They had another Skarasen with them. The weapon could only be deactivated from one specific control system, but there was no clue on how to operate it. The ship itself was heavily armed, and had about fifty guards, six of which were witches or wizards, the rest were Zygons. Her sister was in the top level, on the south side. If Lucy didn't get the artefact to the ship in one day's time, Kate would be fed to the remaining Skarasen. Lucy's thoughts kept returning to her sister, and were becoming more and more chaotic. In the end, I left her mind, and the last thing I saw was Kate. She had red hair, was slightly taller than her twin, but had more of a runner's build, as opposed to Lucy's martial artist's build. We fell back, away from each other, almost gasping for breath. We stared at each other for a moment, breathing heavily. The image of Lucy's sister was practically burned into my mind. It was then that I saw that Sophie was standing nearby, staring at me as if expecting an explanation.

"Just so you know," she said, "there are machines inside the building. I've sealed off the other passages. They're guarding the only exit out of this one, trying to wait us out. Now would you mind telling me what the hell is going on?"

"They have her twin sister, and I know where she is. I've got one day before she's fed to the Skarasen. They made her attack you so she could take an artefact that was kept here. They need it so they can power some sort of weapon. I searched her mind. I need you to look after her, her name is Lucy, and she's completely exhausted all her magic. I'll see if I can deal with the machines."

"How do you know I can trust her?" Sophie asked, "she tried to kill us less than half an hour ago!!"

"I searched her mind, and once I'm in, she can't hide anything from me. She won't try to hurt you again, not that she could, even if she wanted to. Like I said, she's completely exhausted," I turned to Lucy, whose muddy face now had clearly defined tear tracks down her face, "Lucy, I need you to stay here, and help Sophie here. I promise I'll do whatever I can to get your sister, understand?"

Lucy nodded, then said, "you have to stop them, whatever it takes. You already know why."

I stood up, a grim look on my face.

"First things first - where are these machines."

"At the end of the tunnel," Sophie answered.

I started walking, and soon found that Lucy and Sophie were walking behind me.

"You're supposed to stay here," I said.

"What, and let you have all the fun? Not likely," Sophie smiled, "if you're planning on getting yourself killed, the least we can do is help you take down a few of them before we get horribly killed."

"Wow, so optimistic," I muttered.

We got near the end of the corridor, and saw about eight machines, identical to the ones from before, standing guard at the part of the corridor that opened up into a much larger hall, between us and the bulkhead that was our only door out. I grabbed the miniature sun, that was still hovering over my right shoulder, and unleashed another solar flare, more powerful than the one I sent against Lucy. The flare blasted into the nearest machine, and energy exploded in all directions. When I stopped blasting the robot, I saw that all of them were facing us, and all of them had put up a collective barrier to protect themselves from the solar flare I attacked them with.

"Ok, that wasn't supposed to happen," I muttered under my breath.

"You don't say," answered Lucy and Sophie together, as the hulking robots started to get closer, about to pummel us into the ground.

"They're better equipped than the ones at the other outpost," I muttered, "and they have a collective shield. If we can take one out then the rest are more vulnerable."

That plan would have worked perfectly, if we'd had the room to implement it. Instead, the robots kept walking towards us. Slowly, carefully, as if expecting some sort of trap to strike at them with each step they took. Their caution gave us some time, so I started going through every spell I knew, frantically searching for a spell powerful enough to break through the barrier.

"I wish I had the sonic right now," I muttered to myself, as we backed away.

Suddenly, we hit a wall, and I realised that the robots had corralled us away from the doorway we had come through, which was about twenty metres to our right. Twenty metres was enough though, because there was no way for all three of us to make it there. Lucy was exhausted, Sophie was still linked to the building, but was too low on power to be able to do much apart from maintaining the outer defences. I wasn't skilled enough to teleport us all away, but I was getting nowhere with finding the right spell. The machines were getting closer, they were almost within striking distance. Suddenly, I felt my power, deep inside me. There was a part of me that was thinking about unleashing everything, completely cutting loose and letting out all that raw power inside me. I fought to keep that power under control, to not let it out. One of the machines was close enough to strike, we were surrounded. Instinct took over, and as we pressed ourselves into the wall behind us, I held my hand above me, and hoped I knew what I was doing.

"RELAMPAGOOO," I roared, literally. We heard thunder above us, and a lightning bolt smashed through the roof of the hall above us and struck my hand. I felt the lightning go into my body, and accumulate in me. I amplified it with my own magic, and fired one, immensely powerful, magic-infused bolt of lightning from my hand as I punched the nearest robot. The lightning bolt destroyed it, and jumped onto the next machine, and the next, and the next, until the lightning bolt had connected my hand and the seven remaining machines, and as the machines were destroyed, the bolt struck the collapsed wall at the other end of the hall, where the closed bulkhead was, and it exploded outwards, along with most of the roof and the two walls next to it.

"Wow, have you ever heard of overkill?" said Sophie, smiling.

"Yeah, I think I may have overdone it a little bit," I answered, "are you both ok?"

"Yeah, a little shocked, but I'm fine," said Lucy, then quickly added, "no pun intended."

"How did you do that? I've never heard of that spell before," Sophie asked.

"I have no idea, but I don't think it was an actual spell. I just used the Spanish word for lightning, and I got lightning," I answered, "I still have quite a bit inside me. Anyway, you two look after each other, and keep the defences working, even though I just blasted off a chunk of this mountain. The wall should hold."

"Hold on," Lucy said, "take this amulet, it's an auric amplifier."

"You keep it," I said, "I'd hate to have to bring your sister here and find that you two are missing because you didn't have that. I'll be fine, I've got a lot of surprises left in store for the Zygons, and the witches and wizards helping them."

I walked out, as the last of the dust settled, and saw the remains of the machines that had been crushed by the bits of mountain I had unknowingly blasted at them. I jumped into the air, and blasted off, knowing exactly where to go.

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