Time Lords and Wizards...

(Cover by Aldrin Rogue)
"Hello Doctor, I'm the wizard who's saved your life four times so far. Nice to meet you"
The Doctor is a the last of a race called the Time Lords, from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterboros. He's over 1000 years old and likes to travel through space and time saving the universe. And he doesn't believe in magic. That is until a wizard saves his life from a manticore, a magical creature that seems scientifically impossible.

The Nameless character is my property and so is the form of magic used in this story, which I have taken from a novel I am writing (not on Movellas). The Doctor Who references and Characters, etc belong to the BBC. This story is not made for profit, merely for fun. If any copyright infringement has been caused by me in this Movella, please notify me BBC and I shall edit the infringement out. If anyone wishes to use any of the characters that are my property, then please ask me beforehand. Thanks


5. Repairs and Questions

After getting the injured to the medical wing, we set to work. Aigaion and I lifting rubble and the elemental witch, whose name was Sara, binding the stone back together. The Doctor started tinkering with the machines that were still repairable, trying to get them to work for us and also trying to see if they had any information we could use. Fergus had encased himself in his green armour again, and was also helping with the heavy lifting. There were so few of us left fit to do much, that the repairs took well into the evening, and the Doctor and I had come out of our room at about 6:10 in the morning. While the others were doing other tasks, such as helping the Doctor finish his work on the machines. Fergus and I were finishing the repairs on the outer palisade.

"You know, you're not exactly what I imagined when I heard the stories," he said to me, while we placed a beam into the internal structure of the palisade.

"What do you mean?" I asked. I had some idea of what he was talking about, but I didn't understand why it was necessary to talk about it.

"You're the Nameless. You managed to take on the Hunter and beat him with only a few weeks worth of magic training. They say you're a Dragonheart, and that there's a great prophecy about you. You're much more powerful than any here, yet you don't use your power. If anyone else had your level of power, they would've unleashed everything they had today."

That last statement sounded almost like an accusation, which irritated me, because this man had no idea of the drawbacks of my particular powers, that not even the dragons could make complete sense of.

"First of all, I didn't beat the Hunter alone, I had help from some highly skilled friends, including Scathach herself, and the training I received was from the best people in the Academy. And while I may be a Dragonheart and all that, if I had unleashed everything I had today, there wouldn't have been anything left to defend afterwards. My power is almost impossible to control, and the only time I ever unleashed it, I just managed to focus it into stopping the most destructive attack my staff had, just before I won it from him. Even then I almost fried everything around me."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know," Fergus tried to calm me down, "I just thought it would have been easier if you had cut loose a little bit more."

"That's not for you to decide. Trust me when I tell you - you have no idea what I'm capable of."

"What are you capable of," the Doctor said, as he walked into the inside of the palisade, "I've finished with the machines, by the way. Got some interesting stuff from them, but now they're working for us. I've got them rebuilding the palisade at the other end. Sara said that it wouldn't interfere with any enchantments she's setting up. So what is it you're capable of?"

"My basic Dragonheart abilities allow me to have the senses, strength, speed, fireproof skin and the firebreathing ability of normal dragons, but it also brings with it a slightly animalistic side to who I am - certain emotions, such as rage, are much harder for me to control." I explained, "The rest, even I'm not sure, but I know that I have a lot of power, and I don't want to unleash it unless I have no other choice."

"What about the prophesy they speak of?" asked Fergus, "is there really a prophesy about you?"

"Not that I know of," I said. I was starting to get irritated by this topic. It was a waste of time discussing it.

"Let's just get this done as quickly as possible so we can go and get Clara," I said, as I ran to get another beam. Two seconds later I was back and putting the beam into place. After about an hour, the palisade was finished, and the enchantments were put in place to protect it. The machines stood guard on top and at the gate. Fergus had told us that he needed to get something that would help us, so I decided to wait for him in the training hall.

I tapped a symbol on the wall, and a group of clay warriors walked out of the opposite wall, wielding swords, axes, spears, staves, and other assorted melee weapons. I faced them, and took a neutral stance. There was about ten of them, walking towards me and spreading out, as if to surround me.

