What to do if you have haters or bullied

This book will help you if you have bullies or haters or if you cut and do those thing but for me to help you you need to comment your name and tell me if you have haters or bullies


2. For little crazy mofo

If you get bullied tell some one or say something back but if you tell them something dont glget mad because they want you to get mad just tell them shut up or do what i do i tell them to shut the fuck up you bitch. That will make them notice your not scared even if you are but you cant let them know that you sad hurt. Now for the haters prat if you have haters and they act like bullies do what i do tell them something if they stop and stare at you do like a cat walk  but dont stop and pose just walk like you a  model . Now for self-harming  its good that your been clean for 5months but if you feel like self harming just eat or call a friend have a girls/boy night out live your life or just go to bed or eat. When you feel depressed draw or eat go to bed or girls/boy night out        Hope this helps you and if it does plzzzzz tell me or comment that it help you bye     

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