Time Lords and Wizards...

(Cover by Aldrin Rogue)
"Hello Doctor, I'm the wizard who's saved your life four times so far. Nice to meet you"
The Doctor is a the last of a race called the Time Lords, from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterboros. He's over 1000 years old and likes to travel through space and time saving the universe. And he doesn't believe in magic. That is until a wizard saves his life from a manticore, a magical creature that seems scientifically impossible.

The Nameless character is my property and so is the form of magic used in this story, which I have taken from a novel I am writing (not on Movellas). The Doctor Who references and Characters, etc belong to the BBC. This story is not made for profit, merely for fun. If any copyright infringement has been caused by me in this Movella, please notify me BBC and I shall edit the infringement out. If anyone wishes to use any of the characters that are my property, then please ask me beforehand. Thanks


2. Into the TARDIS

The Doctor opened the door, and went inside the box.

"Well?" He called out to me and Clara, "are you coming or not?"

"Don't worry," Clara smiled, "it's-"

"Bigger on the inside?" I finished, "I've done a similar thing with my watch before. It holds most of the equipment I use to stay alive."

"Anyway, try to act surprised. He won't like it if you're not impressed."

We walked through the doors, and I saw inside what was probably one of the most amazing machines in the universe.

"Well? What do you think?" The Doctor asked, spinning around the central console and setting controls.

"I think I'd be far more impressed with the bigger on the inside if I hadn't done it myself already," I smiled, showing the Doctor my watch. It was a decent watch, with what looked like a plastic strap (it was actually enchanted titanium) and looked like it was worth about £10. It was worth far more than that. The Doctor looked disappointed, impressed, shocked, and amazed. It was a very strange combination, and actually quite funny on his face. Clara started to laugh.

"Well, it looks like he beat you there, Doctor," she laughed.

"How did you do it?" Asked the Doctor.

"Magic," I answered, "it's also because of magic that I can communicate with the living thing that drives the machine."

"You can talk to the TARDIS?" The Doctor sounded amazed.

"Yep, although the whole thing is very confusing for her, she's not used to having someone onboard that can communicate with her. I'll try not to bother her too much."

 The Doctor flicked a switch, and a sort of glass tank lowered itself around me. It had a blue light and a set of circuitry and wiring and sciency stuff at the top, all of it pointing at me.

"Don't worry, it's just a scanner," the Doctor told me from outside the tank, "I want to know what you are, that's all."

"Doctor, you can't trap him in there like that!" Clara protested, "You could scare him, or anyone, doing stuff like that!"

"Even worse, I suppose I could make him angry," said the Doctor calmly, "I'd bet he could break through that in 10 seconds. But what are you?"

"Actually, I could break out of here in less than two if I wanted to," I said, "but just out of curiosity, what is your scanner telling you about me?"

"Nothing, it says you're human. 100% human with no alien DNA or technology. How is that possible?"

"How many times do I have to say it? Its magic. I'm a wizard, or a magician, or whatever other names people have given my kind over the centuries. It really is that simple."

"Doctor, I think he's telling the truth," said Clara, "if the TARDIS can't find any alien stuff then how else can you explain it?"

"Just one more thing," I said, "can my dragon come in?"

"You have a DRAGON???"

"Yep, but don't worry, he can shapeshift into a smaller version of himself to fit into smaller places," I smiled.

"Well all right then, he can come in," said the Doctor, sounding a little bit confused and annoyed.

"Yeah, you might want to let me out of this before I call him in," I said, "after all, he's my friend and if he thinks you've tried to attack me then he will incinerate you."

The Doctor flicked the same switch back, and the glass cylinder went back into it's place in the ceiling, wherever that was. I focused my mind for a second, sending a message to my dragon. Suddenly, there was a loud WHUMP-WHUMP from outside, and a massive creature landed outside the door. He stuck his head inside the door, his blue and red scales glistening in the light, giving the impression of strange flames covering his entire body. His head was big enough to easily eat something like a deer with no trouble.

"It's good to see you, my friend," I said, going up to him, "But you're gonna have to shrink down a little if you want to get in here, and no scaring the new people, got it?"

"But scaring new people is fun," the dragon complained as he shrank down to the size of my forearm and flew into the TARDIS, "hmm, there's something alive in here. Is this what I think it is?"

"It's called a TARDIS," I said, "These are the two people I saved today, that's the Doctor and this is Clara."

"So you managed to save them, and the creature?"

"It was a manticore, summoned by a very skilled magician. It's a good thing I told you to stay out of sight, if whoever summoned the manticore found out that it was me that killed their pet they would have thrown everything they had at the entire city. Seeing as I'm the only wizard known to hang around with a dragon, your showing up would have made it obvious."

