Time Lords and Wizards...

(Cover by Aldrin Rogue)
"Hello Doctor, I'm the wizard who's saved your life four times so far. Nice to meet you"
The Doctor is a the last of a race called the Time Lords, from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterboros. He's over 1000 years old and likes to travel through space and time saving the universe. And he doesn't believe in magic. That is until a wizard saves his life from a manticore, a magical creature that seems scientifically impossible.

The Nameless character is my property and so is the form of magic used in this story, which I have taken from a novel I am writing (not on Movellas). The Doctor Who references and Characters, etc belong to the BBC. This story is not made for profit, merely for fun. If any copyright infringement has been caused by me in this Movella, please notify me BBC and I shall edit the infringement out. If anyone wishes to use any of the characters that are my property, then please ask me beforehand. Thanks


7. The Direct Route

I flew fast, at low altitude, barely 2000 feet above the loch. I was going straight to the ship, where I knew that the Doctor, Aigaion and Fergus were already waiting for me. I saw them as I neared the Zygon ship. They were perched on a slightly sloped ledge on a mountain, and on the other side of it was a long, metal spaceship that was big enough to give modern aircraft carriers a run for their money. It was also covered in turrets, and I could see that some of them were magically upgraded. I landed next to the Doctor and Aigaion.

"There's someone in there that I promised I'd get out as soon as possible, preferably before she's fed to the Skarasen," I said, "I know where she is being held, it's probably the same place they have everyone else."

"That ship isn't a Zygon ship, by the way," warned the Doctor, "there's every chance it's stolen, but they might be working with someone else."

"Got it," I said, whilst bringing up a holographic screen in front of me, giving the Doctor a communicator, and activating one specific thing that was perfect for this job.

"What are you doing?" asked both the Doctor and Fergus.

"You'll see," Aigaion answered, I could hear the smile in his voice.

"What's your strategy for getting this girl out?" asked the Doctor.

I placed my thumb on the clock face of my watch, and it glowed blue. I smiled, as all the components of my armour started to appear, one by one, around the different parts of my body. First the gauntlets, then the rest of the arms, followed by the chest armour, the legs, boots, and finally, the helmet.

"I'm taking the direct route," I said, as the faceplate went down over my face, and the head-up display activated. I was now suited up in my armour (I'd been inspired to build it by an Iron Man poster in my room). It was a metallic grey colour, perfectly adjusted to my body, and covered in magical symbols and enchantments. I blasted off, just hearing the Doctor mutter "show-off" under his breath before I started getting shot at.

I went straight in, handling with much more agility than when I fly without the suit. I dodged most of the incoming death sentences, magical or otherwise, with my armour taking the ship's firepower that did manage to hit me like it was nothing. I found my target, and blasted the wall of the ship with one of the suit's magical cannons, these being the symbols that were placed on each of the gauntlets. The ship's wall crumbled where the shot hit it, and I went through the hole, landing in a shoulder roll, and blasting the two guards on either end of the corridor as I came up on my feet.

The corridor was full of capsules, and in most of these capsules there was a person sleeping. No, not sleeping, they were in suspended animation. The head-up display told me that most of the people in the capsules were the ones taken by the manticore. I heard an alarm from somewhere, but I wasn't worried yet. I kept checking the capsules, until two of them were flagged up on the HUD. One of those two had Kate in it, the other, and I couldn't believe my luck, had Clara in it. I opened the one with Kate in it, and caught her as she fell forwards, stopping her from falling on her face. She groggily opened her eyes, saw the metal mask staring back at her, and then tried to blast me away with a hurricane-force blast of air.

"Kate, stop a minute, will you?" I shouted through the wind, "Lucy sent me to get you!"

At the sound of her sister's name, she stopped, then looked around, taking in her surroundings.

"Where am I?" she asked, her voice almost identical to her sister's, "the last thing I remember was a wizard attacking us, and some sort of red man, then I felt a sharp pain in my side, and now I'm here."

"I'll explain later. Now, are you able to fight?"

"I think so."

"Then keep me covered while I free my friend."

I stepped in front of Clara's capsule, and opened it. She fell on top of me, and I held her up while she regained consciousness, and I put the faceplate up so she would see my face and not go crazy.