"Come on then," I growled, "who's first?"

A warrior with a pair of tonfa ran at me, attempting to strike at my face. I grabbed its arms, then head-butted it hard enough to smash its face, following with a straight kick though its chest. I dropped the arms, but kept the tonfa. The clay warrior crumbled into dust. I flipped the right tonfa so I was holding it by the shaft while the warrior with the staff came at me. I blocked the staff with my left arm using the tonfa, and with the other tonfa, I hooked its leg. The warrior fell, and I finished it with a punch through the ribs, after which it too crumbled to dust. I picked up the staff with my right hand, dropping the tonfa, and threw it like a javelin through two more warriors. I then drew my daggers, and activated the symbols that turned them into xiphos'. I sliced through three more warriors, turning to face another who was away to my right. I stabbed behind me with the swords, hearing the crunch as clay shattered behind me, and at the same time spat a blast of fire at the last warrior, causing it to explode.

"Well done, I see you had a lot of rage built up," I heard Fergus say behind me, "you have skill with martial arts."

"I was trained by Scathach, what do you expect?"

"Fair point," muttered Fergus, "before we go, what types of magic do you specialise in?"

"Auric magic and elemental magic, mostly," I said, "why?"

"I just think it's best if we each know the other's strengths. I specialise in combat magic and defensive enchantments, but I also know some basic healing techniques. What about your friend, what does he do?"

"He's a Time Lord, not a wizard. He's good with technology, aliens, and is generally just ridiculously clever. And old. Yeah, he's about 1200 years old. I think."

"What's a Time Lord?"

"Doesn't matter, what matters is that if you're ready, the Doctor has already set up the robots' AI to help out around here, and we're both ready to go."

"So am I, I just thought it would help to get the two legendary weapons that weren't taken. They might be useful against whoever has the Gáe Bulg. I have the Caladbolg, as it belongs to my bloodline, and has been passed down through the generations. Excalibur is for you."

"I already have weapons," I said, taking the legendary blade. This was the same sword that king Arthur had used. It still felt like it was a newly forged weapon. I was actually amazed at this weapon, it was easily over 1400 years old, yet neither time nor use had affected it in any way. 

"Do you have any like this? It really is amazing, isn't it."

"I can feel the power inside it, but a non-wizard could still wield its elemental capabilities."

"Well, yes. King Arthur managed it quite well without magic of his own, until Mordred killed him with another, equally powerful blade."

"I think the Doctor should get this," I said as we walked down the corridor to the courtyard. 

"Will he give it back?"

"I expect so, he's not some evil, power hungry madman."

We reached the courtyard, which had been cleared of debris and bodies, and saw that the Doctor was waiting for us. 

"This is for you," I said, giving him Excalibur, "you can use a sword, right?"

"Yeah, I practised a lot in my previous regeneration. I got quite good at it actually."

"Yeah, well. That sword is Excalibur, an elemental sword of water. That means you can control water and ice with it, but you haven't trained with its power, so I'll give you a crash course now. The sword's power is activated by concentrating on it. Once the sword's power is active, you can control water and ice by pointing the sword at the water you want to control, and moving it. You can also use your mind to control its power, if the water is close by, you don't need to move the weapon. You can't control the water in the bodies of sentient beings, though. Apart from that, you just think, or, if your target is far away, point and think. Like the sonic. Sort of."

"Right, I think I've got it."

"Well, then what are we waiting for?" I asked, "Aigaion, I need you to take Fergus and the Doctor with you, to look for wherever these people have Clara. There's something I need to check out first. Something I saw in a vision last night."

"Right," Aigaion said, shifting to a slightly smaller size, but still big enough to carry both the Doctor and Fergus easily, "get on, you two. Doctor, you go at the front, I'll need you to tell me what you got from the machines on the flight." 

"Don't worry, I'll find you when I'm done. Good luck, and be careful."

"You be careful," Aigaion answered as he took off, his beating wings creating a small blast of air that blew back my cloak and scarf a little. 

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