"Umm, I'd hate to break up the chat, but if this is magic we're fighting, I'm gonna need your help on this one. What d'ya say?" said the Doctor enthusiastically.

My dragon was already flying around the central column of the control room. Now that he was smaller, he was easily fitting into the small spaces in the roof, quickly exploring the control room.

"Get down from there," I said. He did as he was told.

"We're in," I answered the Doctor.

"Great, by the way, I didn't catch your names," said the Doctor, smiling.

"That's because I didn't give them to you," I said, walking to the central console.

"Well then, what's your name?" asked Clara.

"Technically, I don't have one any more," I said, "I don't go by my original name when I'm not around mortals, just in case some evil wizard finds out who I am in the mortal world and tries to use my friends and family to get to me. Add to that the fact that I can't think of a decent name for myself in the magical world, it all leads to me having no actual name. People have made up names for me, but I really don't like being given scary-sounding titles like 'the Rage of a Thousand Suns', or 'the Storm of Flame' or whatever other titles they've come up with. So most people just call me the Nameless."

"The Nameless??" asked the Doctor, confused, "What kind of a name is that??"

"What kind of a name is the Doctor?" I answered.

"He's got a point, Doctor," muttered Clara, "You can't really say much about his name."

"It's not my name," I said, "It's just what most people in the magical world call me. Kind of ironic when you think about it."

"All right then nameless boy, what do you want us to call you?"

"I don't really mind."

I started looking at the various levers and switches, and found that the TARDIS was telling me what each of them were, and what they did. In about ten seconds I already knew how to fly the TARDIS.

"Anyway, we need to find whoever sent the manticore, and why," I said, moving around the console and checking all the instruments.

"Hey, I fly the TARDIS," said the Doctor, annoyed.

"You don't know what you're looking for, I do," I answered, "You know, being a wizard, and hunting for another wizard. I've had to do this kind of thing before you know."

I moved a few levers, and checked the scanner again.

"Got it," I announced, "Loch Ness, I'm sure that there is an outpost there."


"There's at least two or three witches or wizards stationed there to keep watch over the area. You know, to protect mortals from monsters and all that. We might need some local info, so I say park the TARDIS somewhere near Inverness and we can walk or fly from there."

"Why can't you just tell me where to go and I fly the TARDIS straight there?"

"Because, a. If the outpost has been attacked and taken over and we land the TARDIS in the middle of it then we won't stand much of a chance, and b. If the outpost hasn't been taken over and we land the TARDIS in the middle of it then they will probably think we are attacking and they will hit us hard or force the TARDIS out, which not only endangers us but will also use up a lot of their power, leaving them weakened for a while in which they could be attacked and taken over relatively easily. Make sense?"

"Yep, Inverness it is. Hang onto something," the Doctor said as he started flicking switches and levers. The TARDIS started making that strange noise, and moving about, shaking from side to side.

"So, how does magic work then? You don't have a wand or anything," said Clara.

"Every witch or wizard has a certain amount of power within themselves that they can draw on. To use a spell it must be made active first. Once a spell is active, a spell symbol will glow on the witch or wizard's hand for a second, after which they can use it as much as they like as long as they have enough power to use it, until they 'deactivate' the spell. If they don't have enough power, they could black out, fall into a coma, or in extreme cases, spontaneously combust. Aside from that, there are magical objects that store or generate magical power. These are normally used for magical defense mechanisms, or as an extra source of power in a battle. It's complicated, but that's how it works."

"So what sort of things can you do with magic?"

"Almost anything really, as long as you know the correct spell, and once you figure out that they're a little bit like a language, that part is easier."

"What does that mean, like a language?"

"Some words appear in several spells of  the same type, like the word firgen is in most fire spells. Anyway, there are some things that we can't do, like completely control someone's mind, among other things. There's also a set of rules that we're supposed to follow. Most of them are pointless, like the one that says we have to do as the Council says. They rarely know what should or shouldn't be done, seeing as most of them don't really leave their houses except to go to meetings, and even then, most of them have a portal to take them there or they live in the building already," my tone was starting to turn bitter and angry at certain memories of what they had tried to do.

"Sounds like you don't like this council," said the Doctor, "I take it they've done things you don't approve of."

"We've never really seen eye to eye, except when I'm talking with Perseus or Merlin, but they are only two out of about 150 members who are always sitting there, arguing all the time. Needless to say I rarely do as I'm told," I smiled, "But from what I hear, Doctor, you have some problems with authority too."

"Yeah, people with power usually don't know or care about what they have power over, sometimes I have to stop them."

"You're not the only one."

The TARDIS engines slowed to a stop, and there was a loud THUMP.

"Ah, we've landed," said the Doctor, smiling. I went over to the door of the TARDIS, and opened it.

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