"Hey, are you ok?" I asked.

"Yeah, whahappened?" she mumbled sleepily. Then she gasped and shot back into alertness.

"The red people, they attacked the outpost!" she said, almost too quickly for me to get it, "and why did they have a dinosaur?"

"It's a long story. I'll fill you in when we're not inside an evil alien spaceship with a deadly magic-fuelled weapon of mass destruction somewhere inside it. Oh and you might see yourselves trying to kill us."

"Yeah, ok," Kate half shouted, "what about the ten red guys that are at that end of the corridor?"

I fired another blast of magical energy at them, and they all got catapulted back into the wall behind them.

"Ok, so we can't go out the way I got in," I said, more to myself than to the girls, "because I can't protect both of you while we're flying away from the hundred or so turrets that are waiting for us outside. We need to find some other means of getting out."

I searched the map that I had found in Lucy's mind, and found a stable in the bottom part of the ship, with a horse-drawn carriage that contained some sort of power source.

It'll have to do, I thought, and then turned to Clara.

"Clara, you're the only one of us without your own magic, so I'm gonna put my suit on you, to keep you safe. Understand?"

"Yeah, but won't that take time?"

"Nope," I said, touching my fists against the shoulders of my armour, activating two symbols, and then flipped my hands so they were facing Clara, and pushed out at her. My armour immediately came off, and all the components attached themselves to Clara, adjusting their size and internal layers so that they fit her perfectly.

"Wow, this is awesome," she said, looking more shocked than anything else. I smiled.

"Thought you might like it," I said, making my staff appear in my hand, "you two ready? Let's go."

I passed Kate one of my bronze xiphos, and we ran towards the end of the corridor that had the least number of unconscious Zygons. We rounded a corner and came to a lift, with a set of stairs next to it. We took the stairs, or rather, we dived down the gap in the centre of the stairwell. We landed at the bottom, and ran out of the door, where we were surrounded by ten Zygons on each side of the corridor with a wizard in each team. I grabbed Clara's armoured left arm, aimed it at the wall in front of us, and fired two shots that made a tunnel through the rooms for us. We kept running, until we reached a large room, with an open gate at the other end.

"Get in the carriage!" I shouted, "now!"

I turned to face the two wizards, with their twenty Zygon friends following them down the tunnel we had made.

"Sorry lads, but I can only take two," I taunted, firing energy blasts from my staff to collapse the ceiling of the room between us, and block their way. I ran to the carriage, where the girls were already ready to go.

"You ready?" I shouted, jumping on the roof of the carriage, and noticing that the horses felt a little... odd.

"Yeah," said Kate, urging the horses to gallop out of the ship, and onto the solid ground outside.

"They're Transylvanian horses," said Kate, noticing how I was looking at the horses, "they've been specifically trained and bred so that they never tire of galloping, and are never shocked or afraid. People used to pay fortunes for just a pair of these, and we've got four. We're as good as safe."

"Not yet we're not," answered Clara, pointing at the path behind us. I looked back, and saw that the two wizards had rallied all the remaining Zygons and the Skarasen in order to try and catch us.

"Ok, I don't think I can fight all that, we're gonna have to try something else," I said, forming a plan in my head, "have you ever thunder-jumped before?"

"Have we ever WHAT?" snapped Kate.

"You call yourself a witch?" I smiled, as I stood on the roof of the carriage, "ladies, you might want to hold onto something."

I raised my staff, and concentrated. A lightning bolt struck my staff, and I willed it to pull us up. There was a flash, a sound like an explosion, and suddenly, we were above the clouds, about 20000 feet above where we were a second ago. The girls screamed in shock.

"You're completely mad," shouted Clara, now on the seat of the carriage next to Kate.

"I know, brilliant, isn't it," I laughed back. I was now creating a road from the clouds, so that we could keep going. There was no point in vanishing if we were just going to crash against the ground from 20000 feet up. The only one that would survive unscathed would be Clara, because she still had my armour on.

Suddenly, I felt a disturbance in the clouds, by which I mean a giant robot flew out of one and tried to shoot me. I just managed to bat the shot back at it with my staff, blasting it to smithereens. Obviously, that caused more robots to reveal themselves and start shooting at me. I fought them off, blocking attacks with my staff, and countering with energy blasts and lightning bolts. I kept going, until I thought I had got all of them. Except I hadn't, one last robot, faster and more agile than the others, tackled me when I had my back turned. I lost my grip on my staff, and because I wasn't on the carriage any more, it also started to fall.

I fell through the air, with the robot trying to keep me away from the carriage and my staff. It was trying to kill the people I was trying to protect, and that angered me, so I used the strength I had as a Dragonheart, and got out of the machine's grip. I then climbed onto its back, and saw a small gap in its armour, though which I could see the enchanted component that powered this thing. 

"Hey, this looks important," I shouted as I punched through the metal, grabbed the power supply, and ripped it out. I made sure the robot wouldn't come back by breathing fire on it and the power supply until exploded, leaving nothing left. I still had the firgen fleoge spell active, so I stopped my fall and looked for the carriage. I spotted it, and my staff, so I blasted down towards it, desperately hoping to catch it in time, before it reached terminal velocity. I wouldn't be able to stop it if it did. I was getting closer, but not fast enough. I reached out with my right arm, and my staff came to me. I had one chance at this. I concentrated, and thunder-jumped down, onto the carriage, and carried it down with me, making a landing that was just good enough for the horses to keep going without getting hurt. Clara and I weren't so comfortable. She had been trying to slow the carriage's fall, and I had held onto the back of the carriage. We both fell off about five seconds after I got us down. Kate stopped the horses, and jumped down from the carriage and ran up to us. 

"Are you ok?" she asked Clara. Clara, of course, was completely unharmed as she still had my suit on. 

"How about you," Kate asked me, "are you ok, no bones broken or anything?"

"I'm fine, I think," I answered. 

"Don't ever do that again, got that?" she said, although I got the feeling she was trying not to scream at me, she also wanted to slap me. I couldn't blame her, I'd probably have punched me in the face, if I'd been in her position. 

"Yes, ok, I won't thunder-jump us into a bunch of clouds filled with hidden killer robots. Next time, I'll be sure to destroy all robots on arrival with a massive discharge of magic infused lightning." 

"Next time, don't thunder-jump us without a warning."

"I did warn you, anyway, weren't we running away from a bunch of nasties?"

"Good point."

We got back on the carriage, and Kate took us to the place where the Doctor was hiding with Aigaion while I tried to examine the contents of the crate inside the carriage. Whatever this crate contained, it was a strong source of magical power. Part of me didn't want to open it. When we got within sight of the Doctor's hiding place, we saw that Clara was with him.

"Hang on, that's me," Clara said, "how can that be me?"

"That's what Zygons do," I said, "they take the form of the people they capture, including their surface memories so they can act exactly like the person they're impersonating. The Doctor said it's almost impossible to tell apart a Zygon from their victim. He has no way of telling that that's not you. Kate, I need you to go faster, and stop just before you hit them."

"Got it," she said, as the carriage started to move a little faster.

I climbed onto the left wall of the carriage, and got ready. The Zygon Clara, turned and looked me in the eyes, and hers were full of malice as she started to smile.

"Do I really look that scary?" asked the real Clara.

"Yes," I admitted.

Thunder boomed above us, as I dived for the Zygon Clara, and she tried to punch me. I collided with her, and we went flying.

"Doctor, help me," she screamed.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" the Doctor shouted.

"She's a Zygon!" I roared back, "I know because the real Clara is in the carriage, wearing my armour!"

Suddenly, the girl I had trapped in my arms started to change, growing taller and stronger, with her clothes also changing. As I looked into Clara's face, it changed into mine. I had stopped paying attention for one second, and now I was facing an exact replica of myself.

"A Dragonheart?" the Zygon me said, "I've never taken the form of something as strong as this."

The Zygon me headbutted me in the face, then got his knee between us, and managed to throw me off. He jumped up, as I rolled to my feet, creating some distance between us. 

"Jujitsu, I know some jujitsu." he said, "you really are one of the best humans I've ever taken the form of."

"Thanks for the compliment," I said, "now get out of my head."

The Zygon smiled, and I found that I was starting to get frightened by myself. By my Zygon self. By the Zygon pretending to be me, acting like me. You know what I mean. I blocked the memories from the surface, and created a mental barrier, to stop it from accessing my brain. 

"Oh, very good," the Zygon said, clapping slowly, "you've blocked all access to your mind. Wow, I can't even see your surface memories any more. It's ok though, I can remember what I already saw. You thunder-jumped, how could you possibly think that was a good idea?"

"It worked didn't it?," I countered, "we got away from the ship safely, and then got back here before you could hurt the Doctor. I'd say that was a pretty effective plan."

"I suppose, but now you have to deal with me, and I'm now as strong as you, and will be like this as long as I have your form."

"I know it'll only last you about 2 hours before you have to refresh the image, and I'm not planning on letting you take my form again after you're forced to turn back into yourself. Also, you're not that perfect a copy, I don't see you exploding with unbelievable power right now." 

"Maybe I'm controlling it."

"I seriously doubt that, otherwise you would be able to keep my form indefinitely."

"Maybe I can."

"You can't, I know because I can see better than you can, even with my form."

I threw a punch, and it landed solidly on the side of the Zygon me's face. He countered by trying the technique I had used against the thugs the night before. I blocked the strikes easily, then switched to using Aikido, and effectively avoiding or redirecting the Zygon me's attacks. I used a wing chun punching technique as I dodged to his right to land about twenty punches to his side before he could get out of my range. The Zygon me looked angry now, not just evil. He had taken some serious hits, and they had weakened him. He grabbed a rock, and threw it at me. I dodged the first one, but didn't see the second one in time, and it hit me square in the chest. I staggered back for a second, then dived forward under a third rock, rolled forwards, and jumped up with my fists leading the way, and striking the Zygon's jaw. He fell back, but as he did so, he lashed out with his right foot, catching me in the stomach and knocking the breath out of me. I fell to my knee, and forced myself to get back up. The Zygon grabbed me, and smashed me into the mountain wall next to us, causing it to crumble. He then started throwing punches, which I blocked. After a failed right hook, I saw my opening, and took it, landing a palm strike straight into his chest and getting some space. I moved out of the way of a straight kick, and tried a roundhouse kick. The Zygon tried to block it, but my kick went through anyway, forcing the Zygon's arms back into his face. He staggered back, and I followed, firing kicks and punches. The Zygon may have had strength like mine, but it was getting weaker. The Zygon fell, and as he did, he threw one more desperate punch into my gut. The punch connected, and again knocked the wind out of me. I fell to one knee, ready to get up at keep fighting.

"Enough!" Fergus shouted. He had drawn the Caladbolg, and had it ready to fight. I kept my focus on the Zygon.

"Which one of you is the impostor?" he asked.

"He is," we both said, each pointing at the other.

"There is an easy way to figure this out," said the Zygon.

"Yeah, my suit," I said, looking him straight in the eye, "it only responds to me, the real me. I enchanted it so that no one else could have full control over it, even when they're wearing it, it responds to my commands above anyone else's. It is also capable of figuring out the difference between shapeshifters and the real thing. In fact, Clara, you should be seeing who is the real me on the head up display now."

"Yeah, he's the real one," she said, pointing at me.

"Thank you," I said. It was at that point that I realised I had taken my eyes off the Zygon, and as I turned to face him, I lost my balance as he tackled me with all his strength, repeatedly stinging me in an attempt to weaken me, and we went over the edge of the ledge we were on. I tried to free myself and fly away, but only succeeded in slowing my fall and freeing one arm.

"If I am to fail, at least you will die with me," the Zygon said.

"Wrong, I'm not that easy to kill."

I held out my arm, concentrated, and brought it in to my chest. The movement was painful, but as I started to black out, I felt my arm become encased by my armour, followed by the rest of my body.

"No, you can't," screamed the Zygon, "you can't, no, it's not fair! YOU MUST DIE WITH ME!!!"

My armour repelled the Zygon as it came on, and I blacked out, with the last thing I heard being a loud crash as I hit the base of the mountain.

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